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I have the exact same bikes and its funny the ratio is about the same for me. I ride the 125 when I want to get back in touch with my wild side!

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Just going to add my 2 cents because I have had a strange issue with a few of the CRs I have had. I have an 02, while riding one day it felt like the throttle got stuck open so I pulled in the clutch and pushed the kill switched, nothing happened, it ... more »

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Start with this^^^ I have seen this a few times before. The spark plug may be sparking but at completely the wrong time. Few other ideas. Take the plug out and spray in some starting fluid (just a little) and see if you can get the bike to fire for a ... more »

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What is it your asking people to do? You want people to spend serious money so we see a pro qualify for a national on a 2stroke? If I have 8k around I am going to put it down on a new camper. I have a couple of 2 strokes, 2002 cr250 and a 2003 CR125. ... more »

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I never talk about moto to anyone expect motocross people. Its not that I am embarrassed about racing moto. Its just to hard to explain to people why I do it and how difficult the sport really is. Normal people have no idea what the sport is, people ... more »

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The truth is your not going to get a lot for it, even though its mint! I did the same thing to a 125, turns out you don't get a lot more money compared to a turd bike. What I noticed is few people wanna spend more than 2500 on any used dirt bike no matter ... more »

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I have an 03 125, I did a major rebuild on it before I even rode it. When I got it together it had that same bog you are describing, it just did not seem like a normal 125. Turns out it was my powervalve, I had the gear one tooth off so it was open way ... more »

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I did one of the races last year there on my old very tired 86 CR250. I can even begin to tell you the thrill of being on the starting line with a bunch of other guys with bikes from that era. It was one of my favorite races and I cant wait to get back ... more »

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Pete24... your age alone will get you in the vintage class. You must have some 80's bike you can ride

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This was one I made up and posted a while ago on CL, you would not belive the amount of emails I got for it, all good humor. 1996 CR250 CR 250 Honda - $3700 (Concord NH) 1996 CR250 I have a 1996 CR250, this bike rips and is not for the beginner, or anyone ... more »

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A while ago I went through a depression of sorts (I think). At least that's what my shrink said. She pushed anti depressants and other meds but I just did not want to go down that road. She learned from me that riding moto was the best therapy, it was ... more »

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Thoughts and prayers are being sent. Hang in there Dale

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Its all flat landings!

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I think this is the best looking bike I have ever seen. Just incredible!

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Wow, its been a while since I was on Vital, good to see we are talking about new and exciting topics. I like the pic though!

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Don't be afraid of what's really in the back of Pete's van, he only uses the gag ball and that leather zipper mask thing at night so you should be safe.

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Personally I have done worse, I put an XR200 motor in a CR125 frame to make the best handling XR200 in world...but the slowest bike ever. I think you are going to make a neat bike. And if you take the time to freshen up the 85 motor I think you will ... more »

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This is a valid question, and the perfect race to see that would be a 18 year old Damon Bradshaw and an 18 year old Jerry on the same track from the 80's, then on a track from today. I think Jerry is a fast rider with more heart than most anyone around, ... more »

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This whole story is so exciting to follow. This story has so many lessons in it for all aged riders. Its certainly an inspiration to many. This kid in my favorite racer, I wish all the best for him and that awesome bike!