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The judder springs are 2 thin discs that sit at the base of the clutch hub, at the deep end of the clutch pack. They hug the OD on the hub, ones flat and one is angled. I think they are designed to keep a certain level of pressure on the clutch pack ... more »

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Highly recommend trying it out! You can instantly feel the difference at the lever, it pulls with a much more 'fluid' feel. Just pop the cover off and pull a spring out, measure the inner diameter of the spring and then -0.2/0.3mm for clearance and use ... more »

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I switched back the stock manual clutch at the beginning of the year, this is due to the inconsistent engagement point combined with the strange lever feel and harder pull oft the Rekluse EXP. For the most part it was an overall improvement, my starts

... more »
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Holy crap! You are a very lucky man to have that. I'm actually contemplating making you an offer for it! RM250's in that condition don't exist in the UK anymore. In response to your question, RMZ front ends fit with just 2 holes needing to be drilled ... more »

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+1 on the 05 onwards. If you plan on keeping an RM125 for a while then its a no brainer to get the latest and arguably best model. I do regular RM125 searches on the net and you never have to wait long for a reasonable condition 05 onwards to pop up ... more »

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Thanks Coops! It's a great bike. Other than some clutch modifications, I've not had to touch the bike since the rebuild. It's been great! Massively missing the RM though. Will definitely be bringing it out to play again soon

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RMZ's require careful chassis set up to get them to ride nicely. All the symptoms you describe point to not enough sag causing excess weight on the front end, which causes head shake. It's critical to know your sag numbers on this bike, you need to run ... more »

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This series is done over 5 rounds. Had round 1 a few weekends back at Ford. Round 2 is at North Nibley this Sunday. All tracks are mostly natural and EVO friendly. Agree on Hawkstone, awesome track but I'd be scared to take an Evo round there! Here's ... more »

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Lovely build. I bet it will absolutely rip! What are your plans for it? Not sure where you are based but the UK Evo Series holds a Super Evo class which would be great fun on this bike

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Get him back on his 08 KXF450 or 2012 RMZ450. He looked fantastic on those bikes.

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My stock 15 RMZ450, with fresh top end and Yoshimura full system dyno'd at 53.1hp and 34.4 ft/lb torque with a Rekluse EXP disc in it. RMZ450's are said to be around 54hp stock I believe? So this claim might actually ring true? Although I don't see why ... more »

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I work and live very close to the old Race Spec shop, so I used to be a regular customer of theirs and hate to think how much I spent there over the years. I bought tyres, helmets, gopro's, spares etc. As soon as they went online only I stopped using ... more »

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So for any one interested or for future reference, we went with a 91 fork and clamp set. The 91 clamps and forks bolt right in, with the only issues being the steerer stops not being right on the lower 91 clamps for the 89 frame. This isn't a major issue ... more »

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Takes natural skill and talent to be successful at motocross. You have to be born with that mental edge, combined with great physical genetics. If you took any regular joey (such as myself), had them train with Aldon Baker and have a spot on any of the ... more »

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That was from Red Marley Hill Climb in the UK Looks like an awesome event! I need to go

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Always a tough decision.... Heres my RM with a black rimset

Heres Cooper 688's RM with a gold rimset In the long run, Gold rims last far better than black. Black rims wear from riding and tyre changes and the scratches and missing ... more »
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Looks so good with black rims! Very nice.

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+1 You definitely need to spill the beans on how you got that finish on the engine case! looks awesome

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I really couldn't say. A 100/19 tyre would mount fine on the larger rim, but as to how well it would preform I really don't know. The wider rim would make the tyre have a squarer profile which could effect the grip when leaning. If the wheel set is a ... more »

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They will fit however the rear wheel from an RM250 has a wider rim than the 125, which may alter the profile of the 100/19 tyre when fitted, as the RM250 rim is designed for 110/19 tyres. Front wheels are identical.