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Damn Coop, any possible cool points were lost when you slammed down as well...why you mad?

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If nobody is willing to pay what you say you're worth I think becomes a question if that dollar amount is what you're worth. It's crazy that a guy with his talent is on the sidelines. I don't know if he's a podium guy amongst the current field, but I ... more »

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It said "ONE" of the smartest decisions he's ever made and not "THE" smartest decision he's ever made. Do you disagree with it being one of the smartest decisions James has made in his career...for himself and the other riders on the track?

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"easily 30lbs. heavier"? Please explain how you know this...if you don't know, don't respond. I'll take the hint.

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James may still have the drive on paper, but when you add in the effect of the shots to the head that he's taken, age, and the amount of effort it takes to get in shape, just the drive may not be enough. He mentally knows what he's been able to do on ... more »

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...get their own lives.

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I think Webb is good for the sport, but the "angry guy" thing kinda bores me. That said, I wouldn't mind for him to continue to get mediocre starts and go undefeated. He's certainly "the guy" in that class.

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I was surprised at how it filled up. I don't think it was sold out though. I wonder what happens to the scalpers investments for the blocks of tickets that go unsold. Do they somehow insurance them?

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Yeah, I live in Los Angeles and the ticket price increases along with the fees have kinda irritated me into not going. I HATE those fees. As a result, I've gotten used to "not going" after years of being used "to going". I'm not so sure somebody else ... more »

Added reply in a thread Friese!! Hate to say it but... 1/9/2016 8:34 PM I was saying..."Mr. Pieck has a great story...and he don't take no stuff". I usually refer to him as "Mister"...

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I like his story, but is he really such a physical giant. It seems like he's just a bigger guy, but not at all NFL football size...but he's got a great story.

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I pick this mushroom in Latvia this past was beautiful then. What happened?

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Yeah, I completely agree, Pyromania was my introduction to them and I went backwards to the earlier stuff. Seems like a great bunch of guys.

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He'll retire on a Kawasaki...and won't have to repaint.

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I agree with this concerning Alessi. Especially since he'll also have an LCQ shot to get in the main as well. But then the main is another story...fade in this field and the 800 could easily end up 12th to 16th. I like Mike and hope he can stay healthy, ... more »

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I saw the film last night and it was pretty intense. They talked about the process afterwards. Shooting in all natural light and in chronological order presented specific challenges. I waited on Leo last week at my night job and I must say ... more »
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Nice work! Love the longer GoPro Clips.

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I usually try to stay out of these threads and I don't expect you to care what I think, but man, it really bothers me that you would say that about a 9 year-old that was lured into an alley and executed. Ironically, I'm from Virginia as well and have ... more »

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Thank you! So seriously trying to get to the next level.

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Yes, if you earn more your premium goes down and the coverage is better. Your annual dues go up because they are partially based on earnings and the producers contribution to your pension goes up too. Basically, there are two different plans - Plan 1 ... more »