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Reply to James Stewart vs everyone else. Just the facts man. 1/21/2017 12:13 PM

I like this. I would definitely call James Stewart the Bo Jackson of Moto, but he does have a good amount of titles too, unlike Bo.

Reply to Moto Truck, F250 or New Raptor 1/19/2017 12:10 PM

Look, I make great money, and the Raptor is easily obtainable.... but I see these things all over. There can't be this many people that can afford a $65k-$80k truck. How many people are buying these things that are well beyond their means? I think about ... more »

Reply to James Stewart vs everyone else. Just the facts man. 1/18/2017 10:23 PM

I am a MASSIVE James Stewart fan... yet I agree, for all the success he has had, he actually left so much more on the table. He could have easily been a 10-12 titles, 90-100 SX wins, and 50-60 MX wins guy... without a doubt. But... The fact that you ... more »

Reply to Stroupe? 1/18/2017 10:11 PM

Reply to Forkner? 1/14/2017 10:51 PM

Just to be a contrarian, Carmichael (3 wins) and Stewart (4 wins) got wins in their rookie seasons.

Reply to Do Top Pros have room to be faster? 1/12/2017 1:43 PM

All reasons why JS7 would end up not becoming the greatest SX and MX rider of all time. I believe people are delusional if they thing otherwise. If 4-strokes never came around, Stew would have probably won everything until at least 2012. No one was ever ... more »

Reply to Vitals own w/team honda debut 12/30/2016 1:34 PM

Dude, this thread title doesn't make an ounce of sense.

It's Vital ' s Own w/Team Honda Debut
Reply to Pulp app issues? 12/23/2016 8:52 PM

It would be really beneficial to T-Dawg Marx if you indicate which version of the iPhone/Android and the version of OS.

Reply to PulpMX App for Android now available 12/13/2016 12:09 PM

Talking on the phone and surfing the web isn't an iPhone limitation; that is a carrier limitation. I've been talking on the phone and surfing the web on AT&T since the original iPhone 10 years ago.

Reply to PulpMX App for Android now available 12/13/2016 12:07 PM

You want to know why so much money comes through an iPhone? Why does Apple not have the market share but they COMPLETELY DOMINATED the money made off of apps?

These are all of the potential screen sizes an app developer has to consider when ... more »
Reply to Stewart interview 11/28/2016 12:38 PM

No where on that post was there an "interview." So as far as I can tell, you've done as well a job at research and titles as 95% of mainstream media.

Reply to JS7 aka Daddy... 11/28/2016 12:36 PM

I was thinking "Family Vacation"

Reply to Hanny On A Husky 11/15/2016 9:22 PM

Stewart on Husky > Hanny on Husky.

Reply to Stewart's corner speed in his prime 11/8/2016 9:11 AM

James Stewart. Hands down. Best corner speed ever, especially on a 125. How in the world does someone on a 125 do things that 250's (2-strokes) and 450's can't do in SX? Oh yeah, because he carries more speed in the corners. It isn't even close. Look ... more »

Reply to Coolest MX/SX photos 10/20/2016 8:06 AM

Plus my signature photo. ... more »
Reply to New pulpmx app is out! 9/30/2016 11:21 AM

TMarx Dogg and I are both glad you all like it so far. It sounds like Travis got the streaming issues fixed and so far it seems everyone is enjoying it.

Reply to PulpMx App Redesign 9/1/2016 7:57 AM

I've never had an issue with any of the "producers", but Travis speaks maturely, coherently, and logically on the show. Because of this, he is the best by far. Plus he is an MX Fails legend.

Reply to PulpMx App Redesign 8/31/2016 7:48 PM

Most people have no idea what UI/UX is and most companies that know, just choose to ignore it. So yeah, I am way pumped they let me help out, and working with Travis has been smooth sailing. He just the right amount of professional but also the right ... more »

Reply to PulpMx App Redesign 8/31/2016 2:35 PM

As an update to this comment, Travis and I have been working together on the design of the app for a couple months now. I can't wait for you all to get your hands on it. Every time Steve talks about how awesome it is on the show, I can pretty excited ... more »

Reply to Most Naturally Talented Rider? 6/3/2016 12:09 PM

The only submission needed. I've never seen anyone hit and blow throw flat corners like this man...