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The length of time it took seems to be directly related to Stewart taking until September to submit his doctors report with his TUE. As for the punishment being too strict, it's completely in line with what penalties have been handed down in Road Racing. ... more »

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I see your Russian diamond mine and raise you a Canadian diamond mine (with and without snow)

... more »

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So James has a suspension guy, a chassis guy, an engine guy, an electronics guy, a team manager, a truck driver, a motorhome driver, a practice mechanic, a personal trainer, an agent and a personal manager and NOBODY has thought to get a TUE for the ... more »

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This one has served me well: http://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-18-Volt-Ni-Cad-Cordless-1-2-in-Compact-Hammer-Drill-DC725K-2/205479395?N=5yc1vZc27fZ1z140i3 The clutch is a nice feature as I'm often working with materials that can be softer or more brittle ... more »

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Science is science because of the "observable" uniformity of nature. We can see, feel and touch it. We can test it. It is a tangible thing. Yes, certain parts of science are theoretical. It's how we push boundaries and discover new things. By observing ... more »

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You know what I love about infowars.com? Every single ad on the site is some sort of scam and/or grossly misleading about the product or service they're advertising. It's a perfect reflection on how gullible their readers are.

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4100K is going to be the closest to white light. 5000K is great of you're doing anything like matching paint colours or want to photograph stuff in your garage. It's what's used in the print industry to compare colours under and is supposed to mimic ... more »

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Tell the parents that if they're trying to let the kid follow his dream and see where it goes that it couldn't hurt and he'll have memories for life. But if they're expecting a return on investment, then they're dreaming. Of course none of it really ... more »

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I've never seen it work out good for motocross vendors. In road racing there was always one or two guys who sold slicks/race tires as well as brought a couple of drums of race gas they'd sell by the gallon. They always seemed to be really busy. They'd ... more »

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Amazing to think that Dubach was riding pro when Tony was still on 80's. That's an incredibly long career in such a dangerous sport. There definitely isn't many guys who've logged more seat time than he has.

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If you don't know what the difference is between sprung and unsprung weight you'd probably think spoke skins are a good idea.

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They forgot the '94 riot in Vancouver. They've done it more than once. Even Edmonton rioted the last time they went to the finals 8 long years ago. Poor Toronto, all they get to riot over is the G20 conference. They'd kill to have a hockey riot these ... more »

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Chinese motocross is a little weird. They have normal FIM classes where everybody rides bikes from the big 5 and then they have a 150cc class for the chinese manufacturers. My old roommate Tony raced their national championships back in 2007. Here's ... more »

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I just have them bill my credit card every month. Easy peasy However, unlike your local cable company the moment you miss a payment (like if your credit card expires), they shut down your service. I lost my service for a few days when my credit card ... more »

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Darcy's retired from racing and living on Vancouver Island working with his wife's dad in the logging business the last I heard. Too bad. That kid could have won quite a few more championships than the bunch he won in Arenacross. He could always find ... more »

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There used to be a guy back in the day that would do the same thing with pictures of trains. There was an epic thread of some photoshops of his kid on a little plastic four wheeler too.

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Can't say they don't deserve it. Tons of talent has equated to zero results since they started rebuilding. They need to clean house on the management and coaching side. There's way too many holdovers from a bygone era that are only here because of what ... more »

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Was somebody calling?

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Does it include a nice looking girl with great big fake cans that will mow my lawn?