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TDeath21-based on your question is it safe to say you have never raced? Your question really blows my mind.

Added reply in a thread A few pics from Trentino today 4/19/2015 1:17 AM

Thanks for sharing those pics!

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People who are in favor of ditching the East/West deal must not know any start up teams or relatively new teams. How hard is it to understand some 250 teams don't have the funds to go to 17 rounds? I know of one team that didn't come together until right ... more »

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To combat that type of hard work my suggestions are good diet, lots of rest, plenty of water and DEFINITELY some type of recovery product should be consumed M-F. Any chance you can get in the water and/or a hot tub once a week Jeff? Friday night would ... more »

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I am a huge 377 fan. Love his style and appreciated he was the only one to roll a jump while the red cross flag was out at Southwick a few years ago That being said I don't have to manage him either. Regarding pissyness from what has been shared with ... more »

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Remember the sweet 500cc Kawasaki KTM Donnie Emler Sr built and MXA tested? I was surprised that beast wasn't at the GH two stroke race.

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Thanks for the reply seth505 and for demonstrating you don't have to be on a 450 to have a serious get off.

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^^^^^^ 2nd paragraph apot on I have never ridden a works bike so can't comment on your 1st paragraph.

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Were you on a 250 350 or 450? Did it matter in your crash which of these bikes you were on? EDIT so far you have given better examples than I could that injuries are often a combination of poor judgment regarding a specific jump or jump sequence.

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Don't forget the Stewart will go 17-0 in 20xx SX posts

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Don't believe anyone said one was more popular than the other. To your question the answer is tracks typically aren't near cities nor do their restroom facilities compare to stadiums. The difference between the fans is huge too.

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Man that was a gnarly get off. Glad you survived that. Do you think it made any difference what size bike you were on? For sure that wasn't the tracks fault but if the track didn't have those sections linked together you wouldn't have tried it either. ... more »

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I initially was chapped to get more sarcasm but this time from somebody I respect. However after seeing the clip DAMN THAT'S FUNNY. If you have the time in the near future I would love to hear your opinion on how you feel about MX today in the 21st century. ... more »

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Congratulations and best of luck in this new chapter! Thanks for all the great articles and don't think of it as a good bye but more of an au revoir au re•voir (oʊ rəˈvwar; Eng. ˌoʊ rəˈvwɑr) interj. French. until we see each other again ; good-bye for ... more »

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And the award for the racist post of the month goes to Wasatch Rider.

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Guess you missed my reply: Excellent replies and I blew it saying one had nothing to do with the other without providing more background. I was attempting to make a philosophical point regarding the two disciplines. I was reacting to comments in another ... more »

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The reason is I don't hate jumps. I do believe less is more however when it comes to jumps on outdoor MX tracks. The saturation of jumps on courses today is why IMO we have people who can clear doubles and triples but can't handle an off camber or deep ... more »

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RV will pick up his first overall at Valkenswaard. Stamp it

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More popular with who? People under 30 perhaps but to the older crowd some of us prefer MX. Doesn't mean one is better than the other as it is more of personal choice. To your last sentence I agree but NEVER want MX to be a form of SX but unfortunately ... more »

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What a coup for TLD!