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Reply to Pulp MX comments right now- is MX croaking? 8/22/2017 8:26 AM

Honestly, I think it is a combination of cost of 4-stroke racing/riding and safety. The youth are safety-centric and the cost of a dirt bike is a lot. Hell, I hold down a really good effin' job and I still don't want to pay the cost to buy and keep a ... more »

Reply to My Favorite pictures of Jeff Ward 8/4/2017 12:40 PM

This thread is my graceland. Praise Wardy.

Reply to Say it ain't so..... 7/12/2017 1:20 PM

XGames is dead and lame now.
Reply to Malcolm and Big James said, 7/6/2017 1:30 PM

I don't get it and I'm not even old. That guy is a fucking ra-tard.

Reply to If you're going to watch one press conference this year... 6/26/2017 12:00 PM

Me during this press conference... via GIPHY...and I loved every moment of it.

Reply to If you could pick One guy in their Prime for a Moto who would it be? 6/23/2017 8:40 PM

To be honest, it also took others having 4-strokes to do the stuff Stew did on a 125.

Reply to If you could pick One guy in their Prime for a Moto who would it be? 6/22/2017 9:12 AM

In 2004 when Stew was on a 125 and RC was on a 450, Stew would every now and then pull lap times the same as RC. Stew on a 125, live in person, makes me a believer. Dude was unreal and was in the most control ever on that 125. Plus I think Stew was 59/62 ... more »

Reply to If you could pick One guy in their Prime for a Moto who would it be? 6/21/2017 9:57 PM


Reply to Matthes and Pourcel 6/6/2017 12:53 PM

Frenchies gonna be french...

Reply to Bagget on Pulp 6/6/2017 12:52 PM

Am I the only one that thinks he should run a cup of ice cream from coldstone on his butt patch with the name across it?

Reply to Sort of moto?? Lebron quote who does this remind us of?? 6/6/2017 12:51 PM

This type of attitude is why I would never place LeBron over MJ or Kobe. Those two would die playing basketball and wouldn't mind killing anyone in front of them on defense. MJ was a killer; Kobe was a straight murderous serial killer on the court. PS: ... more »

Reply to NBC sports gold = CRAP 5/31/2017 11:22 AM

Works great for me too. This sounds like the same shit that Travis and Steve get shit for with the Pulp MX app. Most of the time it is the user being a dumbass and not understanding how the internet works.

Reply to Motocross in Dallas area? 5/25/2017 8:37 AM

Unfortunately, most of the tracks are an hour minimum from Frisco; however, there are a ton of options if you're willing to drive 1-1.5 hours.

Reply to Michael Mosiman to Rockstar Husky, Davalos to 450 for Outdoors 5/17/2017 7:35 AM

Yeah, I'm with this guy...

Reply to Time To End The East/West Thing 5/8/2017 8:44 AM

I completely disagree. I think the East/West thing is awesome. Different strokes for different folks.

Reply to Zach O's pass = Forever referenced 5/7/2017 9:50 PM

Putting that championship into the same conversation like the 3 you listed is just asinine.

Reply to Kenny's championship 5/7/2017 9:34 PM

All I see is a bunch of try hards.

Reply to Justin Hill and the 1W 5/4/2017 12:49 PM

Is it because the W is over the 1?

Reply to Tips for first timer at Glen Helen National 5/4/2017 12:47 PM

Spectate on the hill somewhere if you can. If you are taking chairs, get the ones with the unbrellas built in and bring a small shovel to carve out a flat spot on the hill. I always love sitting at the uphill of Mt. St. Helens.

Reply to It's time for a new Guide to VitalMX 5/2/2017 8:09 PM

Oh wow, you can make pre-made tables in powerpoint.