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Reality. Yes he is rich enough. Even for Monaco. He is on top, though I would put a big old Asterisk on it. I don't trust those shady Mercedes guys.

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Local Newspaper. NASCAR has confirmed a multiyear agreement for naming rights with Corona-based Monster Beverage Corp. Monster is the third company to serve as the entitlement sponsor in NASCAR ... more »

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You could say that exact thing about many leaders of industry. Ever run into someone who is insanely good at what they do and you are taken by how odd they are when you meet them. Too much time doing what makes them really good. No social skills or much ... more »

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Two cans, Tahitian Red. Unused. I was going to use them on a Honda Project; not being versed with Spray Paint, I would have ran out on the tank. So I went with a different, less expensive red. I paid approx. $48 to get these cans to my house. I'm open

... more »

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Sign up for Amazon Prime, see all the Top Gear Episodes. Season 2 through the latest I think is 16, Only one bummer, they are the American version. All soundtrack has been replaced with bland production music.

Started new thread Two men pretend to be professional golfers representing Australia at the North Korean Golf Open 11/2/2016 9:24 AM I bow to them for this epic troll.

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In before the rush. Soon as everyone owns one: Electric Bikes suck. Bring on the Four Strokes. Damn Quiet bikes. Can't hear them coming.

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DO IT. We expect nothing but greatness.

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It's been a while since I posted here. Yep, still the same Vital. Keep it real guys. I love ya.

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Theres a few 03's that are out there. They had to have plates put on before 04. New bikes, the VIN tattletells on them. Just a suggestion. Find a beat to shit Older Street version register that bike, the license lives on the 525. Just tell the Officer ... more »

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Painting a old Honda, looking for best Tahitian Red that isnt $300 a can. What's the best and closest rattle can I can get?

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High-larious Hijinks. You will want sound for this.

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Forget it, he's rolling. Classic!

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My fingers and feet go numb and my molars start to tingle when I look at it.

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Whoever said Lewis is a highly paid Mercedes Cab driver. Thank you for today's laugh. I'm using that from now on. Also, at least Rikkonen raced MX.

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I'm sure it could be devastating training for something and then just being demolished. I would have had more respect if she shit talked or made excuses and demanded a rematch. I can understand feeling defeated but to the point of suicide? Fighters are ... more »

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She's still a quitter. Not fighter like at all. Very disappointed in her.

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If you rode that in Southern California Highways, you will be run over by Smart Cars going 80MPH. Seriously. Anything under 500cc's unless its a twin is dumb.

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This thread is like coming back to the old neighborhood after college and living on your own for a few years You realize the gentrification happened when the first question comes up: Who is RC16? Ah, Motodrive. Carry on with your normal programming.