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Same here. MX getting to be too much of a pain for to little ride time. Told my wife that if she would ride MTBs with me a lot I'd sell the MX bike.

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Agreed. I've tried both. I love my Lectron and it's to imagine the manufacturers not using them stock. Maybe Kevin can't provide them at the price point which is probably $75 or something at the OEM level?

Added reply in a thread Is California Really That Bad? 8/27/2015 7:05 AM

CA is an amazing state and truly I wish I had never left. But now my career and my life is in TX so it is what it is. If you enjoy doing a lot of fun stuff, CA is the place to me.

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I've tried them all on my KTM 2 strokes. The Powerparts (rebadged FMF) silencer runs the best and I paid $109 for it new when my Ti Shorty cracked (and my CF Leo Vince before that). As long as you can still buy the right part for cheap, I don't have ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2 Stroke Octane / Altitude 8/24/2015 2:20 PM

Because of less dense air at altitude you end up with less compression, and therefore have less need for Octane. Lower Octane down to just what you need seems to make the most power if you care about the last little bit. If you run pump Super Unleaded, ... more »

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Many of the GP tracks do suck. Anyone that's spent some time on an MX bike can see that.

Added reply in a thread Roczen's Dad on RCH 8/20/2015 10:11 AM

I don't understand this logic. Letting Kroc try the new KTM right before he left would have been a great way to get in his head and always have him feeling as if he was out-biked. It's not like he was going to gain anything that could have been used ... more »

Added reply in a thread Any 2016 KX450 ride reports out there? 8/18/2015 11:04 AM

The problem with modern KTM forks is the guys twisting the knobs mostly. Basically they have a slight amount of harshness stock and everyone backs way off compression and then they become shit. The newest KTM forks are quite good, dead stock imo riding ... more »

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My personal experience is that seated sag is hard to get right on these KTMs, or maybe it's just me. What I do is use the chart to pick the correct spring rates, then I just set the free sag at around 35mm. That's it. Since I started using this method ... more »

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A guy who's kid was attending one told me once and it was very affordable if you consider what a dedicated moto dad would save in gas, food, and entry fees by having his kid live at the track. Less than $2k/ month includes all food about 2 years ago. ... more »

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And those people would be idiots too lazy to go find jobs. ANY, and I mean ANY able bodied male was able to get a 6 figure job in oilfield up until 6 months ago at anytime in the last 5 years. All you had to do was get out of your comfort zone and move ... more »

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Your statement implies that once you are 'hooked' due to long term use, that you somehow are unable to still quit. Like once your body gets hooked, it's just impossible to suffer any withdrawal symtoms. 2 of my biggies: I crashed a streetbike at about ... more »

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Due to some pretty large injuries in my life, I have been physically addicted many times but with absolutely no mental addiction at all. Who would want to live like that? Hell, I'm too cheap to do drugs! I won't even buy myself a soda or tea when I eat ... more »

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They were laughing at a photo taken from a funny angle that could easily be misinterpreted to have sexual innuendo. At least that's how I take it. No one is laughing at the kid's disability and if it was just a photo of the kid alone, there would have ... more »

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Pretty sure I saw this cutie at CR about 3 years ago with her whole riding family. Best of luck too her.

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Going off memory here, the old facility was for sale for like 1.5 million for years and Ian bought it for maybe 400K-600K? Pretty sure that is correct. He has made some upgrades for sure but it's still in the middle of nowhere. That area was in the middle ... more »

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Disabled people are no laughing matter. That said, no one is laughing at that young man's disability.

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This sums it up the best. Vague website that had generic scheduling, that couldn't be counted on with weather changes and what not.

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Same as many others. Bought a MTB to train for MX but the sheer ease of participation and lower cost (not to mention comparative safety) of MTBing has left me more a MTBer than an MXer these days. The cool thing is that if you MX, you already have some ... more »