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..to find some pics of the kxf Procircuit! I'm painting it for MX vs ATV's skin for who don't know them: http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=skins&id=2989 i've only find this one from this wonderful site: http://www.vitalmx.com/photo/albums/userpics/10005/004010308press.jpg

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damn my pc has send 3 equal messages

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yeah I agree! it's simply awesome..but I believe that I must get a much powerful pc for play it

those are some skins for mx vs atv unleashed designed by me : http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=skins&id=3141 http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=skins&id=2989 ... more »

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  • C48_88051900_1252078334
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