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Crap. I would have bought it to make a quick grand if anything. I am a hoarder, so it probably wouldn't happen. But, it's definitely a good investment for someone. Great deal at $1395!

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Bad ass bike, man! I found a couple Google pics for comparison.

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I'm looking too!

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Good looking bike! I'm not in the market but I'll keep my ears open for you. What track is that?! Looks epic!

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I think RaceTech only offers progressive rate springs, but I'm not for certain. I was trying to research for my '87 cr250 also. I way 180 lbs. Are you in the same range to need .46kg springs? Just curious how you arrived at that number. Ryan

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I'm working on one of those for a friend of mine. He left the carb at his old house when he moved. I bought a Taiwanese single cable round slide carb off eBay (after reading Forums on the swap). But, I couldn't figure out how to use only one cable and ... more »

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Looks so good! I love that bike! And both of your trucks! Too cool. I'm curious what seat foam you got for the bike. I like that profile. Ceet or Guts Racing??? What density?... if you don't mind helping me decide on mine. I'm replacing the foam on my ... more »

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Any more of these yellow plates??? I could use one for my upcoming build.

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So damn cool! Your perseverance and commitment to perfection has paid off once again. Congrats Chuck. Another beauty for your stable.

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Hahaha apparently so!

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I might have a stock pipe for that bike. If you're interested???

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Thanks buddy. Lot's of work but very gratifying! Your bike looks great as well! My favorite bike is the '92 kx125. I think the graphics and seat flow together perfectly. Bold but not overly messy. Good job. Ryan

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I've used Polisport for past bikes and have always been happy with their quality. Examples are 2008 crf450r, 2007 yz250f, and 94-98 kx125/250 plastics. The colors all looked good and the fit was perfect.

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Where's the part about it being stolen???

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I have a slightly used front yellow wheel if you're interested. -Ryan

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Sounds weird and I'm just throwing a different idea out there. But, are you sure the sparkplug is in good shape? Maybe the fuel is causing continuity above the electrode and shorting the spark somehow. If the fuel won't fire, (although jetted correctly),

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I read the first couple pages of that thread. Very cool. And yes, surprising nobody has posted about this issue (and fix) before. Nice work and thanks so much for sharing with the world.