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Me. Circa 1991. 6-8 PW50 class. LACR.

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I really think we'll never seen an amateur rider come into the pro ranks the way Carmichael and Stewart did. Those days are gone. Why? Well, one thing is, I think the speed that 250/450 4-strokes is peaking to a point where the rider holds on for dear ... more »

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Now that's how the goofy moto films are supposed to be done. Great vid.

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So, I'm going to make the trip from Dallas to go. Where's the best place to stay? Is there camping? I need deets.

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Me every time I see atvs, dune buggies, quads in the same game as mx...

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This post right here. Perfect reason to have the like button. I'm not adding anything to this comment, but I sure as hell appreciate it. LMFAO.

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How can a like button be abused?

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Exactly. That's why I didn't stray too far, but added some visual hierarchy and new functionality that doesn't take away the stuff that already exists. To be honest, I know this board and its users would jump ship if a brand new, completely different ... more »

New thread Concept: Vital Forums Facelift 9/26/2017 9:48 AM

Hey everyone. I am a digital designer (designed the latest pulpmx app) and I made this concept a few months ago after growing tired of the old vital forums. While they work, they are ugly af. Click to view larger:

I just wanted to update the ... more »

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I don't understand why they can't just completely abandon all the garbage additional stuff. Just make the 5 biggest amatuer tracks, all the 2018 SX tracks, all 12 MX tracks, real bikes, and a track editor. No ATVs. No Buggys. No free terrain areas. That ... more »

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Honestly, I think it is a combination of cost of 4-stroke racing/riding and safety. The youth are safety-centric and the cost of a dirt bike is a lot. Hell, I hold down a really good effin' job and I still don't want to pay the cost to buy and keep a ... more »

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This thread is my graceland. Praise Wardy.

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XGames is dead and lame now.
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I don't get it and I'm not even old. That guy is a fucking ra-tard.

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Me during this press conference... via GIPHY...and I loved every moment of it.

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To be honest, it also took others having 4-strokes to do the stuff Stew did on a 125.

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In 2004 when Stew was on a 125 and RC was on a 450, Stew would every now and then pull lap times the same as RC. Stew on a 125, live in person, makes me a believer. Dude was unreal and was in the most control ever on that 125. Plus I think Stew was 59/62 ... more »

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Frenchies gonna be french...