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I'm actually traveling to see some family and a bit of personal time off this week, so I can't grab a quote; however, if you would like to drop an email to or give them a call at 951.279.6655 they will definitely put something together ... more »

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We (Race Tech) have been revalving quite a few and also have a Spring Conversion System available for these forks. The Gold Valve Kit is being put together from our R&D staff and should be available to dealers/centers/consumers shortly, but we can ... more »

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Would be my guess without a guy there anymore and they had McGrath for quite some time. He rode there a lot of years with a good relationship, they have the money for it, and I'm assuming it's not aboard KTM since he's wanted to keep it so quiet. Regardless, ... more »

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Honestly, the place isn't that big, so any seat is pretty dang good. Up a bit higher if you want to see more of the track or down lower if you want to be closer to the racing, but there isn't such a thing as nose bleeds there. Have a great time!

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An exciting race to the finish like that has to be good for the sport. Same with bringing another manufacturer in. Same with another manufacturer winning a championship too. Mees is one of our support riders, so bummed he didn't win; but closing a 10 ... more »

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Onto the podium, A LOT next year. We'll see a lot of Honda on the podium with Roczen and Seely is my belief.

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I'm far from the inside, but swear at one point when BBMX was dropped from the team name that BTO had actually assumed part ownership of the team. Is that incorrect or am I missing pieces to the puzzle? Regardless, major props to both BTO and the Butlers ... more »

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I did overlook him because I just pulled the points. Since he hasn't been healthy he wasn't up there. Anderson is one of my favorite riders to watch, and he's really good. His outdoor results aren't as solid as his SX results and his starts aren't amazing, ... more »

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You have to have a passport from that country is I believe the rule. You can definitely ride for a two different countries during your career. Recent example is Dean Wilson for Canada once and then GB a couple of times since.

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The MXoN requires good starts just as much as it does speed in my opinion. That was part of what always makes me nervous with Tomac even though he is an incredible talent. I leave Webb on the 450 and honestly could say either A-Mart or Savatgy are great ... more »

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First off, incredible job each time I come to this event and see an absolute downpour; yet somehow the track is able to stay raceable and after a few motos it really isn't even THAT muddy. The work they did this past week with the amount of rain was ... more »

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I expect you'll stop by the Race Tech truck and say hello. I might not have a Busch or a PBR, but I will have a beer you can have and I know you won't complain about any ice cold beer... or the shade.

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I think a big part of it has to do with a lot of the privateers are skipping Washougal. With the schedule going Millville, Washougal, Unadilla/Budds/Indiana many are opting to stay East or at least keep their rigs East. One rider told me it would double ... more »

Added reply in a thread Air forks....I know nothing , and could use advice. 7/19/2016 10:33 PM,12532/ML512,13480 This video is pretty solid and will be a good start. Check your pressures and fill them in the correct order. It's a feel thing, some guys love air forks, some don't mind them, and others despise them. They do have a different feel, not necessarily ... more »

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One of the best ways to create a track that flows, ride it flat and let the layout between the turns be a bit more organic and then build from there. This article should help:

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Shhhhhh! Hoping some guys bite and pick him for fantasy!

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I could be wayyy wrong here, but...

It says in the PR: Per the team, Bisceglia will be released from his contract immediately to “pursue an opportunity to compete outdoors on another team.” Yoshimura is part of both this team and the factory ... more »
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My PM's go to my work email and I'm not seeing it. Can you shoot it over via email to and I'll be sure to help you out? And for those asking, no, the KYB version is not available currently. It's in development, but our busiest season ... more »

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I feel like they have tried. Durham and Bereman's deal this year and the Albertson's deal. MotoSport was crushing out the content last year with quite a few reality based series' around their riders. I think a lot of credit has to be given to Jimmy (the ... more »