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He tried racing lorettas in A class two years ago. Did terrible. I don't know if he even finished inside the top 20 any moto.

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I'm by no means a pro rider. I was once half way decent. But I thought I could just hop in on the gncc and just cruise my way through. But it's not that simple. And much more mentally exhausting than a moto on a track. Do not ever knock on the gncc guys ... more »

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I showed up to wild boar last weekend without ever riding a gncc. I thought it would be pretty easy to show up and at least finish. Let's just say, it's not nearly as easy as one that has never done it would think. Put this in perspective. Mini os 2016

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No mention of mookies. I think this was when they filmed that dream ride thing for JDR.

Or this one when James passed Alessi at muddy creek? ... more »
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Orlando itself is a great place to be for a night out

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I have no skills or experience. But I know a guy..

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Remember last year when he chased Eli down and passed him at hangtown? And all those times he did it on 250s as well. So quickly we forget. Tomac is a much better sx rider than Blake (always has been). But look how far he's come this year in sx. He's ... more »

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Cmon. Mookie is good at starts. As for chiz bike, he's had a brand new one sitting in his garage since he signed with MCR. I would guess it has suspension bars and sprocket. That's probably it

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There are certain requirements by Yamaha. Notice that both simpsons and febvres bikes have Yamaha/YZ in the same spot.... but then again, what do I know.

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You missed Ricky Renner off your list. I raced it in 2000 in ATL and won.

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External fixators are zero fun. Especially for months at a time. But they definitely do a great job when putting you back together.
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Interesting that there are no Suzuki logos on it other than the seat. I'm guessing not much support from them.

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Good ole vital mx....comparing AC winning his first sx in one of the weakest east coasts ever to forkner getting top 5 in a very tough west coast is ridiculous. Forkner would have been way better off racing east. A lot let pressure at the first two rounds.

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Hey, I built that bike

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If you email me I can get you a great deal on the ones we had made at Enjoy MFG.

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Rockstar Rockers

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A good spot would be Orlando area. Puts you closest to most tracks.

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And Freddy Noren

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He changed everything when he went from 259 to 7