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This thread made me think of this...

In all seriousness though, there is no way something of that magnitude could really be planned and pulled off before James' suspension is lifted. It'll be a challenging year for James to do anything ... more »

swedishfishmx left a comment 12/14/2014 2:44 PM

What Race Tech products would you recommend for an off-road tuned TC250? I'm a bit of a budget but what products would be the best bang for my buck?

Obviously the Gold Valve kit would be a good start, but what about Rebound Gold Valve Kit for the forks and the Rebound Separator Valve for the shock?

Any advice thanks!
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Don't forget to help with the budget part Race Tech offers a 20% Vital MX member discount. The company puts a sizeable focus onto the do-it-yourself suspension guys and teaching others to build and tune suspension. Every gold valve kit sold is 100% guaranteed ... more »

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Well, I just pretty much realized why I'm the marketing guy and don't touch suspension. I was completely off base and apologize. Glad I called and got correct info from tech. On your bike, if you have a 100mm long spring, it will have 0 preload installed. ... more »

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BD, I saw you shot me a PM, but the PM system here isn't awesome. Can you shoot me another one with your email address or email me directly to chris@racetech.com and I'll get you setup with someone who can help you out?

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Now you're getting a bit deeper than my marketing knowledge can help you with. You can shoot me over an email and I can get info from our techs, or you can email them directly at tech@racetech.com and they'll be able to discuss in a bit more detail. ... more »

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We (Race Tech) recommend 4mm of preload on the spring. Preload will make a noticeable change in performance of your suspension.

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Race Tech seals are identical to OEM seals and VitalMX members save 20% when mentioning VitalMX when ordering. OEM/Race Tech or SKF seals are the only thing I'd allow on my bike.

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Dang man, sorry about the loss. I know first hand the experience of being stolen from, it's horrible. I'll keep my eyes peeled on the online sites I frequent for anyone trying to sell the stuff. Do you believe the moto items were the target of the theft ... more »

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Scary...I hope their hospitals and medics take good care of him.

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Every Gold Valve kit comes with a code to access our DVS (digital valving search) where you input your information to get a valving setting. They also include shims to build your valving stack. If for some reason the shims you need aren't included, a ... more »

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Michael, Did you get all setup with a quote? If you need anything else, you're always welcome to reach out to me as well. chris@racetech.com. We can get you a quote with your discount for your make/model/year as well. Congrats on joining the team for ... more »

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I'm happy to hear you are considering Race Tech. A few notes to answer some of the questions in the thread. First off, going with Ronnie at SIX12 is a great choice, he is at the track a LOT and all the riders I know that have gone there have given really ... more »

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Check the install of your forks. If they are parallel or the tubes are pinched it will make them super harsh and sticky. It'll affect the shock performance too. Here is a step by step on proper installation. You'd be amazed how many times this is the ... more »

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Paw Paw, Do you happen to know what make/model/year this was on? We'd like to address it and make sure it gets corrected. Also, everything we sell is 100% guaranteed, so that means if we recommended the wrong spring rate, we'd exchange it without question. ... more »

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It is my opinion that those who go in person will be treated to an amazing atmosphere and show, but I don't think it really matters. Who is more important, the 10, 20, or even 70,000 people who may pack a site to see it live or the hundreds of thousands ... more »

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The forks will definitely have an effect on the shock and vice-versa. Spring rates are really important because they are going to set the overall balance. The valving, you can probably get away with leaving one end stock, but often times you get the ... more »

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You aren't the first and won't be the last. I tell a lot of my friends and a lot of our support riders to save the money to invest in tires, chains, and sprockets and spend more time riding the bike. The stock suspension components properly setup with ... more »

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MXKing, How is the setup? Remember everything offered from Race Tech is 100% guaranteed. If the setup doesn't exceed your expectations, let me know (chris@racetech.com) and we'll make sure to get you taken care of. Race Tech is proudly one of only a ... more »

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I believe Ames will be the third rider in that truck. Zero clue on Nichols, which is surprising with his results at Loretta's as well as AX at the end of last season.