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I believe Ames will be the third rider in that truck. Zero clue on Nichols, which is surprising with his results at Loretta's as well as AX at the end of last season.

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FRONT FORK SPRINGS Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.486 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Fork Spring Rate: .47 kg/mm(stock) This is the one we'd recommend: RT FRK SPR 44.0x460mm .48kg FRSP 444648 $114.99 Keep in mind, springs will help set the balance ... more »

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Nah, Stephane was gone from Rainbow quite awhile before I got there. He went down the street to work for 2XL games who made Baja and the Supercross and Ricky Carmichael games for mobile. He does make great tracks, has a great background in the sport, ... more »

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My guess would be "Skippy Mcdermott" is close with one of those championship winning riders who is eligible and not selected judging by his first 2 posts both being in this topic. My guess, someone who was close to as good had someone who backs them ... more »

chillrich left a comment 5/13/2014 6:33 PM
Just trying to install my gold valve into the KTM 85sx, there are a bunch of shims missing for the stacks and I noticed that there is an * which indicates that these shims are not available in the standard kit!!!! What the hell?
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If the part numbers are different, it's a different fitment. For various reasons, we try not to have new part numbers unless needed. Not saying the other spring won't fit at all, but there was a reason our R&D department felt it needed a different ... more »

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Inner chrome tubes, outter fork tubes, shock body, and shock shaft. Coatings are all about reducing friction which in turn provides a smoother, more consistent feel with better traction. We've done quite a bit of R&D and found some great stuff out ... more »

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Coatings, larger diameter, more adjustment, and some strengthened internal parts and a valving setting. We're finding more and more riders who are preferring the feel of their smaller diameter "stock" forks vs. the A Kit alternative, though there are ... more »

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Riding the last round before the Chase and the Chase to the Championship with a broken wrist would be proof otherwise. As would doing his own privateer program from last year's series. Or the fact that all hundred and nothing pounds of him isn't scared ... more »

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Nope, after he had bike issues and had to borrow Friese's practice bike at A3, a dealership named Testa Motorsports stepped up and helped him out huge getting him setup with a 2014 to finish the season on. His 2014 is on the road with the Factory Metal ... more »

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Sounds like McDade is working on finalizing some funding to hit New Jersey as well. He's been fighting through a broken wrist, but is hoping it'll be 100% by then as well. Sure would be nice if the series ended a bit earlier to allow these guys to get ... more »

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Should the whole vet class at a local race sell their bikes too? There is a lot of risk involved and they're all most likely just going to get slower too. (And I'd compare a lot of vets on a normal MX track to Wey on a SX track if you want to compare ... more »

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Nothing to do with this. Friese is still using RT and RT is still supporting the team. JGR is tight with the team as well as they are just down the road from eachother, and AJ and Jace are able to ride at the JGR track and test with JGR as their riders, ... more »

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Get ahold of Gus from Team Gus. It's a group of over a dozen privateers most on their own for the event. I'm sure someone would love to have someone hold their bike on the line while they pack their gate.

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Make sure it has a good quality fresh oil in it, springs for your weight, set the sag and go give it a rip. Valving can be better personalized for you, sure, but it's pretty solid stock and I'd ride it and work with clickers before just sending it out ... more »

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The discount is 20% off, and yes, direct only. I do see you're in Canada, because of their costs getting parts across the border I doubt I can get my RT Center up there to do 20% off, but I'm sure I can talk him into hooking you up with 10% if you'd ... more »

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Drop me over an email with weight/skill level/application and make/model/year to chris@racetech.com and I will get you an itemized quote for a full setup with the Vital discount. From there, you can look at it without the revalve and with just springs ... more »

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I just saw this thread. Please let me know if you need anything further - my email is chris@racetech.com. I'd rather not post it here, but my cell number is on the bottom of any email I reply to and you're more than welcome to use that for any questions ... more »