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Most places here wanted around $600. I drove an hour to some little mom and pop store and picked up my G23 Gen 4 for $500, felt like I got an okay deal. Finding ammo was the real bitch. lol

Added reply in a thread 2 tv repoters shot and killed live in va 8/28/2015 10:28 AM

The guy was a nut. FFWD to 3:30 below. Sent a 9 page(NINE PAGE!!) letter to a pawn shop because the clerk didn't say "Thank you" when he bought a tv.

Added reply in a thread SX Tracks 8/27/2015 12:24 PM

Yeah '09 I think it was. The track Pastrana designed was amazing, especially those wall berms.

Added reply in a thread Man ticketed for shooting bear that fights with dog 8/25/2015 12:38 PM

"rule of thumb"? Either there's a law against it or there isn't. Sorry for your loss, Jarid. #bearlivesmatter

Started new thread Help me raise some money 8/24/2015 2:03 PM

I only need $800k, should I do a gofundme or is there a better alternative?

http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/25740-Mountain-Park-Dr-Menifee-CA-92584/17933872_zpid/ (My bad if this is a repost)

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Added reply in a thread Man shoots burglar- charged with manslaughter 8/24/2015 8:28 AM

I like the cases where a criminal breaks into a place, somehow gets injured, then sues the homeowner for medical bills, pain and suffering, etc, and WINS! You just have to shake your head, it's unbelievable. As for this case, he should just say he was ... more »

Added reply in a thread Will they air the Legend Race? 8/21/2015 3:40 PM

Sweet! Is it safe to assume it'll show up in the archives for viewing later? Have a busy day planned tomorrow.

Added reply in a thread New Yamaha SxS 8/21/2015 2:32 PM

I would LOVE to have one, but I'm such a tightwad. My thought process is $15-$20k for the Yamaha or a RZR, or $3k for an '89 Toyota 4x4. Like the Yamaha, the Toyota also has over 100hp, power steering, and a 5 speed manual transmission, but ALSO has ... more »

Added reply in a thread New Yamaha SxS 8/21/2015 1:36 PM

Saw this on the interwebs earlier, apparently leaked from their Newnan, GA facility. Isn't it supposed to be a manual 5 spd? Awesome for performance I'm sure, but kinda kills it for just cruising around.

Added reply in a thread 2015 F150 Leveling Kits 8/21/2015 7:28 AM

Congrats on the new truck! I think Ford has some of the best looking trucks. @lostboy, you're going to love the Line-X. If you use your bed much, I would suggest having them go "over the rail" where the top of bed is covered. I realize your truck already ... more »

Added reply in a thread MX Nation: Episode 5 – In Our Scars 8/20/2015 5:48 PM

Hopefully Troy/RedBull will do another for SX and it'll be longer. 30 minutes at least, but an hour would be better. It blows the latest "Behind the Dream" series out of the water.

Added reply in a thread 2015 F150 Leveling Kits 8/19/2015 2:03 PM

It seems a lot of people think that. I believe the rear tire/axle is a fulcrum and if the front sits lower it would do very little to counter the weight placed behind the rear tire/axle. The end result will be the same, both trucks will lose front axle ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2015 F150 Leveling Kits 8/19/2015 10:17 AM

Lower front end is supposed to be for easier access, getting in and out. Other than really old men, I don't see the purpose of it. Anyway, it's not a '15 F-150, but I installed one on my Ram 2500. It's really simple if you want to do it yourself. You ... more »

Added reply in a thread I thought Crash lived in Alabama, not Georgia.... 8/19/2015 8:04 AM

Poor guy probably loses sleep night after night over YouTube comments. I had to re-listen, but at first I heard "The energy companies are raping our planet, my planet, and fucking my mother." Glad I listened it it a 2nd time and cleared that up.

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No kidding. My wife's Denali was in the shop and they gave us a 2015 to drive(we were headed to the beach the following week and they said no problem, keep it the entire week and enjoy your vacation. AWESOME dealership). Anyway, that entire vehicle was ... more »

Added reply in a thread Weston Peick. Paging EZZA 8/17/2015 12:17 PM

I love these threads.

Added reply in a thread I heard Dungey hates "The Diesel" 8/15/2015 10:08 PM

Twin turbo diesel with EFI live, oversized injectors, propane injection, and "Golden Rod" rear window decal.

Added reply in a thread whats the better deal on bike ? 8/15/2015 8:10 PM

Honda, IMO. It's hit the "depreciation plateau" as I call it. It'll still be worth $2k when you go to sell it, whereas the YZF will lose some value over the next few years. Nothing wrong with wanting a new bike though.

Added reply in a thread Trey Canard OK Moto Video 8/14/2015 7:06 PM

It's irrelevant because everyone has different tastes and you can't please everybody. If you put music in the video you're going to have people who like it and people who hate it. For me, I watch moto videos to see and hear motorcycles. If I wanted to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Legends race? 8/14/2015 8:37 AM

Awesome, thanks guys! Like mentioned above, hopefully we can see the full moto.