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Do you get twice as angry when you see a Honda with their exhaust?

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And the whole track was whoops....

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Pretty cool. All these guys have crazy bike skills. Here's JS7 doing some real life Mad Skills MX.

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The Mechanic.

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I guess you've never heard of photoshop...

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Give me your local tv provider and I'll check. I know it's ABC/NBC/CBS, but I need the local code that starts with a W or K and has 4 letters.

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I thought Tae-be-us, but my wife said Ta-bye-us.

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Arrived last weekend. Can't figure out how to embed from my phone. Head full of hair.

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Who the fuck would make up such a thing? That's nothing to joke around about. What a total low life piece of shit. Glad he's ok, hope he has a healthy baby, and I look forward to seeing him back on the track, whenever that may be.

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Last I read, Southwick was a "maybe" and Millville was a "definitely." I guess we'll see next weekend.

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Put your favorite cereal on the list and then just enjoy letting her pick the shit out. Later, when you're married and driving down the road around dinner time, stomach growling, passing restaurant after restaurant, asking "What do you want to eat?" ... more »

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$11k?! Holy shit. Is that in yen?

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Probably not very high, but IMO it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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Sympathy pregnancy bro. I changed absolutely nothing, same active lifestyle, same diet, and somehow gained 20lbs when my wife was pregnant with our first child. She had the baby and I was back down to 170lbs within 2 weeks. Weird shit.

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I've posted this in a few threads. Outdoors: $6.99/mo if you do month-to-month or $59.99/yr I'm doing month to month and plan to cancel after the outdoors. I might keep it however because there's a lot of cool shows on there. ... more »

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Stihl's term is 4Mix. I have a Stihl KM130R, thing is a beast.

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Huh? Usually the races are uploaded to Saturday night or Sunday. You can also get Lucas Oil TV for $4.99/mo($59.99/yr) and watch the races live, or later at your convienence, on several devices including your computer.

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Villopoto to MCR.