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Keep 15-20% of every payment during the build to be paid out when the job is finished. Document everything. Never agree to additions without a change order/price tag attached.

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That's some pretty funky shit. I like it and I'm almost 50. Of course I listen to more house music than rock so I'm not really an average listener in that respect. Most of my current friends still have no idea that house music is an actual genre.

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Watch this, and then read that. Then you'll know why Reed still has a great job in this sport and why Stewart is having trouble finding a ride. Who's gonna sell more bikes in the end?

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Not a god damn chance. Denny Stephenson still owes me money because I kicked his ass at his own game and he got all but hurt and wouldn't pay up. We had a high stakes division on the old MXdream dot com and my buddy Steve even bought the bloody website ... more »

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Minor hockey players at the elite level in Canada are expected to show up to every game in a suit and tie. MINOR HOCKEY! I personally like the idea and applaud Roczen for doing. If you're put off by a little bit of class, then it's most likely because ... more »

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That was very well done.

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NAPSCAR is my second favorite show to nap to on a Sunday afternoon after PGA golf. Although I've slept through the finish of the last few SX races I've tried to watch too. Commercials put me to sleep I guess. Too many and my internal clock thinks it's ... more »

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If he's healthy, 10-12 tops. He won't last 6 rounds before he's out (I hope I'm wrong, but history is a great teacher).

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Ikea and amazon both have cheap poster frames.

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Licensing is the reason. There's enough Honda's and Kawasaki's to out there to sell enough gear to cover the licensing costs. Yamaha should be in there too, but maybe they ask more to use their brand name on clothes.

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With the expansion of the universe, that distance gets larger every day as well.

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Mercia? Where/who's that?

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250 microns is about 10 mil, so that should work. Most places use between an 8 and a 12 mil final overlam.

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What I get fairly often is the database isn't updating the thread status on the forum pages. I'll check non-moto a few times over the day and the main page won't show any activity for new posts, but if you click on a thread you'll see the new posts.

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Larry Ward winning Seattle. Andrew Short winning Seattle as well.

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Toe up, no spillage, nice form! Spent an afternoon playing drinking games with a boot like that as a kid when Whistler was shut down due to the frozen rain screwing up the lifts. They couldn't open the mountain so they sent us all home with a half days ... more »

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Watching Jason Lawrence rail the turns on that St. Louis track years ago that Pastrana designed was about as fast as I've ever seen someone go through a corner. That track and those crazy berms were awesome. I'm not sure how it made for passing, but ... more »

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I know it's a heck of a lot more fun to ride a slow bike fast than riding a fast bike slow. My last 125 was waaaay more fun than the 250 that followed it and the 450 after that. Although that 450 got to be a lot more fun once I put it on the pavement ... more »