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That's what I was thinking. Never realized how that track was probably the most euro-like with less straights and speed and lot of turns to break the rythm. I like it, it's different.

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Wow sounds super enthusiast and motivated. A true fan of the sport. Hope it turns out well, people show up and we'll see great battles.

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Febvre talks about his start of season struggle and a little about the new bike in this interview (Google trad sorry), it was just a week or two ago I think: ... more »

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I enjoyed it much. Thanks guys.

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Nope, alternative facts...

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He fell once almost twice and took forever to start his bike. Dungey has nothing to do with this, nor Musquin. He has to do anything he can to win without hurting another rider.

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Didn't have the speed to fight upfront at the beginning of the season. He fought with the weapons he had at the time. Now that speed is getting closer to the top guys, he doesn't need to be as aggressive. BUT he probably is the most aggressive french ... more »

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Exactly the pics I was about to post. I'm not a "fan" but I respect him a lot, for the rider he's, what he has accomplished in his career and for the person he seems to be.

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Same here in France.

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From what I'm seeing Ferrandis could be a title contender next season even with Savatgy and Osborne still there. The kid never entered an SX championship, only random european races and only kept improving since his first race. He was being very aggressive ... more »

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Ferrandis is a natural. He never entered neither an SX championship nor an arenacross one but he always has that will to come in the US and race the SX championship. He had a tiny track at home (ala Roczen) when he was on 85 and already had skills. Honestly, ... more »

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Of course he admitted, his retaliation to what Osborne did in the first place (picture above) was way too aggressive.

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He did a good job with Chisholm. He was really improving until his crash.

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Poor Barcia, all his hopes are gone...

More seriously, that's too bad, I really would have liked that association to work, but it turned out to be more of a disaster.
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This ^^ The two of them should have been penalized.

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It's not like he took a selfie with the guy.

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The schedule on the MXGP-TV site (right of the page) is based on your computer clock. It's not complete as it only shows the times for the races and the Studio Show but it helps. So to say technically yes, it's possible.

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The track looks good but too many 90 degrees corners where it probably won't happen much especially if the dirt is soft and the track gets rutted...

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He decided to ride his MX suspensions with a touch stiffer set up over his SX suspensions. It worked out pretty well he said. He doesn't have the raw speed of the best just yet but is fighting with his weapons and kept his nerves. He's improving step ... more »

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Robot Roc(k), title of the first song...