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Anyone see the irony that they're protesting police, but when someone interrupts their protest, they call the police?

Also, I agree with void. This was a designated free speech area, and although his intentions were clear and I don't agree ... more »
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I didn't take it as "pride in your nation," but instead took it as "pride in representing your nation" in said competition, whether it be motocross, disc throwing, or whatever.

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I don't think it's so much the moto brothers and sisters as it is thieves just showing up and looking for stuff. What better place to steal a bike than a place where all the bikes meet, and vehicles are often left unattended? Dad leaves his new 450 by ... more »

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You know his brother is Mike Gosselaar, right? Mechanic for RC and Reed? I've heard that ole Zack Morris can ride.

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Or Chooper Webb.

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Bill is the governor. His brother Jimmy is the CEO of Pilot and owner of the Browns. Their father founded Pilot, so although Jimmy is the CEO, I would assume Bill still has some ownership interest in the company. Bill seems ok, Jimmy kinda seems like ... more »

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haha I've never seen it. I'm going to find Tyler's threads now.

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This may be true when dealing with the bank. I've probably only disputed 5 charges in my life, but I never called the bank. I always called Visa and the money was put back in my checking account not long after getting off the phone. Then they investigate ... more »

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No real advantage. If you use your card as debit, you're only protected as far as your bank sees fit. If you run it as credit, your protected by Visa or MasterCard(whoever is on your card) and they require the bank to replace the money you lost. So running ... more »

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So if Suzuki Japan is in his corner, could it be possible that he's riding an RCH bike, pitting out of the RCH truck, but is on corporate Suzuki's payroll instead of RCH's payroll? Basically functions just like he's on the RCH team, but Suzuki covers ... more »

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Are you a realtor or something? I'm pretty sure all the good deals are sold before they're even listed on most realty sites, so how do you find those homes? A specific website or just talk to the local banks? I'm sure you have built up some contacts ... more »

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Not everything qualifies for Prime shipping. The item needs to have the little Prime logo by it to get the free 2 day shipping. There may be 8 of the same item listed, but maybe only 2 or 3 qualify for Prime shipping. I have to say, if you listen to ... more »

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"Harley and the Davidsons" on the Discovery channel. It was good, even my wife was into it.

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My post got removed? What was wrong with it?

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Why KBB private party value? You should get retail value PLUS tax, because that's the total it would cost to replace. Their purpose is to "make you whole" again, so make sure you add tax to the appraised value, because you have to pay it when you replace ... more »

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I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor, but pretty sure I have it. Sucks right when you doze off and you're in that sweet spot where you're totally relaxed and then your leg goes freaking crazy, waking you up and then you have to start all over again. ... more »

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No, put a Forkner in him. He's done.

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"Racers race." - Cooper Webb

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I have the ones like newmann posted, had them for 2 years and no complaints with leaves or pine needles. Once they dry after a rain, the next breeze will blow them off. Acorns on the other hand just tend to sit there. Even with the gutter guards, I still ... more »

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Any pics of the LE pipe?