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A great victory, even without a couple of their ex-pats racing over here. Who'da thunk it?

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The cop asked to see his license and shot him when he reached into his car to get it. The guy didn't do anything except what the officer asked him to do. Listen to it when you get a chance, the guy was as cooperative as you could possibly be, even calling ... more »

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You know, I truly think that Kevin brought the tragedy all upon himself by leaving his car. Dark suit, night race, etc. Nevermind that it's rule #1 to follow. It's racing and bad shit can happen at any time. Look at when what's his face hit the jet dryer ... more »

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Story: Link Video:

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What marker did they find for the mary jane in his bloodstream? Most tests can confirm marijuana usage up to a month prior so there's nothing saying the kid was baked when he jumped behind the wheel. They have newer tests that can better indicate if ... more »

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Damn, best wishes to Schiffer. That's a gnarly list of injuries. I hope he's going to be OK.

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Suzuki still competed in the open class when they didn't make a 500 anymore. What's the big deal if manufacturers choose not to manufacture a bike for a class? Especially if they already have one that's eligible to race in that class, that they've touted ... more »

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I had my account compromised this week. According to the folks at the bank, they tried to purchase some phones and deposit money into an account at a gambling site. It was a matter of minutes before they called me to ask about the transactions. I'm wondering ... more »

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I heard the rear was going to be Uni-Trac, but the rest is the same as what I heard.

Added reply in a thread Best of Luck to Josh Hansen 9/17/2014 11:33 AM

Seems to be the same thing every year. This year I'll try harder..... How many guys would have killed for his support that were putting in the work over the years? His speed is just indicative that some people are just naturally faster than others. Even ... more »

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Start with a condo. A house requires all sorts of maintenance and if you haven't got the extra cash in your budget it will only get run down and hurt your investment in it. Start small and work your way up. Build equity and the banks see that as being ... more »

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We had to get our bikes down to 88 db to roadrace at a track I used to race at in BC. The first time I took my bike down the main straightaway with all the muffler crap installed I thought my top end was tearing itself apart. All I was hearing was the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Where are all the "broken leg experts" now? 9/15/2014 7:35 AM

An unreal performance by both guys. I can't believe Herlings not only rode, but was as competitive as he was. That was a race for the ages.

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Not enough ethanol?

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Google glass or something that captures the rider's "real" point of view, like a set of contact lenses that control a microscopic camera built into the goggle frames that show exactly what a rider's eyes are looking at would be awesome. Although that, ... more »

Added reply in a thread I can't believe they are paying me to teach math to high schoolers 9/9/2014 3:20 PM

The number one thing that kept me from enjoying math was not seeing how it could relate to being a useful skill. I could see the necessity in physics and chemistry, and both of those courses had huge math requirements, but just learning the equations ... more »

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I laughed at the video, but I laughed harder at the responses to it.

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To prevent scratching the decal I use a silicone squeegee. Then I wrap the edge of it with the looped side of velcro tape. If you do get some scratches, hit the graphics with a hair dryer or a heat gun and they should melt away. Using a heat gun on plastic ... more »

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I have a client who likes to fly his own. It's not much for luxury, but it's pretty damn fast. He's definitely in the 50+ club. The one pictured below is his second jet. He doesn't really use it to get around though. It's more for shits and giggles.

... more »