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Brand Loyalty. Some people will like a rider just because of the colour of the bike they're on. Me personally, I like riders who have great style, a strong personality to them and aren't robotic/clean cut. As good as Dungey (and others of the same nature) ... more »

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After reverting back to running the stock clutch and prefering it to the Rekluse EXP 3.0 disc I was originally using, I'm now suffering with the weak performance of the stock clutch and it cost me big at the weekend. I'm getting clutch drag with the ... more »

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Ken has his age on his side, he is currently 22 (soon to be 23 I believe). So he could easily take 18 months, even 2 years off, get his arm sweet and then come back swinging at a more than competitive age. He could easily do another 3 or more seasons ... more »

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No not as such. I replaced the gearbox bearings to be safe though

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I had a similar thing on my RM, turned out to be one of the screws on the clutch basket gear came lose and was backing out and grinding into shavings. (I've now learnt to use a much stronger thread lock!) Run a few loads of cheap gearbox oil, say 2 or ... more »

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Ryne Swanberg captured the pic in a crash sequence, check it out on his Instagram. Here's another good one that could be used!

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Correct. No, preload has 0 effect on travel. A spring that is too firm will restrict travel however. From my experience I would highly recommend you try a softer spring, I did and I really liked the results. For £80 it is a very cost effective modification. ... more »

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Can't say for sure with the KXF, but nearly all bikes I've worked on have the same length bolts for the upper clamp as they do they lower. Normally M8 x 35mm long

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MX11 or Bridgestone 101's are both good but only in truly deep, bottomless sand. If the track is sandy with a firm base then an MX32 is a far better option. I've tested between an MX32 and MX11 at a sand track before and honestly not noticed a great ... more »

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Yeah buddy! Glad to see you pulled the trigger and started a thread. That suspension looks lovely, can't wait to hear how it rides! P.s get some pics of the skid plate up

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Just an update for anyone else interested in the topic. I tested a 54N/MM spring. This spring gave 104mm Race Sag and 35mm Free Sag, so 1 spring rate altered the free sag by approximately 7mm and has put the Free Sag value right on the money. On the ... more »

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Well said, lots of room for Marv to pass without contact but he quite intentionally dived into the same line and took Bogle down. Seemed out of character for Marvin tbh

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^ This Apart from I'd prefer Fox replica gear from 05. The best year of Fox gear IMHO. If someone were to actually do this I think it would sell really well, I know I'd buy a few sets!

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Thanks for the detailed answer, that was just what I was looking for.

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I understand the basics of setting your sag and how Race Sag effects the bike etc, but I have never been able to find any solid info on the effects of Free Sag on the handling of the bike. For e.g. Say I were to run a soft spring that gave 100mm rider ... more »

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Hahaha that made me laugh, completely agree. I'm a fan but Ken has no style, just stays solid and pins it, can't knock him though as he is damn fast! Here's a classic example: Jasikonis has way more finesse ... more »

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Yeah £500 will be worst case. Most service and re-valves will set you back around £350 for forks and shock. If you need springs then this can bump it up to around £500. Obviously any extra services such as coatings or extra modifications etc can add ... more »

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I've got a Pro Carbon skid plate on my RMZ and it holds up pretty damn well. It will scratch and scuff over time (20-30 hours), but a quick blast with some silicone spray or GT85 etc and it looks like new. I actually think carbon holds up better and ... more »

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I like the sand sections and agree they could be made better and bigger. I can't remember the year (maybe 06/07) or track, but it was in the Reed, Carmichael, Stewart 4 stroke days. There was a track with a huge kicker into a sand roller/whoop straightaway, ... more »