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For full service absolutely but for suspension service where the machine will be ridden again shortly it just depends.

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Sorry to hear. Besides the obvious support I like having another layer of protection between my skin and God only knows what when I ride.

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Good post.. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it is telling when you see the same types of comments from the same people. It is obvious that being negative is an art form for some and if they can't be negative they don't really have anything ... more »

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I do. The best kidney belts for those of us with back issues aren't available at motorcycle shops but at drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc. These are much wider and provide more adjustment typically than what is available at shops. BTW regardless if you ... more »

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Arizona is a long ways from western Pennsylvania like two thirds the width of the US long ways away. Check your PMs YZ212

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Get well soon Lenny.

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I don't.

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I will not be disappointed if we never get a test report from you. On the subject of neck braces I am really on the fence. Upper body protection is a no brainer but I just can't make a decision to wear a neck brace or not.

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Ah the Force is strong in this one. Hey where's the damn track lighting schematic thingy you said you were going to send me? LOL

Added a comment about member blog Rupert X Ruport: Motocross Des Nations – Can't Believe I'm Firing The Man 10/23/2014 10:43 AM

I can't believe I am from the same state from someone who would even suggest such blasphemous and treasonous actions. Please tell me you moved to Ohio when young and weren't actually born there. :-) The Man knows what he is doing. Instead of firing him let's bring back Southwick and focus on the de-supercross-ing of American MX.

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Au contraire Pierre RE: stale program. The freakin' semis just came back along with 22 rider fields so it is far from stale for me. Four riders transferring from the LCQ is way better than just two. Only thing I want at this point is timed main events ... more »

Started new thread Geico KTM rumor 10/22/2014 4:46 PM

On the amateur side. Opinions..comments.

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it was a great thread until you peed in the pool. No need brah. The jury had been out on your in my mind but with attacking Rob like this you have officially moved into the wanker zone.

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To Rob's OP for sure Team USA's chances for the MXdN title will increase if RV is on the team and without question would provide some sphincter relief for all focused on winning the next MXdN especially the riders of course. Olson-What about the people ... more »

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I was there and fortunately didn't see it don't want to see it and skimmed over whatever appears earlier in this thread. Was this the same young man that broke both wrists?

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Watering the first turn just a few minutes before the gate drops. If timing hasn't allowed the first turn to be watered prior wait until after the next moto blasts off then water it.

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Hey Ando! You were with YoT in 2003 yeah? A friend of mine told me about seeing an off road club had broadcast their races with a series of HAM radios linked together. Those guys with the pocket protectors come up with some pretty cool stuff.

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BUMP Thanks for the deal information. If you haven't been to a MEC before (or even if you have) and are within driving distance check it out. Being anal retentive (is that supposed to have a hypen ) though I would have to know where my seats where before ... more »

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It is cool that their pants and jerseys are finally available in the US. Definitely good looking gear.