Added reply in a thread Texas Hail Damaged Truck. Buy or Not? 5/21/2016 5:58 AM

It was reported the storm here in San Antonio about a month ago damaged about 100,000 vehicles.

Added reply in a thread Anyone use the Scott stearing damper in the woods? 5/12/2016 9:56 AM

For sand, rocks, roots, and tree deflections one can't beat them. After awhile you don't even notice it, unless you take it off. Hillbilly, they can be adjusted to shut off during your last 20% or so , like on a sharp turn. Also can adjust how much resistance ... more »

Added reply in a thread St. Louis attendance... 4/18/2016 6:30 AM

When I lived there and attended for so many years, it was always a solid 50,000 crowd.

Added reply in a thread House Shopping 4/11/2016 7:45 AM

Take a good look at the taxes. The value price is going to go to what you paid for it the next year. As said, a good home inspector is a must. Try to be there when he inspects, he can also teach you a lot about the place.

Added reply in a thread Lunch in Savannah GA. 2/21/2016 8:41 AM

Lol. yes I looked and there are about 20 of them. We're going to try Crystal Beer Parlor. Thanks Colintrax, we'll see if we have time.

Added reply in a thread Lunch in Savannah GA. 2/19/2016 3:54 AM

Thanks, Sir Roost. We'll check it out.

Started new thread Lunch in Savannah GA. 2/18/2016 10:46 AM

If we were going to stop in Savannah GA. for a quick lunch in say the historical district, where should we eat?

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Added reply in a thread Any hot stock tips? :) 1/29/2016 6:16 AM

Face Book jumped 15.52% yesterday and Under Armour 22.59 % own a little in each, wish I owned a bunch. I bought a little Fit Bit this morning, it's one of the stocks they claim Gopro is dragging down with it.

Added reply in a thread New 2016 Toyota Tacoma DCLB Off Road 4x4 1/21/2016 12:55 PM

How long is the long bed version? I believe those are made here in San Antonio also.

Added reply in a thread Glenn Frey R.I.P 1/19/2016 1:14 PM

I don't know how good they sounded when they were about 30 years old, but they sounded damn good in Austin last summer.

Added reply in a thread 20 years old, but new to me... 12/26/2015 6:29 AM

I had the first year of those new generation RMXs. I don't know if yours came with the same limiters as mine or not. One kept the carb slide from opening all the way and one kept the exhaust valve from opening all the way. Removing them gave a big performance ... more »

Added reply in a thread She got the BIG BONE>>>>>> 12/7/2015 3:21 PM

Added reply in a thread WTF eBay CR250 pipe fail...... 12/7/2015 3:17 PM

Oh boy, negative feedback coming. At least give the seller a chance to make it right. As in covering shipping both ways.

Added reply in a thread DV12 back in action 12/4/2015 6:39 PM

If you ever win, don't thank your dog.

Added reply in a thread She got the BIG BONE>>>>>> 12/4/2015 8:21 AM

Added reply in a thread Road cyclists, question on this bike 11/28/2015 5:01 PM

Our entry level carbon frame bikes weigh about 20 lbs.

Added reply in a thread Latest Motocross Art Commission 11/28/2015 6:43 AM

Way cool.

Added reply in a thread You know you're old 11/24/2015 5:23 AM

You thought of Hannah as some wild kid.

Added reply in a thread Billion dollar blimp on the loose 10/30/2015 5:15 AM

They reported in the end they were shooting it with shotguns. The thing weighs 10,000 pounds.

Added reply in a thread Let's see your road bikes: 10/25/2015 7:55 AM

My EX8 in Paved Path Set up. Someday we will have a 130 mile paved loop around the city.

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