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Cops can pull you over in the US and legally seize your assets at the side of the road without charging you with a crime. These guys were caught red-handed and asked to pay up (at gunpoint) for the damage they caused by armed security guards. I'm having ... more »

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I don't care if Bob Hannah and Rick Johnson and RC all came out of retirement and had a one time only two stroke death match against JS7 for the title of formerly the fastest man on the planet. There's no bloody way you'd ever get me to drop $100 for ... more »

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Stay away from smart TV's unless you want them relaying your conversations and video back to HQ. Apple TV's will give you the same functionalities, but Apple TV doesn't like to ... more »

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Show me where to find the monuments to the Nazis then.

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OK, I'll play along.

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Yeah, that's fine and all. If you believe the conspiracy to keep us thinking it isn't true. Have you been to the north pole? South pole? If the guy was so crazy, why did they erect a monument in his honor?

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That doesn't mean he wasn't right.

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I can't remember a bike I've bought, that I didn't tear down and regrease before riding. This has been an issue for decades.

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Magoo never won a series title. He showed every fast guy in the world his backside for four motos on both the 250 and the 500 back in the day, but couldn't bring home a title at home.

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You guys have it all wrong. The Earth isn't flat. It's a sphere, but we live on the inside of it. It's a concave hollow earth (cellular cosmogony) and unlike this silly flat earth thing it's actually got a solid base and is provable with mathematics. ... more »

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Actually, it's the strong force that allows atoms to stay together without flying apart that allows the gecko's the walk on walls. Gravity by comparison is a rather weak force.

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The lego man would be about 20 times taller than what we consider to be the edge of space (62 miles) if you scaled the basketball and the lego man up to the size of the earth. I'm sure if we could manage to create a loose object that was 226 times taller ... more »

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Looks like a victim of a police shooting was taken to the hospital and somebody figured they'd call in a bomb threat.

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In what other developed nation are the number of mass shootings even remotely close to what's seen in America? Even broken down to a per capita basis, you guys are so far out front that it would be silly to even put you in the same category. Just because ... more »

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I'm assuming that Neuman's absence is somehow related to these deleted discussions?

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Wet sand is awesome to ride in. More like loam than sand. The berms are going to be insane. Hopefully they'll develop multiple lines.

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I'm sure Amazon has a distribution center in the UK and their ability to sell into Europe from the UK will now be impacted by the necessity for new trade agreements. Plus their capitalization costs will increase, their UK cash holdings have taken a beating, ... more »

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Seb Tortelli won his first supercross in the US, so that's not much of a rule to try and stand by.

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There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!

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You understand that Argentina isn't in Mexico right? It's not even on the same continent.