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Osby and Worth already completed the Road to SX program last year and can ride either coast. Unless injuries play a part, I'd guess you'll see them split the rookies and the veterans on each coast. The most interesting part to me is that this is the ... more »

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My guess would be that Ping has likely tried a set of fully setup PC airforks. The last I had seen he still has a good relationship there from his racing days and runs them on his personal bikes. They just aren't for some riders who want a specific feel. ... more »

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Whether or not it gets additional funding from a major partner, the company is already formed and running. It is great exposure and branding for both Grip Clean and Bryce, so even if the investors say no, it's still a win-win. I would say he'll get a ... more »

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I can't help you with the resale part, but if you'd like to shoot me over an email with make/model/year I can get you a quote for Cone Valve forks/Trax shock through Race Tech.

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Sorry about the confusion. Hopefully I can help! Race Tech is an Authorized WP Center. Because this is new, there is a chance our sales department hasn't been briefed yet on the product changes/additions. What model/parts specifically are you inquiring ... more »

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Can you shoot me an email to I'd like to see if we can do something to make you happy with your forks.

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Interesting! The push is definitely no joke right now. It'll be interesting to see if the European trend of aftermarket suspension will fully make the transition over here. What's the story with Dirt Candy? Just a graphics company or is there more there? ... more »

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I wouldn't look into that too much. It's Lind's bike and he was on WP last year while Ronnie Stewart and Metcalfe in SX and Scharer outdoors all were not. Yes, WP is pushing right now to be on the Japanese bikes and it may be a good fit, If it is indeed ... more »

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This guide we put together with Vurb is a great place to start with tuning. In particular: We will often lower the rear end in deep sand between 2-5mm which at that time we also will stiffen up the shock compression to compensate for less travel ... more »

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Yes, they are riding for teams for the series with contracts for the series. And all the rounds will be brought live. Friday/Saturday nights. I think you'll see more riders start to dabble in the series.

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We make a tool for this for right around $10 I think. Don't forget the Vital MX discount.

Add to cart or call 951.279.6655 or email

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Once upon a time I was paid and worked on MX vs ATV Reflex as a track designer and while the base game might be better graphically and even content, the user content and racing aspects of MX Simulator make it far superior. And the depth of gameplay is ... more »

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Same guy. Still playing moto games and building stuff. I would surely think they re-worked the jumping piece of the game with the addition of "indoor arena" events. I enjoyed MXGP for a short time, so I'm sure I'll enjoy MXGP2 for a bit longer if the ... more »

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Really cool, and it will be a re-union with a former mechanic of his Scott Lillis who worked for Ben during one of his Rock River years before Scott got the job at BTO. The two work well together and Scott was working for us at Race Tech building suspension ... more »

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Our techs did some tests with sitting vs. standing setting sag. While sitting (and attempting to be in the same position each time) there was a large variance. We now test sag with the rider standing on the pegs, not gripping with the knees and hands ... more »

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There are a lot of reasons it could feel harsh... before you do anything, have you installed your front wheel properly to make sure the forks are parallel and not pinched? I know this sounds ridiculous and simple, but you wouldn't believe working trackside ... more »

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Many brands go to Loretta's every year with two goals, support their current riders with their needs at the event, and build relationships to bring on new riders. The better sponsorships take a combination of relationships, results, and presentation ... more »

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We did a ton of R&D on these forks before landing on the "open chamber" solution. Feedback was 60/40 or so positive/negative prior to the open chamber. R&D continued and once we landed on the open chamber I haven't heard a negative and we re-did ... more »

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Carson, Colton, and Broc are three brothers. Carson is the youngest and had some great showings at Loretta's last year. Colton did A class at LL a couple years ago, think he raced a national or two as well. They all go pretty dang fast.

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Congratulations on qualifying! You are in for a great time. I've been going nearly every year for 17 or so years, first racing and now working and I look forward to it still every summer. It really is a great summer vacation. Sounds like you are not ... more »