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Needs '20 pager'

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I also spotted this in the pit bits and found it very interesting, its quite obvious but something that I hadn't even considered before! I will definitely follow the strategy above when I do the next strip and build

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Do you know the history of these, where they came from etc? Do you know the offset? Email me at Cheers

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It would be interesting to see if you could modify the frame to suit a modern rear MC. All it is is a plate with 2 holes in, I'm thinking you could remove the existing rear MC mounting bracket and re weld a new blank one onto the frame, and then drill ... more »

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That would have been an interesting combination! I can't imagine Everts being impressed with the way Barcia rides a bike! His style is pretty much the opposite of how Everts rides.

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Completely understand. However if you get the chance to ride the newest model RM125 I would highly recommend you do. The changes they made are noticeable. If you have 05 triples then that gives you lots of options. Either run your KYB, or go for 05+ ... more »

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Sounds like a fitness/strength issue. To ride in the standing position you need good all round strength, particularly in your core. Try doing workouts which use full body movements, check out Ryan Hughes's training videos. You could also buy a set of ... more »

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Although I agree, you cant just can the 450's. They are a fully established CC bike made by every major brand and none of them are going to be happy if they are forced to stop production due to them being banned in pro racing = it wont happen. Restrictions ... more »

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Cant say for the 04, but for my 08 RM250 I needed to bore the lower clamp by 1mm to hold RMZ forks. I can never remember what year the RM125 went to the newer linkage/triple clamp, I think it was 04 in which case you will need to do the same. You will ... more »

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Boring out your triples would be the best way to go, you wont need to mess around with steering stems and getting steering stops sorted. However once bored out you wont be able to use the triples to hold the stock RM forks again, so would be handy to ... more »

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Lots of options here K-Dubbb. I guess the ultimate way to go would be to buy on 05+ RM125 which benefits from a different style rear linkage, different triple clamp offset, Showa suspension, along with a whole host of engine and brake upgrades. If you ... more »

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Thanks for the hard work ML! Absolutely love the Pit Bits part of Vital MX, your work is greatly appreciated. Keep 'em coming!

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Definitely a good upgrade and the PWK's are fairly easy to find. A lot of late 90's bikes came stock with the Air strikers such as RM250's etc. Check eBay and put a 'WTB' advert in the Bazaar section on Vital. In terms of jetting you would need to give ... more »

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+1 for the TLD. You can remove panels until you are happy, its very customizable. With mine, I've removed the upper arm/bicep protectors and plastic shoulder plates and it sits pretty much unnoticeable under my jersey, while still providing great coverage ... more »

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Nice job on the top clamp! Just gota do the lower to match now and it will look awesome.

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Niiiice! Must be an awesome feeling to have a pile of trick parts like that waiting to go. Should be a fun build! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

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The R304 silencer will reduce top end. A shorty adds mid/bottom at the expense of top end. You will need to make jetting changes to suit the Pro Circuit system, I went 2 main jets leaner when running a shorty silencer as opposed to the long stocker. ... more »

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Interested in a few of these parts. Can you email me at