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Do you know how to internet, sir?

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Yeah, let someone else take it and then Bubba can finish our his career on the number that started it all.

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Where is this Brett Cue 2-stroke commercial?

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4K, 5K, etc... is the future and those monitors are very affordable nowadays... we need wallpapers for them.

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Mike Alessi, hands down. Tied for most amateur titles all time at Loretta's and then never won more than a couple races in an outdoor season, and barely held on in supercross.

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I would rock more moto desktop wallpapers, but none of the photographers are kind enough to release iMac versions (2560x1440 resolution) of their photos.

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That would be the illegal way to do it since all of those photos are copyrighted. The OP is actually trying to do it correctly.

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Thanks for the YouTube link. I can't believe that hasn't come up in any of my searches because I was searching for digital download, etc, etc when I searched the movie title.

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I am still trying to find a digital copy of this thing. I want to watch it, but I can't find it anywhere.

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So true. Well player, sir. lol

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In amateur racing, I have no idea why more B/C riders aren't riding 2-strokes just for the benefits it teaches. Look at how much momentum that kid is carrying in the corners. I've always told people... if I have a kid, girl or boy that wants to race, ... more ยป

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I totally agree. This is easily the best, most truthful quote, ever spoken in mx: "If you are making half of the main events, and making less than a McDonalds employee, then why are you even out there?"

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Stop being a dick.

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MR. X wrote: Anymore pics of THE Mercedes? I fixed it.

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You don't like DV on the PulpMx show? You must hate the french or the truth... either way, he only brings the truth to the show.

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You do realize if the decision was to be made today... that decision could have already been made by the time the west coast woke up this morning since the hearing is roughly 12 hours ahead.