Added reply in a thread Should Professional Athletes Strive To Be Positive Role Models? 11/20/2015 3:27 PM

Human beings should strive to be positive role models. Are pro athletes human beings?

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So if you're good... or from the USA or other regions, no smokers for you. Seems logical.

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Like many here at Vital, I was fortunate enough to be there when Bob, David and Johnny trained and practiced. To make the claims that have been made about their speed being comparable to an amateur at any level is laughable. Anyone who makes these claims ... more »

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Disappointing to say the least. All day I'm thinking "Cool track, Stewarts back, almost everyone is entered, going to be awesome!" I fell asleep in the second moto, tried to wake myself up and fell asleep every 5 minutes for the rest of the night. I ... more »

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Two tables become a double, not a quad. It's not the number of landing opportunities that count, it's the number of TAKEOFF opportunities. If Ralph wants to say that someone "cleared" two tables, fine. But, they didn't quad them.

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You mean that there ARE threads too do that?

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I like Bauer. know him. Good guy. But, we are polar opposites politically. He's a left winger by definition. An apologist. Kind of ashamed to be American. It's ok, but I disagree with this line of thinking. Which, of course, is what our country is about. ... more »

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After an official audit, there are seventeen more MX tracks in France than sticks of deodorant.

I LOVE MXdN time!

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Which would be the greatest, most competitive, best sounding race in the history of man. I'd pay a bunch of money to watch that.

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Marc and Ludo (100%) sold years ago. Where One stands now, I have no idea. They seemed to be a lot more active back then though!

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The best 250F for a true beginner is a 125. IMO.

Added reply in a thread If he builds it will you come? 9/16/2015 1:13 PM

About an hour from my vacation place on Lake Norman. I'll be there!

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A 3000 square foot home for 4.2M. Why do people live there?

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After seeing Marvin ride since he came stateside, there is nothing that would ever make me think "he's a 5-10th place guy". He's magic on the bike, and he's a great person. I think he's capable of winning on the 450.

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So, if the bike is awesome he'll finish 8th. If it sucks, he'll finish around 9th. JMO

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I'd listen to that guy ^^^

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I will be supporting our team big time, cheering them on to wherever they finish in all three motos. That being said, I have a very bad feeling this year. France, by the numbers, should kick the world's ass.

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They will record the data they get from your bike, make up their own (to suit their agenda) and release the fake data to the public while eliminating riding areas. It's a socialist "win-win".

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I can tell that she is a classy, respectful young lady because of all the pics that I can't find of her on the interweb

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France is going to smack down every country, not just ours.