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Mixing and delivering buckets of stucco for a crew. Mix two 5 gallon buckets of sand and rocks willed with water. Haul them around to the other side of a large apartment building and then haul them up three stories of scaffolding and walk them half a ... more »

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About 15 steps from the bedroom to the kitchen in the AM to get the coffee started. Another 15 or so steps to get downstairs where my print shop and office is located. Most days I don't even wear pants!

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Take an old broomstick and tie a rope to the middle of it and some weight to the other end of the rope. Then turn the broomstick to raise and lower the weight on the rope while you hold your arms out straight in front of you. Don't use a ton of weight. ... more »

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Your beliefs about a single payer system are just flat out wrong. Thanks for showing me your hospital bill though. I've never seen one before and I've spent literally months in them. I suppose I could complain that my taxes might be a little lower if ... more »

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Yeah and the third partner in apple computer sold his shares for ~$800 with that attitude. Don't ever turn your back on technology, unless you don't want to know what that whizzing sound was as it went by.

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What exactly is that post supposed to about? All I saw was some shithead white supremacists who woke up a neighbourhood and pissed people off because they voted against the supremacists cause.

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Says the guy who's never used it and probably doesn't even have health care at all.

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Ran distance with the track team and threw a discus with the field side at school. Played quarterback with pop warner one year, played a few years of little league, a couple of years of organized soccer and of course played hockey ever winter.

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CC's got the speed. but you can tell he's racing his way into fitness with how winded he was on the podium after his heat race win. It's been awhile since I've seen a guy struggle to catch his breath on the podium the way he was. I was sure pulling for ... more »

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You already have pockets of it with some Mormon sects that are ignored by the law and you regularly have granted resident visas to plenty of wealthy Saudis and other wealthy or connected Arabs to reside in the US with their wives. It's already commonplace ... more »

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I rarely buy lottery tickets, but when I do I buy multiples of the same number because I'm a greedy prick. They pay the ticket, not the numbers so if I buy three tickets with the same numbers and there's 4 winning tickets I get 75% of the prize. Or if ... more »

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When the Saudi Ambassador was referred to as Bandar Bush then you know who was pulling the strings in that relationship. There's no way would current drilling levels would have been allowed under Bush with the influence the Saudis have with that family. ... more »

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Honestly if you're buying fox products at less than 2K per year wholesale and marking it up what say 50%? That's ~$1000 per year that you're making or less than $100 per month. If I was dealing product that sold that poorly I'd be dumping them. At that ... more »

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I hope you don't have teenage kids that might sneak out one night for a little mischief. That might be a little tough to explain to the wife.

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If you want to generate sales with your website and not just provide a landing page for information, dealing with a professional will typically get you better results than using a template system and plugging in your own content. It's not just the technical ... more »

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Please have a ton of shots done in a professional studio. The quality of this build deserves to be documented in a way that does justice to your efforts.

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I'm passionate about this issue because I'm proud of our system and the people in it. They've served me and family well over the years and gave my mother an extra 17 years after her initial cancer diagnosis and myself 30 years come April 13th, 2016. ... more »

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No MRI, but I've needed a CT scan (before they had MRI machines) and I've needed surgeries. The last one for me was 13.5 hours with 30+ people in the OR. So have my mother and father. We never had to wait, because we actually needed it. It's a triage ... more »