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Seemed to happen more when I was practicing than during a race, but I'd have different songs for different parts of the track. Songs that seemed to coincide with the rhythm of the track. As the track changed from one section to another the song would ... more »

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I've tried the steakhouse pan and oven method before. You really lose the taste you get from the grill. I could do up a perfect medium rare using it, but the taste just wasn't there. Nothing beats a charcoal grill. Gas is good, but charcoal is better. ... more »

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I'm curious as to how you think lithium is mined vs how coal is mined.

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Are TM, Beta, Gas Gas, etc. shipping more than 10K of each model they sell? Are they making money?

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I holeshot my age class at Washougal one year on a 125. What a hoot! Getting passed by a guy on a KTM 625 going up horsepower hill hurt like hell though. Those things throw off a huge roost. Like shovels full of dirt clumps being thrown at my helmet. ... more »

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Look at picking up a used track bike. Go to a few track days or races and talk to the guys there. Most racers will have some used tires they sell. You'll learn pretty quick that tires will be a huge cost in racing or track days. Freshies will save you ... more »

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Isn't that what the whole mess over there is about? Sounds like the Saudis don't want to waste any time with those new American weapons wasting away in storage.

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Plenty of normal well adjusted people have done and continue to do LSD, and other hallucinogens. The scariest thing about doing drugs these days is the potential for fentanyl or carfentanyl winding up in them. Anybody choosing to use drugs like these ... more »

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Next time he should say he's from AlJeezera Sports Broadcasting and see what happens.

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Where teefus and wordnerd when you need them? They'd argue this one for weeks.

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They can actually fly in some cases

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The story I heard a little over 10 years ago was that the reason why Harley switched to Dunlop tires was because without the made in America tires, they were at risk of losing their ability to say their bikes were made in the USA due to the high amount ... more »

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One of the many teams that had their title sponsor poached by feld to become a series sponsor instead. Seems to happen fairly often. If feld sees money coming into the sport, they want it to go to them first.

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Who's that guy?

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It depends on what the specifications are that the computer has to work with. They are only as smart as we teach them to be. But once they learn something, they never forget and can recall anything they've been taught faster and with far less errors ... more »

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As soon as I saw everybody jumping through the whoops I thought Reed was going to have an awesome night. Sure enough he was one of the only guys to line em up and blitz them. He was looking good until the crash. It looked like the whoops were pretty ... more »

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I'd think a centrifugal fan with the ductwork would do a much better job of moving air. The fan that's shown in that pic won't move much air through a constriction. You'd have to ensure a very short run of ducting, whereas with a centrifugal fan you ... more »