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As a huge fan of dogs, and having three of them myself, I've noticed Blue Buffalo has been in the news recently. I don't think what they admitted is exactly the exposure they were looking for. They have had a solid name for a long time, but that's probably ... more »

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My absolute least favorite rider.

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Bah, screw Supercross. Throw him on a sled and let's see if he can give Hibbert fits by the end of the season.

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Oops, wrong thread.

Started new thread What if Ryan Villopoto... 8/29/2014 7:49 PM

...came back as Ryanne Villopoto and raced the WMX series?

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It's a steep learning curve, but the game is pretty good. I'm used to the controls from the PS3 UFC Undisputed games so I'm struggling.

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That sucks for Hill. In my opinion, he is getting the raw end. He's missed two more mains than Peick this year and is still up 14 points overall thus far. Hopefully this decision backfires on RCH.

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RCH must be giving away rides.

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And Milsaps is a Rockstar guy. #potnotstirred

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I'd worry a little more about the powder melting than I would about it staining.

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I hate it when that happens!

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Nice!! Thanks!

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I see what you did there. That song still rocks!

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He and a handful of other privateers stopped by a friend's private track a few miles from my place on Monday to do some riding and shoot a segment for an upcoming movie. He's a very nice guy, along with everyone else I met. Here are a few shots I got.

... more »

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What are they doing at the 2:35 mark?

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France just has no fight in them. Never have...

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Those should fit '10-'13, too.