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Good to know Wacker! I might be getting a hold of you soon. I'm glad you take the time to make them right .

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Wow! Nice score! It's such a shame when random people own a piece of history like this and just totally abuse it. They have no idea how it hurts our hearts. Lol. I'm glad you were able to rescue it though! And yes, please keep us posted on the teardown ... more »

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Congrats! Great bike. Especially if you have a pair of them! Here's my '92 after a little clean up and new graphics.

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Hey guys. I have been pondering this for a while now. I'm building these retro race bikes- most recently my 1993 Hotwheels KX125, James Dobb replica. The #100 backgrounds from Evo-MX came out a bit funky. The numbers are a bit short and could be placed

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Not mine but wow! Nice bike!

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The blue bottle is Propane and the yellow bottle is MAP gas. I had a hard time with the Propane in the past. The MAP gas gets hotter and works much faster. Maybe personal preference but my back would be sore after heating my pipe (on the garage floor) ... more »

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I just saw some grey lower fork guards pop up on if you're interested. Nice bike by the way. Great job!

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Lol. Yeah what fork are you looking for?

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Hang in there Chris. We are here for you if you need to reach out.

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Lol. Yes, we all know who you are talking about.

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Looks awesome man! I love it!

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Beautiful bike! Nice job.

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I was thinking the same thing! Lol. Crazy how TM uses the plastic shapes of the KX, YZ and RM on their bikes. So cool, really!

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Any progress on this one lately?

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Wow. Way too cheap if that's the truth!

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Maybe those are allen head bolts??? Good looking bike!

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It's funny (and lazy) to me when people don't take the time to move the bike around to get good pictures of each side. It's hard to see the condition of the pipe when it's leaned against the wall like that.Besides the rust of

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Yamaha-like cylinder porting started in 2003. Much better powerband.

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Nice bike to start for sure! I'll be following. Maybe a 1984/5 or 1986 seat foam can be modded to fit the pan somehow to get it up the tank a bit. I have a question: I see the front brake hose runs inside the fork. Was this before Honda had the patent ... more »