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You act like such a little bitch sometimes Jeff. We all know there's bad blood between your camp and Kaven's, but to say he couldn't ride a two stroke on hard pack is just complete and utter bullshit. The 1-1 score at Nanaimo last year is proof of that. ... more »

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I redid the kitchen in my place with IKEA stuff too. The price was too good to pass up. Cabinets, granite counter top and all the appliances came in just a touch over $10K. Actually it was $12 K but they gave me 15% back in gift cards that I used for ... more »

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The manufacturers would not be happy if a 2 stroke did well at an event like this. So given that they call the shots behind the scenes, it answers your question about the fuel restriction. I'd love to see a methanol injected 500cc two stroke grab every ... more »

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Only about his piloting skills

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Let me check the couch cushions....... .......Nope, can't swing it. Put me down for a .0000001% share though.

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I've seen a lot of guys make the switch. Usually right after they see how well a supermoto crashes compared to a superbike. There's no tossing a superbike down the track at 80 mph and then picking it up and continuing on afterward.

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You know what shows I miss? Those junkyard wars shows where they had to build something out of crap they found in the junkyard and then race it or fight it or fly it or whatever the task was. You saw some decent backyard engineering and some epic fails, ... more »

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Not if you only seek out reports that back your preconceived opinion and don't balance them out with other sources.

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That's nothing. I can find you something similar here in Edmonton. Now try this neat little Vancouver real estate game:

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Has anybody ever tried to fit the quadzilla engine into a modern Suzuki aluminium frame?

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True. I guess when we pop in and ask why everybody is so upset, it means that we're upset too. I guess we need to find more hate in our hearts to be able to relate.

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Ahmed's Bomb Wozniak's Apple I Y'all are afraid of your own shadows down there it would seem. ... more »

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There's a difference between fuel injection and direct injection. Two strokes really require direct injection to squirt the fuel in the cylinder head during the compression stroke. These require a lot of injection pressure, whereas a regular throttle ... more »

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I took the liberty of doing a little color correction and sharpening for you.

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I used to make some pretty decent cash off of the high stakes friends division on Everybody in the division would put up $20/wk and $100 for the season, winner take all. I was up a couple of grand or more after 3 seasons. I missed winning ... more »

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It's waving at me!

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Don't ask me because I don't watch that shit. You guys need to stop making stupid people famous.

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