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Many white males commit suicide, it isn't always due to concussions.. It may or may not have been an issue. He was an amazing rider but it's incredibly selfish to commit suicide when you have children. For one thing you double their chances of committing ... more »

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When I hit fast jumps I can really feel my rear wheel being out of balance and rotating, anyway to improve this or lessen it without attaching a bunch of balancing weights to the wheel? I already set up the Schrader valve for my tubeless system on the ... more »

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This mod worked like a champ. Thanks.

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Has anyone figured out a stiffer spring for the little shift thingy to cure the upshift problems? My bike is apart for this and I'd rather make an upgrade if it's available. Thanks.

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Must've missed it. Glad you're back.

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Is Anderson's bike just built to KTM race team specifications? Does it come out of the KTM shop wear the Decoster is?

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Broke mine at the age of 37 casing a jump. Was riding again in about 6 weeks no problem. The soreness wears off.

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Any updates on his injuries? If he was really knocked out that entire time that's very concerning for his future health.

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Big ET3 fan here and I think as far as absolute speed, he is the fastest MXer currently. But, that KX is not working very well for him. I have not ridden the new one but it still looks like a rear wheel steering bike to me. Worked very well for RV2, ... more »

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I thought she was a black women in the first pic. Beautiful woman, too tan and too ripped in those first pics but will much better in the later photos. As in stunning. Also, when bolt-ons are done right, like my wife's, they just look like perfect natural ... more »

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I used to have the same problems to the same extent as the OP. I found flex bars or carbon fiber handlebars that really flex help a ton, I lean really far forward on the bike so that my arms are not really being tugged, I only ride at about 70% ( speed ... more »

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I have a really nice dirt bike and a really nice bicycle. And in those groups maybe I come off as the spoiled rich guy. I also have an 08 Corvette that I use at a local road race track that I'm a member of. And I commonly whip up on people in quarter ... more »

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When I first began mountain biking I always received comments about how fancy my bicycle was. Because frankly I was pretty slow. My response was pretty blunt if they were rude, 'you should have spent more time in college and less time riding your bicycle'. ... more »

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That's how the KTM 300s run, top end sucks imo. Stroking them really gets it a lot closer. I have my KTM running at 314cc with a 5mm stroker crank and a 300cc cylinder and it has some great top end pull.

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ADVMX is a safe and fun track. How anyone could see it otherwise is beyond me. The old track was just the best, but is long gone. I do enjoy Murphy's a lot but it's so easy and fast that lots of people get injured out there.I have done the whoops 5th ... more »

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The land was all given to settlers 200 years ago. There is essentially no free riding in TX.

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If you didn't laugh about injuries, you'd have to fucking cry about them. Making light of it normalizes it. It's a good thing.

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I don't understand how you can buy a mountain bike from size XS-XXL but dirt bikes are built for the same 5'9" guy. Everything else is a compromise. Heck, I'm only 6' and I have to raise my bars and move them forward on all bikes. I would have given ... more »

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A good friend of mine started doing drugs pretty hard about a year or two ago so I quit hanging around him. We ended up on the phone together last week and I had to pick up a car out of state and he said he wanted to go as his business was slow so we ... more »

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I watched my aunt burn her whole life up on drugs and hurting everyone around her and sucking off society. When she finally overdosed and died I thought good riddance. You people act like doing drugs is like getting brain cancer, totally out of your ... more »