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Seems like a lot of weight for a little air frame. Ingenious but not smart.

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In the process of putting this together. This is just in place for placement. I have two hand carved appliques that will be glued into the areas left and right. It will be painted antique white and then set. The hearth is Mexican tile, brick ... more »

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In 22 years, the best Sauber has ever done was in 2007 and that was from BMW and Sebastian Vettel. 2nd Place. Since going with Ferrari engines, it hasn't gotten better. Maybe they can get some of the payback that Ferrari is aiming for this year. I wouldn't ... more »

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The Haas Formula 1 team have announced they will be moving into the former Marussia headquarters in Banbury and use it as its European base, as the team continues to build towards joining the grid next season. The American outfit have said they still ... more »

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Sahara Force India ... more »

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Williams today released pictures of their 2015 F1 challenger - the FW37-Mercedes - on both the internet and the front cover of the latest edition of F1 Racing magazine. Here, TRE's Craig Scarborough gives his initial impressions of the car in conversation

... more »

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To paraphrase the Professor: Its a flat surface with zero obstacles. Why do you need your feet on the pegs when they are more balanced both hanging down. Done it that way ever since and actually got a number of good starts.

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Freaking Colton Haaker. Raising the bar for everyone.

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That stoppie is unreal!

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I've seen RX3's embarass big worked muscle cars on drag strips.

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Holy Fuck, I said all this years ago and you would have thought I tared and feathered a kitten! That said, I have grown to love his "Maddenisms" and I would suggest to everyone that you drink every time he uses one. My favorite was once he said something ... more »

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From back in 2012

... more »

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Id go with a 230 or 150F motor. Bomber and fun too boot.

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I'd buy a Husky now. Then again, I have been pondering it since 2014. 2013 - No way. If they were the most reliable thing in the wold it was still dressed like a pig.

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Does it? I am actually stoked to see him race in the GP's Supercross is fun, but we've seen it. We haven't seen a top USA rider go to Europe in years! Decades? This is historical.

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Unless he's seeded elsewhere. I haven't seen his name so far. http://live.amasupercross.com/

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Stock Suzuki. Frame and Swingarm have to be from production. They can sift through hundreds, but it has to be off the assembly line. Unless something changed in AMA rules that I don't know about. Where is Roczen, I don't see any times from him so far? ... more »

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Yes, I wanted to go to the Women's college to study fish. You Dolt! This school. https://scripps.ucsd.edu/ Scripps Institute of Oceanography

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Ichthyologist, Marine Biologist. My science grades were never good enough to get into Scripps. Then I wanted to be a Fighter Pilot. Bad Eyes. I would never fly a plane for the Military. Going way back to when I was 8, I wanted to be Batman. Bruce Wayne, ... more »