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Added reply in a thread Why can't Women go as fast as men? 7/6/2015 9:45 AM

The genetic differences between the sexes are enough to make a difference in all physically and mentally demanding sports. There is no sport where the top women can outperform the top men. Not even in the women dominated fields like ballet/ gymnastics. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Just wanted to let Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki know (New Bike Thread) 6/30/2015 10:41 AM

How many OEM parts do you people buy? Rims/ tires/ top ends/ plastics/ drivetrains/ graphics/ levers/ clutches/ brakes/ etc... are all aftermarket parts anyways.

Added reply in a thread Sad state of moto? 6/30/2015 8:41 AM

I Love MX but it's a sincere PITA. I rode at a great track on Sunday. I spent about $1K in the last month on gear (neck brace/ new boots/ new expansion chamber). I then drove 50 miles each way to the track. Probably did 90 minutes on the track. Burned ... more »

Added reply in a thread Sean Collier's KX500 vs KX450F GH lap time comparison? 6/28/2015 8:06 PM

Today at Red Rocks MX (a private track that ET3 considers to be his fave) there was a brand spanking new KX500AF. Dude was riding it proper too. This is a deep sandy track where you will take as much hp as you can get.

Added reply in a thread Do the redesigned Tech 7s hold up better than previous versions? 6/26/2015 9:59 AM

I walked in to my local and favorite KTM Dealer, TJs, and they had my size and preferred color in stock of the Tech 7s so I bought them on the spot. The boots are by far and away the most comfortable and lightest/ slimmest boots I have ever used. The ... more »

Added reply in a thread Benoit on two stroke 6/26/2015 9:45 AM

That's crazy that he has to run a stock engine. Wow!

Added reply in a thread Chest and back protection to be mandatory in MXGP 2016. 6/26/2015 9:41 AM

Cool. Better gear will follow too.

Added reply in a thread Herlings 6/25/2015 11:10 AM


Added reply in a thread Matt Lemoine and Jab Motorsports Pulling Out of Outdoors 6/25/2015 9:21 AM

1.4 million people attended the Houston Livestock and Rodeo last year. http://abc13.com/entertainment/new-attendance-record-set-at-houston-livestock-show-and%20rodeo/568923/ What's an outdoor MX race pull, 20K? We live in a capitalist society. I greatly ... more »

Added reply in a thread Official TwoTwo Statement 6/23/2015 7:23 PM

That was professional, well written, and moving. Why can't everything this guy writes be more like this? Good stuff and I sure wish the guy luck!

Added reply in a thread Local old school vs current moto practice track 6/23/2015 11:56 AM

It's okay to react to your fears and just say "I'm old and don't want to jump" but dirt bikes are dangerous and most of the danger is on the ground, not the jumps. You want to scare yourself mentally, do a 90' tabletop that is in reality completely safe. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tomac to Kawasaki confirmed by The Dogger 6/19/2015 1:17 PM

I think the Honda, KTM, and now the 2016 Kwak are likely to have a much more similiar feel than they did in years past. I hear the new KTMs feel like modern Hondas with more motor. Anyways, ET3 is hauling ass dude and I'm a HUGE fan and I'm sure he'll ... more »

Added reply in a thread My dad was conned by the Wheeliboys 6/19/2015 1:05 PM

I have to agree with this man. You are seriousy risking getting a criminal record, probation, or even shot, over an $800 dirt bike. You can't complete transactions in this manner any longer. Now your Dad knows. The dirt bike is gone just like if your ... more »

Added reply in a thread TwoTwo Motorsports officially done 6/19/2015 9:15 AM

Chad Reed just isn't a pleasant fellow from many real world reports and the image he portrays. He seems to believe that he is more important than he is. Very egotistical. He has became immensely popular because he is fast, a bit of a legend in the sport, ... more »

Added reply in a thread rule banning turbocharging or KERS? 6/16/2015 11:27 AM

Honda built that bike to try and skirt some GP rules related to number of cylinders/ valves/ weight/ displacement/ strokes a race bike could have. That engine is functionally a V8, but with only 4 cylinders it could race in the GPs. By the time it was ... more »

Added reply in a thread Do you think KTM would... 6/15/2015 10:24 AM

It would be dumb to spend additional develoment $$ trying to build a better frame/ engine combo then KTM as they are essentially the best. The correct direction for Husky is to go upmarket. Upgraded suspension, trick carbs or DI on the 2 strokes, maybe ... more »

Added reply in a thread Do the redesigned Tech 7s hold up better than previous versions? 6/10/2015 8:40 AM

Thanks for the info guys. My Jetts are coming apart (broken buckle and inner sole) after about 4 years and it's time for a replacement. i can't wear any boot with a seperate sole as it makes the boot too large overall and it effects my shifting. They ... more »

Started new thread Do the redesigned Tech 7s hold up better than previous versions? 6/9/2015 10:21 AM

I need a new pair of boots and was leaning towards the AStar Tech 7s but I know they sort of fell apart on people a few years back. Did AStar fix those issues with the redesign for 2014? Thanks.

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Added reply in a thread Carbon fiber rims. 6/8/2015 4:53 PM

I have Enve CF AM wheels on my Bronson and they are great. Damn things cost about $2.5k but honestly the aluminum Mtb wheels that are attempting to be light and just don't hold up really well. They also flex terribly making them inefficient. The only ... more »

Added reply in a thread Weigandt: "best riders in the world" getting a little lame. 6/7/2015 5:46 AM

Maybe Weigandt could just say "the best race tracks and MX coverage in the world...." cause the GPs suck bad in this regard. That's why it's a cut rate series. The riders themselves are amazing.