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CONGRATULATIONS! @mom241: You've raised one fine young man Mrs. Canard, especially considering your unfortunate circumstances. Your son has been through highs and extreme lows, yet no matter what still smiling, grateful for life and a fine example of ... more »

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WOW! Ken Roczen you are one lucky man. Great resilience shown as well as mental & physical toughness. Patience,, hhmm,, "all we need is just a little patience". Usually reserved for Weston Peick threads, but KR94 deserves one for finishing after

... more »

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Love Weston and the path taken to get where he is. A true example of hard work paying off. He's came a long way physically, mentally & his results are a direct reflection of it. Before the season I was talking with a friend & I mentioned that

... more »

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It was stated on DMXS radio that he was 260 + when he began training. His dad took him to a local gym where he was first trained by an ex-navy seal that made him puke often. Also included in the show was the fact he did play football.. I'm a HUGE fan

... more »

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Would love to see CP377 back on a Supercross gate. Personally I'd call Josh Hill first.

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A good friend rode this bike for KTM during 03-04 in the GNCC series. This bike was one of the only bikes that wasn't mine I felt comfortable enough to jump on and race without no adjustments. Love this bike. Job well done Doc, great build.

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Anderson & Seely for the 450 rookies. Others I'm high on is Brayton back on the KTM & Wil Hahn.

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Looks great. . A lot of good riders.

Started new thread JS7 not the first to rock the tight jersey 12/8/2014 2:45 PM

That belongs to The Man Roger DeCoster.

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200' is stretching it.. The fact that a football field is 300' makes the 200' unrealistic. I'm saying somewhere between 160'-190'. Non the less a huge leap and something I'm ten years removed from doing. Not cool jumping it with slower riders on the ... more »

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No. Negative. Absolutely not. He's gonna CRUSH it.

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How's your skills running a pair of fiskar scissors?

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Added reply in a thread Cooper Webb racing a Japanese National. 10/25/2014 10:46 AM

Another prime example why I laugh when people complain about American tracks. Seemed like the track was designed to reduce speed. Webb looked like he was tiptoeing around a lot of the track. Thanks for the link.

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Awesome. Sure hope the part about investing his life savings was just for TV.

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I figured he would've guaranteed a world title for RV because he unlocks his hips.

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Can someone please shed some light on the homeless guy story? Never heard anything about it.

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The Chiz