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Kehoe DV said he would never be a team manager again. Good for them, Kehoe will do them right.

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Gret hire by RCH! Congratulations Weston, now make the most out of this opportunity.

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The whoops was by far the most impressive part of his segment. I loved when Brain told him that his mom said no freestyle and his son says "I don't want to". Kids a ripper for sure. Little guy won't ever have to worry about lack of support that's for ... more »

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Respect both these great racers. When the curtain fails on their careers they'll both go down as two of the greatest the sports ever seen. Podium bonuses are good, win bonuses are great but those championship bonuses are the ultimate ticket. Not just

... more »

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Budweiser - Not called the king of beers for nothing. Modelo Especial with a lime SEEMEFIRST: Badass setup

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Over 4 months away with 5 supercross, 8 outdoors races and this is being discussed. Geeze it starts sooner every year. Roger will put together a fine team just like he always does.

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DeCoster is a professional and knows it's a business. Kenny still works for KTM and his job is to win. He's employed through this year so therefore nothing has changed. #94 will not be on a KTM next year but it changes nothing.

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Get the bag, a 20 oz of cut pedalite and a turkey sandwich on 100% wheat. Last gate pick in a heat race don't mean shit, he'll make it directly from the heat. More cut pedalite before the main and he crushes it with a top 5. He's not sitting nothing ... more »

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Coolrite isn't a laxative. It's a stool softener and works like a charm. A family friend that was terminally ill with cancer recommended it and I couldn't thank her enough.

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A little cortisone and tape he'll be as good as new.

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That one was really painful, got super clogged up from the narcotics that time. Been here more than once and isn't very fun. Piss on eating prunes. Go buy some coolrite pills at any pharmacy and they will fix you right up.

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TOO MUCH!! They tax you on everything. Limit booze, don't eat inside and refill your water bottle @ the drinking fountain. I like Indy & wish I was going this year.

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Congrats Wil! By far my favorite racer on the gate and really glad to see him up where he belongs. Wonder if Kevin Kelly from DMXS hooked Wil up with one of Atlanta's finest Slump Busters! 

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He's a product of his environment. Nothing more, nothing less. IMO Mike needs to work on learning how to execute a proper block pass. This probably has a lot to do with the fact he usually starts up front and typically is the one being passed.

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NEWS FLASH: RJ says he was drunk when quoted by MXA. Can't believe he said that and it's even a discussion. Comical honestly.

JS7 has been a game changer in this sport but he isn't the goat. Only one GOAT and that's RC. ... more »

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I expected this thread title to be referring to Alessi's personal thoughts on scooter racing in stadiums and more specifically the dreaded SX whoops. Maybe RVs still afraid of his "wheels falling off"

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Much agreed. I've raced endurocross and found it to be one of the sweetest events I ever competed in. This was after racing moto my whole life and some harescrambles. That being said the only obstacles they should have in common are the starting gate

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