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Danny Dolan?

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Texted a bit with Joe this morning. He sent some pictures of what his family will be facing as they deal with the aftermath. Keep him in your thoughts, please.

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Given the current state of American Pro MX (Can you say "entitlement"?), I'm kinda hoping that Herlings will come over here and ruin the entire day for every AMA guy. And I'm as patriotic as they come.

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I just heard that Win Kern bought about 180 acres a few miles from the old track and will be holding the mini -o's there. Anybody have the inside scoop? Lots of quarries in that area!

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You know, I had forgotten about that. I believe you're spot on. Thanks. I hope he's doing well.

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Well, Kyle Farnell was a fast SOB near New Smyrna, Fl. I know he turned toward the dark side for a while, exited MX and lost his way. Rough deal, so I've been told.

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I see we have an albundance of millennial posters in this thread. SMH.

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Don't take Davids words as a pure endorsement of MXGP and an indictment of the US series. We're in a pattern right now that's a bit troubling, and many of us are disappointed. It's an observation, and nobody is condemning anybody.

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I'm a father of three girls, 11, 17 and 19. I actually got back into riding when they were all under 10. Being a father is more important than any motorcycle, sport, activity or hobby, but spending time together doing these things can really help a family ... more »

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Let's say hypothetically that a rider exits the track in a corner during a national and tweaks his knee a bit. He stays on the bike, ponders continuing and ultimately decides to re enter the race. Luckily, just across from the corner where he exited ... more »

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Posted where?

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When nobody else cared, when nobody else stepped up, The Man did. He has the job until he says he doesn't want it. Period.

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You created an account to post that?

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I don't know your brother, but I like and respect him. I hope he kills it!

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Great review, Steve. Legends for sure!

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Love the 86 DB One helmet. I wore mine at Diamond Don's AHRMA race in April and they weren't going to let me race because it was too "old"! They put a special sticker on it that meant that I assumed full liability for the outdated technology. I just ... more »

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When I go to sessions there are NO OPTIONS. It takes me directly to the moto. I can't practice, qualify or select to race. Nothing.

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I've had it for a few days. 1. One moto only and then it skips to next race 2. Multiplayer says it can't connect with the host for every single available session. So far, I give the game a 9/10 on the steaming pile of shit meter. Doesn't a developer ... more »

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Very cool.