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Unfortunately I didn't get to test the set up before the enduro, but I'm pleased to report that the set up worked really well! I can't pinpoint which mod made the most difference but I expect the 13oz FWW had the biggest effect. Then the combination

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Little update........ Not tested anything as of yet but will be this weekend. I'm going to fit the 13oz FWW. I also picked up an FMF Q Stealth Silencer. It's massive! Nearly 2 inches longer than the stocker. It looks pretty ridiculous but I think it ... more »

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What bike do you ride? I run the oil for 2/3 hours (depending on track and type of riding) in my 2 strokes and 5 hours in the 450.

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Start with a steel rear sprocket, it will save you a fortune! And use a dry chain lube, nothing sticky or gooey. Very good advice already posted above. I'll add frame guards and maybe even a sump guard to the list. I seem to scrub my plastics way more ... more »

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Getting the correct springs in is definitely the first thing to do. A rear lowering link will drop the bike around 10-15mm, you can then drop the forks through a similar amount.. Renthal McGrath/Short bend are nice and low. Its 999 in twinwall, cant ... more »

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Holy crap, that is literally my dream wheel set! They are beautiful, I need a set for my RM Can you give me some info? What brand are the hubs and where did you get the wheel set from?

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You're in for a treat, Farleigh is awesome. I've been lucky enough to get in the past 3 years at Farleigh in the EVO 250 class, but unfortunately I didn't get an entry this year.... gutted! The EVO250 class is fast, but very fun. Handling is key, get ... more »

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HPI make them

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Vital MX!

Occasionally whip up spacers and washers on the lathe and modify parts on the mill. Working in engineering has its benefits!
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Thanks for the advice guys! I will start with the FWW and look around for a Gnarly pipe. I have an R-304 but cant imagine the shorty silencer being good for enduro as it makes the bike even more snappy? I also have a Rekluse clutch system from my RMZ450 ... more »

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Awesome news! Cant wait

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Ive got a bone stock, 10 hour old 2008 Suzuki RM250. I'm mainly going to be using it for MX but would like to be able to have a go at an enduro every now and again. I had a go at a Fast Eddy enduro here in the UK yesterday and struggled big time! My ... more »

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Interested in this. Any chance you could get some close up pictures of the rear axle slots?

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Weston is a lucky boy!

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Put a good dab of sealant around the new clutch cable, where it fits into the engine case. This is an easy place for water to work its way in during pressure washing so be sure to seal it up well. This will keep all the ignition and flywheel clean and ... more »

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You can and I have tried it on my RM. I bought some 0.5mm steel sheet and made a shim for it so I could fit the standard forks back into the bored out clamps. I'm confident it would work, but it just feels like a bit of a bodge haha. So I guess it depends ... more »

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I've never ridden a carbed 450 so can't give much insight. But I can tell you how good an FI 450 is. My 15 RMZ450 runs exactly the same whether its -5 or 30 degrees C. Always starts within 3 kicks and I've done 45 hours on the bike and not touched the ... more »

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Fantastic ride. It's good to have him back. I love his raw determination and bulldog style. It's not pretty but man does he rip! 4th overall is a superb result, he should be well chuffed

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£235 Needs to go, make an offer

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Just a heads up headling.... you may find that the rad breather outlet by the filler cap is too long. It was on the set I had on my RM250 and caused the breather hose to press and kink against the tank. So i lopped a few mm off with a hacksaw then cleaned ... more »