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The other guy is Gary Pollack I believe.

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I looked through the FAQs and saw nothing on the actual helmet having Snell or any other testing or certification. In fact the question about what happens if I crash was answered with, many insurance companies will replace it. I assume that means your ... more »

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You know the old saying, if you've got a $5 head get a $5 helmet. If you've got a $1450 head, get a $5 helmet with $1445 worth of electronics.

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AMA needs to run more like NASCAR. Restrictor plates on the guys that are going too fast. It would slow the top riders down which would be safer for them and would make for a better race. With the electronics on bikes it would be easy to adjust the power. ... more »

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There have been years where 1 or 2 points got you a national number, I think Slipdog got 98 or 99 one year with less than 5. 19 may get you one this year, regional SX shouldn't pay the same points as 450SX, and 250/450 outdoor.

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Yes, we got round one back. As it should

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I sometimes roll my bike into the shower when it's really muddy. That way I don't get the driveway all dirty. Plus the hot water gets it really clean.

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Nice, I thought I was bad at 05 being the last new. But you're definitely going to want to dump that when the 2045s come out.

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I've been rooting for Dungey to close it up. It's now closed. I hope neither has bike troubles, and which ever one wins will have earned it.

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The problem with 4 strokes is that it's too easy to dump your extra gas in the truck at the end of the weekend. There's never any left for the mower.

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That step up is cool but that certainly doesn't look like a national caliber track to me. Maybe I'll think differently after Sat.

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How funny that you would say that, there's a shop on E14th finishing up one to display at O.co on opening day. Just waiting on graphics but I managed to snap a spy photo.

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They've been working on that all year, this is just the first time the colors didn't match.

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Funny, I've been in the apparel business for 25 years and didn't notice it. If those pants are production then the fabric is printed with sublimation ink printed onto the paper by conventional means(offset or screen). They printed the black onto the ... more »

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Drinking Lucas Oil is better for you than drinking Red Bull. True story.

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Funny, the only posts mentioning fat are the ones accusing people(including me) of calling him fat. I have no doubt that he is not at his A1 weight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It has been obvious for months that he is still not recovered ... more »

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I didn't mean to start a Reed bashing thread. No matter what he had under his jersey he is carrying some extra pounds, he's obviously over it. That's fine, he'll be ready at A1.

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Realize this is coming one one of this boards biggest Chad Reed fans. Anyone else notice when he came off the track in moto 1, he's already on the late summer/fall break RC program. But I have no doubt he'll be down to fighting weight at A!.

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I don't think he can pull it off now, I though it a month and a half ago and intend to milk the hell out of it. http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/Dungey,1272544