Added reply in a thread Tracks near Austin, TX? 10/1/2016 4:30 PM

Red rocks, Murphy's.

Added reply in a thread Any update on Jessy Nelson? 8/14/2016 11:29 AM

I'm sending positive thoughts to Mr J. Nelson. Get better soon fellow moto head.

Added reply in a thread any advice, numb hands? 8/11/2016 5:20 PM

Need carpal tunnel surgery. Don't wait, you'll get old man shaky hands.

Added reply in a thread MXA Update and Link - Full Tilt CR250 Build 4/20/2016 8:23 PM

Derek, when are you going to dyno tune my KTM 314SX? Did got get a KTM wheel yet?

Added reply in a thread Topher Ingalls video under investigation 4/20/2016 8:19 PM

Was hucking a car over blind hills on public roads. Could have easily killed a kid on a bike or something. Extremely irresponsible. From a public safety standpoint he is more dangerous than the wheelie boys by a lot.

Added reply in a thread Adam C. & What's On His Mind Lately 4/8/2016 10:16 AM

Most Baby Boomers said that they wanted their children to have it easier than they did, and they succeeded tremendously! Until your 30 year old has to pay his own cell phone bill they won't grow up. That's animal nature to take the easy way out. The ... more »

Added reply in a thread Road Cycling vs MTB for Moto training? 4/7/2016 4:28 AM

A road bicyclist was killed in the supposedly bike friendly city of Austin about .5 mile from my home the other morning recently by a dually that got the biker with the rear tires. The driver of the truck stopped, rendered aid, and was let go to continue ... more »

Added reply in a thread Will Malcolm... 3/20/2016 5:19 AM

I was happy to see him take the win last night, but he's not a 450 Champion unless he gets a fair bit faster.

Added reply in a thread Stroupe? Don't know if its true 3/19/2016 3:03 PM

Too many raging lifelong addicts just quit one day because they finally start caring about others. To say one has an addictive personality is the same thing as saying you have poor self-control and selfish tendencies as that's all it is.

Added reply in a thread NFL - Wheelie boys crash in Miami 3/18/2016 8:38 PM

RIP dude. I've done some stupid shit in my day and got lucky. If you stole the bike, I rescind my RIP however.

Added reply in a thread With all the talk of how bad the track sucked last night 3/6/2016 4:34 PM

At the least the chicanes should have forced the riders in to 1 of 2 lanes of equal distance to create passing opportunities.

Added reply in a thread I'm done with motocross ,what should I do now? 2/19/2016 10:54 AM

It's all about the Mountain Bikes if you live near the correct terrain. Good Luck! PS. I broke my back in 2010 while racing with my best riding buddy, he almost landed on me. He never rode again and he never hit the ground! I still ride.

Added reply in a thread Dave Mirra? 2/5/2016 6:18 AM

Many white males commit suicide, it isn't always due to concussions.. It may or may not have been an issue. He was an amazing rider but it's incredibly selfish to commit suicide when you have children. For one thing you double their chances of committing ... more »

Started new thread Anyone figure out a good way to make their motocross rear wheel more balanced? 1/29/2016 3:50 AM

When I hit fast jumps I can really feel my rear wheel being out of balance and rotating, anyway to improve this or lessen it without attaching a bunch of balancing weights to the wheel? I already set up the Schrader valve for my tubeless system on the ... more »

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This mod worked like a champ. Thanks.

Added reply in a thread 2013 KTM 250 SX 1/25/2016 3:12 PM

Has anyone figured out a stiffer spring for the little shift thingy to cure the upshift problems? My bike is apart for this and I'd rather make an upgrade if it's available. Thanks.

Added reply in a thread James in for tomorrow?... 1/23/2016 12:29 PM

Must've missed it. Glad you're back.

Added reply in a thread Anderson/Millsaps... Can we assume 1/11/2016 5:19 PM

Is Anderson's bike just built to KTM race team specifications? Does it come out of the KTM shop wear the Decoster is?

Added reply in a thread Riding after talus fracture 1/11/2016 4:56 PM

Broke mine at the age of 37 casing a jump. Was riding again in about 6 weeks no problem. The soreness wears off.

Added reply in a thread Stew out. 1/10/2016 8:20 AM

Any updates on his injuries? If he was really knocked out that entire time that's very concerning for his future health.