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So if RV stalls again off the start do the conspiracy theories start?

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Holy gravel shotgun blast! Blows my mind that the start looks like a gravel parking lot at a local hole in the wall bar.

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DDDDAAAMMMNNNN boy.. Badass ride zesiger 112.. Would like to see more pics of it. Toyota Tacoma 4x4 . Like a sore peter you can't beat them.

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When I was there last year for the national it looked like there was a couple horizontal wells right across the road from the track. You don't have to sell your property if they drill on it(frack on it), and honestly with bonus money and royalty payments ... more »

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He looks good and seems to be in good spirits having fun on a bike. Happy for him. Haters gonna hate. He obviously made a couple right decisions(investments). I'm very very pleased Jason kept the 811 on his bike permanently to honor Josh Lichtle.

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It's called getting ahead of yourself and worrying about a title. With the bonus $$ that comes with winning a 450sx title can you blame him? Kenny needs to clear his head and stop the bleeding. Only way is to WIN and that's gonna take focusing on one ... more »

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Clip of the whoop wheelie is unreal! I've watched it atleast 30 times.

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No. Attendence was reported on Racer X online @ a little over 51k. I think numbers would've been better with a round or two between them. Very cost effective for the teams thou.

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HUGE fan of Weston Peick!! His progression over the last seven years is nothing short of amazing. Transforming his body physically and gaining so much speed at the highest level in the sport is a very difficult task. He was sold short the last two years

... more »

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Hansen racing nationals haha.. Yeah that's a good one. There's a better chance of hell freezing over.

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Actually I would've liked to read something along the lines of "if you're gonna talk shit say it to my face", or "talk shit and you get hit".

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Just listen to his most recent DMXS interview or Pulp's post race podcast after his first win this year. It's very clear that his mentality has changed and you can hear IT in his voice. IT in this case is confidence, and its been said a time or two that ... more »

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Give me some more Eli Tomac! Love this guy. From Racer X online: Last week, Tomac ran into Chad Reed early in San Diego and went down. Reed called it a “dumbass pass.” As usual with those types of pass attempts, there’s usually an incident that starts ... more »

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180'?? Come on now, maybe bottom to bottom. That is 100'-120' at the MAX.

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How in the hell did that happen? Wow

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Awesome. . Hope Adam eats spinach because he's gonna feel like Popeye after 3 hours of sand whoops. Tell him to consume potassium pills & plenty of pedialyte the week before.

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Any insight on the tanks in the background?

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CONGRATULATIONS! @mom241: You've raised one fine young man Mrs. Canard, especially considering your unfortunate circumstances. Your son has been through highs and extreme lows, yet no matter what still smiling, grateful for life and a fine example of ... more »