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when I saw the title of the article I was afraid that he had a serious accident and I was going to be pissed that I found out online.

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It all depends on how bad you broke it. I broke mine 8 weeks ago (the day before Christian Craig) but mine was pretty bad. The fib broke in 3 places and tib in 2. The worst part is the tib came through the skin a fair amount. I weigh 220 lbs so my doc ... more »

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I emailed them about a month ago to see if I could replace the boa system on my braces with a velcro system. In their reply they stated that they are moving buildings and wouldn't be able to modify my braces until mid-July. I need to email them back ... more »

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I spoke to ML512 about it a little since he was there the whole time. I guess some of the tricks are scored in a counter intuitive manner. For example a single back flip is scored higher than a double, because its harder to control the slower rotation ... more »

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I was there in person and really enjoyed the show. I have since watched portions of the TV broadcast and am disappointed with how it appeared. In person is seemed pretty professional, but the weird camera angles, commentators getting confused and cameramen ... more »

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ml i just logged in and saw the end of a moto. Does anyone know if they are going to post archived videos some where?

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I wear a size 12 boot (I wear an 11 1/2 shoe normally) and followed guidelines on Hammerheads website as a starting point.

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This is one of my favorite topics. I'm 6'3" and have struggled to get comfortable. I have tried everything from a tall seat, lowered footpegs, raised bars and different bar bends. At first the higher seat and taller bars gave me more comfort, but the ... more »

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I'm between 6'2" and 6'3" depending on how well I sleep the night before - Sorry not 6'4"+, but I think I can help a little. I also owned a '08 Honda 450 and really enjoyed the bike. I have spent a fair amount of time looking into how I can be more comfortable ... more »

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His dad used to help on his bike. I wonder if its still the same situation.

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Temor or Haven: did either of you solve the problem? My bike started doing the same thing in the late fall and I thought it was bad fuel. I have tried a couple things as well as checking valves and cleaning the air temp sensor and nothing has helped. ... more »

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They need to have a kissing booth with Georgia and they could buy a couple new spinters.

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Thanks for bringing this back.

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