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250 microns is about 10 mil, so that should work. Most places use between an 8 and a 12 mil final overlam.

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What I get fairly often is the database isn't updating the thread status on the forum pages. I'll check non-moto a few times over the day and the main page won't show any activity for new posts, but if you click on a thread you'll see the new posts.

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Larry Ward winning Seattle. Andrew Short winning Seattle as well.

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Toe up, no spillage, nice form! Spent an afternoon playing drinking games with a boot like that as a kid when Whistler was shut down due to the frozen rain screwing up the lifts. They couldn't open the mountain so they sent us all home with a half days ... more »

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Watching Jason Lawrence rail the turns on that St. Louis track years ago that Pastrana designed was about as fast as I've ever seen someone go through a corner. That track and those crazy berms were awesome. I'm not sure how it made for passing, but ... more »

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I know it's a heck of a lot more fun to ride a slow bike fast than riding a fast bike slow. My last 125 was waaaay more fun than the 250 that followed it and the 450 after that. Although that 450 got to be a lot more fun once I put it on the pavement ... more »

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Why? It's the Pentagon's mistake and their decision to go after the funds. Does the Pentagon operate at the pleasure of the state of California? Did California offer the bonuses or ask for them to be paid back?

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I live 21 blocks from downtown on an 8000 sq ft lot and I paid about $220K for my house. It's a 1400 sq foot bungalow so if you add in the basement square footage it about 2800 square feet. I've put about $80K into renovations since I bought it and the ... more »

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$560K US is worth about $740K in canuck bucks though. Not really a fair comparison. Real estate up here is definitely more expensive than Texas though.

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I haven't paid anything in monthly premiums in over ten years. I've probably paid out about $300 in prescriptions over that time frame and maybe about $1000-$1500 in dental. Went for a cardio test a couple of months ago and there was no charge. I'll ... more »

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Who the fuck puts ketchup on a rib eye? Hell, who the fuck puts ketchup on a steak? There can't be people like that in the world. I've never met any. I must run in the right circles.

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Andrew is one of those guys that you simply don't worry about for a career after motocross. He did so much through hard work and tenacity that you know he'll be a success in whatever path he chooses. I wish he had more success in in past than he had ... more »

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He's not real good at figuring out work visas.

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My favorite bike of all time. I'm jealous. Nice grab!

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That's the just the day to day of being self-employed. Hire an assistant and learn to delegate. The people I've met that haven't fallen into the getting pulled in too many directions trap all have people they can count on to take on the tasks that would ... more »

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Loading the mobile site by mistake?

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I though the same thing reading Newmann's post. Yet we both replied. Funny how that works huh? I Guess I have an attention span long enough to read both sides of an opinion to form my own and comment on the subject in my own words. Wasn't there a meme ... more »

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The guy that found the jersey bomber and called the cops was a Mr. Harinder Bains. Plenty of radicals have been outed to federal agencies in both the US and Canada by others who go to the same mosques as them. The people within those communities often ... more »

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Did any of you read this link from both the articles linked? That guy has been nutso for awhile. Excuse the term, but he's having difficulties of the mental faculties and it's got nothing ... more »