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Drones, new battleships, tanks nobody asked for or wants, electric rail guns, golf course maintenance...... But hey throw some more money at the Pentagon. They're great at making it just vanish into thin air.

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Seb Tortelli won his first supercross in the US, so that's not much of a rule to try and stand by.

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There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!

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You understand that Argentina isn't in Mexico right? It's not even on the same continent.

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Northwest and aluminum make me think possibly devol? DMC made some killer swingarms back in the day, but the ones I saw were always patterned after the factory Honda look with the weld running down the side of the swingarm. The description sounds unlike ... more »

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I saw a thread you started had changed authors so I got a little worried. Glad to see you're still around.

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I'm not sure how they do it, but capstead mortgage (CMO) has been returning 10%+ dividends for over a decade. The stock price never moves, but the common shares have been kicking back 10-12% like clockwork. They have preferred shares available too that ... more »

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Y'all act like people don't get run over in this sport every week. You're not a racer until you've come back to the pits with knobby marks across your back/front/side/legs/arms etc.

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The guy has the best marketing program of any rider outside the factory/support teams. Like him or hate him, you know who he is and he's at best a mid-pack rider on that 125. The rest of the guys in the pits at his level would probably kill for that ... more »

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Considering it just got taken down by a copyright claim from WZVN-TV, I'm not so sure it was fake. I found a mirror and updated the original post, so check it out yourself. It's well done if it's a fake. The rosa parks comment was damn funny though.

Started new thread Telling it like it is..... 5/27/2016 9:37 AM

Not exactly protecting the identity of a minor, these folks don't seem to care much for the girl or her family. LOL

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It is said that in a democratic society, you get the government you deserve. What the fuck have you guys been doing to wind up with a choice between Hillary and Trump? Nobody deserves that.

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A lot of the difference you feel between those bikes on the track has to do with the heavier rotating mass and less to do with the actually difference in overall weight. Heavier rims, tires & crank make a big difference in trying to flick a bike ... more »

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Artists and copyright holders are protected differently under the law. If you haven't picked up on that yet, then I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it further. If you disagree with the law, then congratulations. You're officially offended. ... more »

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I'm not splitting hairs, I'm showing you the legal reasoning behind the judges decision. I'm just explaining how the judge came to his decision under the guidelines of the law. People discriminate all the time. The discussion we were having is not what ... more »

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I'm just sitting here at home unarmed with the doors unlocked. I feel perfectly safe. I'll feel safe flying to Vegas next week and I'll feel safe down at the pub tonight. We're safer than we've ever been comparatively. But I've also seen the US news. ... more »

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Preface: You're right, you don't and yes it does. Firstly: So your method of discrimination is better? Or worse? Or just different. Should the bakery hire a doorman and/or a maître d? A bouncer or a maître d still can't stand at the door and turn people ... more »

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In one instance no action needs to be taken to learn the source of the item. It's visibly or audibly apparent. For the cake, someone must ask who provided it. Now if the cake had the cake shop's logo on it it would be more easily identifiable, but the ... more »

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The thing is though, he can't do that. He can protest all he wants, but there's nothing stopping them from buying and playing his music. They can't appropriate it for their commercial benefit or promotional use without his consent though. I ... more »
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As the owner of a business you CANNOT decide who can and cannot buy from you based on your or their religious beliefs. As a business owner you CAN decide who to sell to if it's for promotional or commercial use and your name/voice/trademark is attached ... more »