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He is as a matter of fact, one of the toughest MX guys I know

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use these guys, I have had them do cylinders way worse than this one.

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These guys are awesome, I have a 2002 CR250 that they replated. it was so much tighter than stock.

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Very well put and I think the same, there is no bond in the world as there are with MX racers. I have realized that I am happiest around my moto buddys. Its just impossible to explain to people how strong that bond is.

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Just a thought, but those motors can be tricky when it come to aligning the cam back up. I ran into this a while ago the first time I adjusted valves. The cam chain was one tooth off yet looked ok, maybe its worth double checking.

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If it were me I would not take a chance at all. Just split the cases, clean everything up and while in there replace whatever needs to be replaced. I know its a pain in ass but I would not want to take a bike far out into the woods and know there could ... more »

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I know there is a long thread on this but I was looking to get some more recent feedback. I would like to purchase this for my 02 CR but I am a little hesitant. Now that's its been out a little while how has it stood up? How much have people been paying? ... more »

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I have the exact same bikes and its funny the ratio is about the same for me. I ride the 125 when I want to get back in touch with my wild side!

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Just going to add my 2 cents because I have had a strange issue with a few of the CRs I have had. I have an 02, while riding one day it felt like the throttle got stuck open so I pulled in the clutch and pushed the kill switched, nothing happened, it ... more »

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Start with this^^^ I have seen this a few times before. The spark plug may be sparking but at completely the wrong time. Few other ideas. Take the plug out and spray in some starting fluid (just a little) and see if you can get the bike to fire for a ... more »

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What is it your asking people to do? You want people to spend serious money so we see a pro qualify for a national on a 2stroke? If I have 8k around I am going to put it down on a new camper. I have a couple of 2 strokes, 2002 cr250 and a 2003 CR125. ... more »

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I never talk about moto to anyone expect motocross people. Its not that I am embarrassed about racing moto. Its just to hard to explain to people why I do it and how difficult the sport really is. Normal people have no idea what the sport is, people ... more »

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The truth is your not going to get a lot for it, even though its mint! I did the same thing to a 125, turns out you don't get a lot more money compared to a turd bike. What I noticed is few people wanna spend more than 2500 on any used dirt bike no matter ... more »

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I have an 03 125, I did a major rebuild on it before I even rode it. When I got it together it had that same bog you are describing, it just did not seem like a normal 125. Turns out it was my powervalve, I had the gear one tooth off so it was open way ... more »

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I did one of the races last year there on my old very tired 86 CR250. I can even begin to tell you the thrill of being on the starting line with a bunch of other guys with bikes from that era. It was one of my favorite races and I cant wait to get back ... more »

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Pete24... your age alone will get you in the vintage class. You must have some 80's bike you can ride

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This was one I made up and posted a while ago on CL, you would not belive the amount of emails I got for it, all good humor. 1996 CR250 CR 250 Honda - $3700 (Concord NH) 1996 CR250 I have a 1996 CR250, this bike rips and is not for the beginner, or anyone ... more »

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A while ago I went through a depression of sorts (I think). At least that's what my shrink said. She pushed anti depressants and other meds but I just did not want to go down that road. She learned from me that riding moto was the best therapy, it was ... more »

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Thoughts and prayers are being sent. Hang in there Dale