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Amazing work Heck! That pipe looks absolutely gorgeous!

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I think his bike came out a little cleaner than you're KDX, Sir Roostalot! That's a great war story.

Added reply in a thread 82 or 83 Rm 125 silencer ? 4/22/2015 10:11 AM

Looks great! I just picked up an '82 myself. I think the silencers were different between those years... Different placement of the pipe-to-silencer joint. So I think you lucked out with that purchase!

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This may be the sad truth. I didn't think about that when I started my ornary rant.

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That's a great point. The reason I started this post wasn't to stir the pot or be a troll. I guess I was just looking for some convincing, since a lot of bikes I see on here just seem "new" to me.

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All good points except that I'm talking about 90's bikes, not that '87 that you posted. IMHO, this '95 YZ125 isn't much different (looking) than the 2015 that you posted. Minor tech upgrades...Smaller bearing here larger axle there, wavy rotors and new

... more »

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Sorry for the rant. I do get it and I do realize that my avatar is me on my Mono shocked, disk braked 490. AND I just bought a 1982 RM125. My first liquid cooled bike in 20 years. I guess I'm just nostalgic about the 70's and 80's when most of the really ... more »

Started new thread 90's bikes? 4/9/2015 8:18 PM

Really??? Can we make an OLD SCHOOL MOTO forum that doesn't have Liquid Cooled, Single Shock, Power Valved, double Disk Braked bikes please? There has been no innovation since 1989. None! Just "refinements" and cheater 4-strokes with twice the displacement ... more »

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I'm enjoying all of these! Keep 'em coming Gary!

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I did drill the reed stops. Having no access to a mill at the time, they came out OK, but not perfect. I worry about the reeds opening too far and fraying from hitting the insides of the reed cavity. I guess I'll have to see what it looks like when it ... more »

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I dug out the old RF Boost Bottle out of the spare parts bin and cleaned it up a bit. Thanks to Fastguystuff for making these decals too!

I also roughed in the Boyesen ports a little more, blended the transfers and re-aimed the secondary transfers. ... more »

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Looks like a new bike to me... Nice score, but is that really Old School??? OTOH, I guess I'm just being cranky. It's a two stroke and we need to support our fellow oil burners. That is a sweet ride.

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That's definitely it. Thanks! Only problem is I don't have a cool WB sticker that says "Monoshocks" underneath. Actually haven't seen one before, but now I see it in the old school picture too.

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Yeah, the LOP YZ125 pic that I posted on PG1 shows a WB sticker on the rez. Guess I'll change the sticker over to be period correct lol!

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LWC307: Does this rez look familiar to you? Thanks for the post by the way. Maybe it's a LUFT after all?

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Just to be sure... Like this one? Looks good to me... Thanks! Just wondering about free length of the cable itself. I've had to cut down the sheath a few times to make things work...

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I'm intrigued by the Domino Throttle mention. The Whirlpool stocker on my '82 YZ125 is in pieces. Not worth $$$ rebuilding for a racer. I googled the Domino KTM and see there are a bunch to choose from including different designs. I think I like the

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Pretty cool that you got to walk the old track! I would be on the hunt for pieces and parts hidden in the leaves lol! Looks like the starting gate would be about the same location as the building on the left looking south.

Added reply in a thread 1982 Yamaha YZ60 12/22/2014 6:47 AM

I love the yellow Shorties. I've got a pair on my '79 YZ125 too. Nice work on the resto. Next time you're at the hardware store, pick up some liquid electrical tape. You can paint the area where the ignition wires come out of the case. That red is what ... more »

Added reply in a thread YZ125 1979 Race build 12/19/2014 7:25 AM

I eliminated the spacer on my shock during rebuild. It's got travel now!

Also running '79 forks and triples... The spacer that needs eliminated is just below the adjustable wrench in the pic below. That's the only difference between ... more »