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I was there and fortunately didn't see it don't want to see it and skimmed over whatever appears earlier in this thread. Was this the same young man that broke both wrists?

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Watering the first turn just a few minutes before the gate drops. If timing hasn't allowed the first turn to be watered prior wait until after the next moto blasts off then water it.

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Hey Ando! You were with YoT in 2003 yeah? A friend of mine told me about seeing an off road club had broadcast their races with a series of HAM radios linked together. Those guys with the pocket protectors come up with some pretty cool stuff.

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BUMP Thanks for the deal information. If you haven't been to a MEC before (or even if you have) and are within driving distance check it out. Being anal retentive (is that supposed to have a hypen ) though I would have to know where my seats where before ... more »

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It is cool that their pants and jerseys are finally available in the US. Definitely good looking gear.

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For those of you that don't frequent the home page here is Part 1 of Gary Semic's tale of his across the pond travels on a year old factory works Honda.

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Great stuff.

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Watch out for drunks in Press Box.

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What Shane said.

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And this doesn't happen in off road RE: land a little squirrelly? Not disputing the potential for injury just wonder how often this happens. Also do you wear a chest protector?

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I was just looking some pictures of the 2014 YZ450F that I rode in Canadaiqua three or four weeks ago and realized the last two bikes I have been on a MX track with both have had Bark Busters. I raced Sunday on a 2009 YZ250F was the second but before ... more »

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A friend of mine got good stuff dumpster diving behind Suzuki back in the day. No works stuff but plenty of usable stuff like wheels and swingarms and other stuff I have forgotten.

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Last week upon my return from being away for three weeks I bought the large bag of Blue Buffalo cat food. To switch foods on a cat it is best to mix it in over time then increase the ratio of new to old which is what I am doing and so far Andy appears

... more »

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How far/long of a trip will Uddevalla be for you?

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GPs are excellent but nothing IMHO compares to the MXdN. Are you flexible on when you have to go? Italy is a great country no doubt about it. If you go to Italy you have to go to Rome but take your well broken in walking shoes.

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Amended to fix missing round 5.

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2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Schedule Round 1 May 16 Hangtown Motocross Classic Round 2 May 23 Glen Helen National Round 3 May 30 Thunder Valley National Round 4 June 6 Tennessee National Round 5 June 13 Mt. Morris, PA Round 6 June 27 Budds ... more »

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16 year old could practice in the fall in F1

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Outsider you prove the point there is no rhyme or reason to pricing but deals are out there to be had if you're flexible on your airports. 300 bucks is a lot of money especially for couples since it is times two.