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Reply to Pet Peeves 10/20/2014 11:05 PM

What's my biggest current Pet Peeve? The eBay TV commercial that shows a clip of Jimi Hendrix playing at Woodstock while playing the bubble gum pop music of Selena Gomez.

Reply to Monster Energy Cup Bench Racing - Night Show 10/19/2014 2:53 PM

I spoke with my DVR today… …and not my wallet. My Comcast does not offer Fox Sports 2 so I could not watch the MEC live. So I recorded the replay show off of Fox Sports 1. I just watched the MEC off my DVR, fast forwarding through everything except the ... more »

Reply to Monster Energy Cup Practice Discussion 10/18/2014 3:16 PM

1:12 lap times. How does that compare with last year's track. Did they shorten the track significantly this year?

Reply to Monster Energy Cup Press Conference 10/17/2014 12:40 PM

Does it seem like there is MUCH LESS buzz about the MEC this year?

Reply to I bet Justin Barcia had some explaining to do when he got home.... 10/14/2014 10:26 PM

Brooke is probably glad he shit canned that Hitler hairdo.

Reply to 1982 FIM World Champion Danny Laporte 10/5/2014 1:38 PM

The biggest of rings yes, but a much smaller talent pool.

Reply to RedBull Straight Rhythm Bench Racing 10/4/2014 10:01 PM

Well shit! I went for a bike ride today and completely spaced out watching this on the interweb. How many spectators did they have at the event, was that ever mentioned on the web cast?

Reply to Red Bull Straight Rhythm 10/3/2014 9:08 PM

Are the times given Pacific Time Zone times??? Never mind, found the answer on the Bull Red page.

Reply to NFL talk 10/2/2014 6:59 PM

♫ Nationwide is on your side ♫

Reply to Attention Photoshoppers 10/2/2014 2:04 PM

What number will RV be running in the GP's?

Reply to NFL talk 9/30/2014 6:26 AM

♫ Nationwide is on your side ♫

Reply to message from G Paulin.... 9/28/2014 1:58 PM

Dear G. Paulin: I'm going to watch American Football for the rest of the day, that's what.

Reply to What is with these Monster girls? 9/27/2014 5:48 PM

The gals look nice, but the show just plain looked stupid with them standing in the background. I could not watch it.

Reply to What is with these Monster girls? 9/27/2014 2:20 PM

Reply to JMart MXoN crash 9/27/2014 1:27 PM

Thanks for all the great information Kongols. Or maybe we should call you "Guy K".

Reply to Welcome to MXdN 2014 in Latvia! 9/26/2014 5:38 PM

OK Kongols I just subscribed to the live web cast on MXGP TV so be sure to moon the camera at some point during the racing on Sunday so we can spot you.

Reply to Stolen 1920's Harley Davidsons 9/25/2014 7:22 AM

That's "Twitter" reporting, we see too much of that these days. The trailer and bikes were no where near the Port of Tacoma, they were up near the old Ranier brewery in Seattle.

Reply to Stolen 1920's Harley Davidsons 9/24/2014 4:44 PM

Zracer: It now appears they were closer to being "Dumb Asses" than "Pros".

Reply to Stolen 1920's Harley Davidsons 9/24/2014 3:24 PM

Update: Posted below from Buck Carson's Facebook page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL FOUR MOTORCYCLES RECOVERED . Spare parts are gone, spare engines gone, and some small things stripped off.