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If you want, drop me over an email with your make/model/year, type of riding, skill level, weight, and any setup preferences (or feedback on current setup) and I can get you a quote with the VitalMX discount and go through the recommended parts with ... more »

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Racing finishes at approximately 10:30-10:45pm

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While a lot were having issues finding it, and it isn't the most convenient to have to watch online; I will say adding Daniel Blair was a brilliant choice. The insight added was awesome, it fit right in with the broadcast, and I feel his presentation ... more »

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No worries at all. Happy to help try this before you spend your money. Our goal is to get you happy with your suspension, and some guys are happy with airforks. For anyone else reading as well, you can always find recommended pressures using the spring ... more »

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Shoot me an email to on a deal for the Spring Conversion. We do offer a VitalMX member discount. If you want to try a bit more with the air setup first, here are a few things to look for: 1) Make sure the forks are aligned parallel. ... more »

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Cody, Not sure if you knew, but we're happy to help work with you on your settings to make sure you are getting where you want to go with setup. You can also get some info on where you will notice the biggest changes with the separator. Just shoot an ... more »

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For guys like Bogle, Tickle, Peick, Wilson, etc. they wouldn't get any coverage/TV time if they were in 5/6/7 in a heat, but do if they are able to win a semi. Want the sport to grow, have teams get sponsors and provide them value? Semis are important. ... more »

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Revalved stock stuff...

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Massive thank you to the Alpinestars medic crew for taking care of Cody and ensuring he had the best care possible in a scary situation as well. We are lucky as an industry to have such a great group.

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Just recently had two riders who never had an issue with air forks after multiple seasons of riding with them put in spring conversions in the last 6 weeks. Both pro level riders with experience with a lot of different suspension setups, and in both ... more »

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Memory is a bit foggy, but I believe towards the end of the comp when it was super windy (and on the wrong side of the dangerous border most likely for FMX) he went long and hurt himself. Perhaps that is why he was "crying" as you say. Even if that isn't ... more »

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I don't think you see any of the top 3-5 AX guys leave AX to go to SX unless a factory supported ride with expenses and small salary awaits. Sure would've been nice to see how they stacked up in Atlanta...

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If you'd like to discuss the Race Tech option further, shoot me over an email to and I'll get you setup with a recommended setup/quote and talk you through the upgrades we offer. There is even a sweet VitalMX discount for the members ... more »

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Never had an issue until I switched brands of goggles at one point and immediately started having issues with dirt getting in/landing in my eyes. Finished a few races with some one-eyed vision before I got smart enough to realize it was the goggle brand ... more »

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Yes, there will definitely be a cost to the companies involved; and a pat on the back to them for scrambling to get everything together to give the kids the experience of a lifetime. You don't need a gofundme though, just go make a purchase from the ... more »

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I doubt there was anything wrong with his device, likely just down super low. But since you asked, we already offer Race Tech ones by Tamer.

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Race Tech is currently hiring two technicians (one entry level - no experience necessary, just a good attitude and desire to learn). If you're interested, send a resume to It's full time and located in Corona, CA.

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Anyone else notice that Alex Martin's start device never released until he was headed to the dirt into turn 2 in his heat race crash? The front end never touches when he goes to slap the face of the second jump and tire doesn't come down to get any front

... more »

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A slightly less super human version of Travis Pastrana is how I'd describe the bit i know of Brett. He enjoys life, makes time for everyone he comes across, and his attitude and smile are contagious. See the careers of guys like Pastrana, Wey, Windham, ... more »