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Email me, I'll get you setup with a great deal. I don't recall exactly what the prize was, but we'll do something close if not the same thing.

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Spring rates are chosen based on the combined weight of the bike and rider to set the balance/geometry of the bike properly to provide a balanced setup that isn't 'choppered out' or 'stink bug' feeling. While springs do change the motion of the suspension, ... more »

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Race Tech's spring rates are recommended based on getting the geometry of the bike where it is balanced and not choppered out or stink-bug feeling and to match our recommended sag/preload numbers. Everything Race Tech does is 100% guaranteed. We have ... more »

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All of us at Race Tech are very excited to welcome Ben back and putting his faith in us to get him through the whoops every weekend. All the way back when Ben was a triple digit we've been behind him until a couple of years ago when the team sponsorships

... more »

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We (Race Tech) recommend a .43 on the forks, stock is a .47. On the shock we recommend at 5.5 and stock is a 5.7. If you ever want to look up rates, there is a calculator on racetech.com under Spring Rate Search where you can input your info and we will ... more »

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Andrea (Andy) Winkler is definitely not a chick, just an Italian guy over here trying to make it in SX.

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They prevent cavitation and affect plushness on braking and square edge bumps. Pressure spring rates should be balanced with your valving. Here is a chart with recommended rates as well.

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As they said, you need to get the dings cleaned up. For the coating, not having it won't cause any issues per say, it just helps the fork slide more freely. Over time these coatings eventually wear and you're able to keep running it (look at some KX's ... more »

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Maybe to put it into a bit better perspective, Tommy Hahn took less time off and is trying to do the same thing and is behind Hansen. He isn't riding a roller coaster and is steadily building. In the past it was the opposite and it steadily went further ... more »

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Actually, based on the past he SHOULD NOT lose his number. Ivan Tedesco skipped the ENTIRE 2013 Season, not due to injury, but due to not having a ride. He returned for 2014 and was able to keep the number 9. Racer X Vault - Ivan Tedesco Results If you compete and don't score the ... more »

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For me, this has been an extremely positive year thus far for Hansen. Though the results were less than I personally thought we'd see, he's been 100% drama free - even with some results struggles. If you can push through without drama when things aren't

... more »

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Ben is a long ways from a quitter, and a little hard work is something he's never scared of. He's been a full privateer before, so I don't think you have to worry about him not being at the races. It might take a week for him to make it happen, but he ... more »

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From the outside looking in, I would bet it has more to do with Mike's deep amount of determination to get better and improve his craft vs. a coach. Of course a coach can help, but Mike has proven he's willing to put in the time and effort to improve ... more »

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He posts here from time to time, so maybe he can correct me if I'm wrong. Last I heard he isn't looking to race full time anymore. He has had a back injury since his return a few years ago and the more he rides the worse it gets. I think this is just ... more »

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Anyone in Denver for the Kicker AX have a longer video than this one? Pretty rad seeing Derek still enjoying riding and going really fast; especially on a 2 stroke! http://instagram.com/p/ymtNs1ON0c/?modal=true

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Crazy start to the season, especially for Nick Wey. He's a total of 5 spots from being in all 5 mains, instead he's been in one. Too bad for him the Gas Card doesn't exist anymore, he'd be cashing in. Race - LCQ Finish A1 - 5th Phoenix - 5th A2 - Qualified ... more »

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This guy has way more insight than we do and definitely knows.

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Are you able to get the sag numbers you want out of your current shock spring? There are tolerances in the springs, so your stock 5.5 might actually be a 5.4 or a 5.6 or more. You're close, so if you are getting the sag you desire, and having it as a ... more »

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Assuming you are riding amateur AX and not a full blown pro track, and it is only a one off race I don't think you have much to worry about as long as you ride within your abilities. They mellow the tracks out quite a bit for amateurs. Not sure if you ... more »

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It could have something to do with airforks vs. spring forks, and just because one person has success doesn't mean the next guy will. We work with A LOT of different riders, some absolutely LOVE the air forks and won't ride without them and others are ... more »