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2/11/2016 3:17 PM

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I have a feeling Plessinger is going to be really, really good depending on how he's doing from his MEC injury.

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Logan, I've been hearing nothing but really good feedback lately from our riders on the 4CS stuff. Can you shoot me an email to chris@racetech.com and we can see about getting them better than "OK"?

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Race Tech can service your Ohlins suspension and we offer a VitalMX discount. sales@racetech.com for a quote and mention VitalMX for the discount.

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He is not. From what I understand he has something in the works moving forward and the team (Custom Powersports) that was helping him let him out of his contract on good terms for all involved. That is how I understood it anyways.

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And as a company, we do look at this and we do care.

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Here are a few things that riders are actually doing that catch my attention. Social Media: - Posting via social media when they get their suspension back, typically in the box or setup by the bike with a thank you or excited to try out the setup comment ... more »

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Great post Dave. I can promise more support goes to the riders who have great personalities, are thankful, and go out of their way to show loyalty and promote a brand versus the guy who gets the best results. Results alone rarely sell product, but a ... more »

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https://web.archive.org/web/20150810112928/http://arenacross.com/event-points Well this is interesting. I bet they totally missed it - no way they purposely let it go? Either way, congrats to him making his first SX main in the first attempt.

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Today is his first day on the Kawi. He got a bit of a deal put together this week with the guys at Custom Powersports for at least the East Coast AX races from what I understand. I work with a handful of the guys helping him, and from everything I've ... more »

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Look at Tomac...

Draw your conclusion from there. ... more »
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Been there, done that. Not as easy as some portray for sure. Sometimes it is because of conscious decisions based on the business side of things, sometimes it is completely out of their hands based on how willing and able outside companies are to provide ... more »

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Fork oil level should be 120mm

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You have a few options, and pricing will change based on them: Stage 1: Rebuild - A rebuild is a basic servicing of your suspension, at Race Tech we recommend every 20-30 hours. A rebuild includes dis-assembly and reassembly of your suspension putting ... more »

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At Colorado last year Derek tore up his knee and had to have some surgery, but I don't think that is the last you'll see of him. It just took him back off the bike for a bit. He's teamed up with Kyle Sommers who was the trackside and rider support tech ... more »

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I was just a kid watching Rodney on "Motoworld" back when he was crushing the offroad circuit. Years later I've gotten to work with Rodney at a few events because he rides for RT, and wow, while I was star struck a bit because he was a hero growing up, ... more »

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I don't know a ton about Kevin, but we (Race Tech) work closely with Levi on the suspension side of things. Keep in mind, with Levi doing the suspension you'll have the local guy to tune it in and build it without shipping it while still getting the ... more »

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If you generally just ride your bikes without issue, I'd definitely recommend doing the basics first before investing too much. Taking it to someone, many times they will try to convince you to re-valve the bike. While to get the most out of your suspension, ... more »

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Osby and Worth already completed the Road to SX program last year and can ride either coast. Unless injuries play a part, I'd guess you'll see them split the rookies and the veterans on each coast. The most interesting part to me is that this is the ... more »