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Is that Jim Clark? Famous shot.

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No, someone here used to transport cars. High value stuff. I recall around 2004 they were transporting Michael's car. Had a photo of it in his drive. I think he lived in AZ. Since getting old I can't remember shit. It was a beautiful pic.

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Used to be used ten minutes, since moving to the big city for big bucks and to buy a house, to work and dropping off my wife at her work; 40 miles total. 1.5 hours. Home easy two hours. If you know Southern California, I drive the 91. Pass Pro Circuit ... more »

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Indy, Didnt you have some photos of F1 car in your driveway? Maybe I was thinking about someone else.

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We have an opportunity for an experienced and forward thinking Test Engineer to join the R&D Test Group at Red Bull Technology. Part of the Design and Development Team, the R&D Test Group is responsible for ensuring our F1 racing cars ... more »

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Is there any background on the bad guy. Like more bikes recovered, links to other crooks?

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What's a ppl? You did so well articulating yourself, then that? You couldn't type out People? Even autocorrect catches that. This forum used to be better than that.

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$752. Im ballin.

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Whatever. it's WEC - World Endurance Championship. And yes it can be just as exciting but 9 times out of 10 it will be just as boring because each race is AT LEAST 6 Hours if not 12 or 24 hours long. When it goes off it, goes off. Basically what you ... more »

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Thanks. Sounds good. I don't know much about it other than Shelby really, really pissed off Enzo with the GT40. Will check it out, sounds really good.

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In 1995 I got a 92 Toyota 4x4. I had it for 15 years and put 350,000 miles on it. I loved that truck. Been looking at trying to add one back in the garage.

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Interesting to say the least.

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Im a new fan of Taco Short just because he has a cool name.

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Put that in your pipe and smoke it

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I am more of this mind. Except it would be someone like Yahoo who needs serious help. Facebook is spending every excess in philopatric to offset taxes. Google is spending 1.5 Billion in new technology. Telco has been there. They dont need help selling ... more »

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I see your $5000 500 and Raise you a $5000 250 Better condition but still $3000 out of the market of the bikes selling like it. At best its $2000 over priced.

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For $1200 you can get one put together and runs.

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$15,500.00 you may have read it as $155,000 that freaking coma! 15K is dirt cheap for trade school if you ask me. That's a year at most small state universities and any union trade you are looking at five years of schooling along with working. If I was ... more »