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They can actually fly in some cases

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The story I heard a little over 10 years ago was that the reason why Harley switched to Dunlop tires was because without the made in America tires, they were at risk of losing their ability to say their bikes were made in the USA due to the high amount ... more »

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One of the many teams that had their title sponsor poached by feld to become a series sponsor instead. Seems to happen fairly often. If feld sees money coming into the sport, they want it to go to them first.

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Who's that guy?

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It depends on what the specifications are that the computer has to work with. They are only as smart as we teach them to be. But once they learn something, they never forget and can recall anything they've been taught faster and with far less errors ... more »

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As soon as I saw everybody jumping through the whoops I thought Reed was going to have an awesome night. Sure enough he was one of the only guys to line em up and blitz them. He was looking good until the crash. It looked like the whoops were pretty ... more »

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I'd think a centrifugal fan with the ductwork would do a much better job of moving air. The fan that's shown in that pic won't move much air through a constriction. You'd have to ensure a very short run of ducting, whereas with a centrifugal fan you ... more »

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What those prices don't seem to include are the import duties. Which can be substantial on some products.

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Handguns are very restricted. Gun club membership required, can't be transported anywhere except between your home and club, etc. When it comes to rifles, I think they're fairly similar, but rules vary around the US so it really depends on which state ... more »

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No idea. I was born here and have never needed to look into it. I know we're pretty restrictive. You'd have to show you have the resources to support yourself if you weren't coming in as some sort of refugee.

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There's no real way to determine the cost in Canada like you would with insurance since taxes pay for most of it. Some provinces charge a monthly fee on top of the taxes and others don't. The best way to determine the actual cost is to look at the system's ... more »

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Keep 15-20% of every payment during the build to be paid out when the job is finished. Document everything. Never agree to additions without a change order/price tag attached.

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That's some pretty funky shit. I like it and I'm almost 50. Of course I listen to more house music than rock so I'm not really an average listener in that respect. Most of my current friends still have no idea that house music is an actual genre.

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Watch this, and then read that. Then you'll know why Reed still has a great job in this sport and why Stewart is having trouble finding a ride. Who's gonna sell more bikes in the end?

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Not a god damn chance. Denny Stephenson still owes me money because I kicked his ass at his own game and he got all but hurt and wouldn't pay up. We had a high stakes division on the old MXdream dot com and my buddy Steve even bought the bloody website ... more »

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Minor hockey players at the elite level in Canada are expected to show up to every game in a suit and tie. MINOR HOCKEY! I personally like the idea and applaud Roczen for doing. If you're put off by a little bit of class, then it's most likely because ... more »

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That was very well done.

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NAPSCAR is my second favorite show to nap to on a Sunday afternoon after PGA golf. Although I've slept through the finish of the last few SX races I've tried to watch too. Commercials put me to sleep I guess. Too many and my internal clock thinks it's ... more »