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That was fascinating.

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Definition of sandbagger.

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Adjust your dvr's!

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I'd just like to add that the video was "Professor Bailey Teaches Rider a Technique" and I was the guy that was used to demo the "spring bike" (that's what we.called it). It was actually kind of fun. Hey, even David would jump on it once in a while!

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You can pick up another 3-4HP just by fixing the numbers on your side plates

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Way back when, I bought two Yamaha 250F's the first year they were available. Had so much fun, that I bought a CRF450 the first year it was available. After breaking my back on the 450, I took about 8 years off. I ride a CR125 now, and couldn't be happier. ... more »

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If Bernie Sanders ran supercross, there would definitely be a chase. How dare anyone work harder and succeed. These people must be punished!

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I noticed over the past couple of weeks that the top times are from people using rockets, crashing, whatever. This stuff is still not allowed, correct?

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Hey Lenny, nice photobucket folder!

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All long gone now. Never shoulda done it.

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I played in that golf tournament. Paired with Lou Holtz on day one, and Steve Spurrier on days 2. Freaking blast! The 17th hole is so damn cool. All the boats and bikinis watching you play. Good times.

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You know how I know she'll be moving on soon? Try to find a slutty pic of her anywhere on the web. There aren't any, because she rises above that crap.

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Now, if only I could get you to do a CR125 just like it and then sell it to me.

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I'm sitting on a balcony in Maui. In front of me are whales everywhere, jumping and splashing all over the place, but I'm glued to this epic thread on my phone. Long live Motodrive.

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Can I just go on record here and say that I'm not the guy mentioned in the original post? Holy crap!

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I'm in! This thread brings back all the good times! Saw RC16 in Daytona 1 year ago. I mean from a distance. I'd never associate.

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Ryan, didn't you ride a two stroke 250 a few years ago and get all kinds of press? I agree on the track. Bad.

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As was stated earlier, it's not a lack of usable space at Daytona. They have been using only the inside of the trivial for many years. Before that, it crossed pit road into another section of grass, which is now paved. The space that they use is way ... more »

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They are showing a track breakdown video here at the Speedway hosted by Ricky. He looks like he's been working hard lately and has shed some major weight. End of gay post.

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Calm before the storm...