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About Me

I'm a life long moto-enthusiast with more than 40 years of riding and racing under my slightly widening belt (damn you middle age!) I'm also the very proud father of 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 20-31 and have been married to the lovely Kathy for 25(!) years. I love all things motorcycle but moto is my true passion. I raced Pro in Canada in the early 80's but alas, wine, women and song got the better of me so my "career" was a short one. In 1998 I started a motocross club in my city and ran the whole deal (including building and maintaining the track) until extreme burnout sent me packing. I spend my spare time riding with my youngest son Keenan, restoring and riding vintage street bikes, doing a bit of fishing, and a bunch of volunteer work. That's it.