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No coincidence at all, but have you seen Tony's TUE paperwork and are you positive he isn't asthmatic? Regardless of ones oxygen intake your body needs to be acclimated to the heat while under stress and most importantly hydrated. I've seen athletes ... more »

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Care to elebrate on how a TUE for asthma medication would help cope with the heat? Also I'm assuming you have seen the paper work if you're making those types of comments.

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Considering Trey is a very popular lifetime FLY Racing athlete, and Weston is the only one to have a replica helmet next year I'm saying this is Trey's last go around. KTM was a one year contract and I can't see him returning. Might not have been the ... more »

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So worth it broseph.. Only thing being pushed in his near future is the button for the drip. Long term he's likely pushing his financial security right out a ten story window. Last but not least the biggest pushing yet to be done will be handled by his ... more »

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Cody and I grew up in the same town. I've known him since he's been a kid and proud to call him my friend. Regardless of how he's been portrayed thus far, he's as solid as they come, has a HUGE heart, and is a very very loyal individual. When he says ... more »

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Pretty common knowledge, but McGrath ran a 93 frame until 96.

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As of last October one of them was display at the AMA Hall of Fame museum.

... more »
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Not everyone left on their terms, but not everyone faded into obscurity. A guy that left after a partial ride Mitch used to do, but did alright for himself after, Brock Sellards. Would love to have seen him on a full PC deal, because I believe he would've

... more »
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Plus all his gear money and any other personal deals he could secure. Geico 450 guy has always wore what he wants head to toe. If he believes he's capable of podiums then take the bonuses, contingency, purse, all his gear money/personal deals and put ... more »

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Anyone have any footage of Herlings handling the X loop they opened up after the first hour?

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Sounds like a hell of a stepping stone. I know being a single male I get hammered on taxes. Has anyone said what kind of money you will bring home after taxes on $550 in California?

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Took a roll before the main.

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Watch out boys, he looks ready to do work.. He isn't going for a vacation like he's stated. He has newborns at home and although the pays good he's going to win, hence the work being put in. He's a winner, period. Personally I hope he beats the brakes ... more »

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Very happy to see him back with JGR. Time to get down to business.
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Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining outside.

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Luongo can't be ponying up no prize money, so who's pockets did he empty to get it? German government? What it doesn't include in the PR, but in the finest print available (possible translucent water markings) is it will cost each rider 20k to race it. ... more »

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Make that paper! I mean, let’s face facts, guys. Playing sports is after all business. The way I see it, this dude saw a chance to get paid and he took it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Look, I played for over ten teams and you know why? Cause those ... more »