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You can put the later side plates and fender on it pretty easy, I don't know if it's a direct fit or not because I had already hacked up my subframe to put KTM plates and rear fender on before I said fukit and ordered the 07 stuff like

... more »

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Don't expect it to feel like a current 450 and you'll love it. I have a 1990 510 in an 02 chassis with the later 07 TE 610 plastic. Like Hillbilly said, it's a tractor. Produces the same smile as a 2 stroke.

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I was thinking about this watching the race, goggles inside of goggles would be the best but as said above nobody is going to do it. The simple way would be a second pair with a tear off cover worn podium style(around the neck, strap in front, lens in ... more »

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I can guarantee he wouldn't be able to do that, at least on a KTM.

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Things you probably don't want to do in Atlanta. 1. Take $3,000 cash to go look at a bike with a crazy low price, with stolen pictures of it, from a seller who lets you know up front that he keeps one on him.

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Tony Alessi My question, what do you think they found in Milsaps locker? Tell him he can bring Genova along with him.

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Since 16 is attributed to me I'm going to add a 16b. 16. Every GP rider raised his game when they knew RV was coming. Then when he left they dropped their pace back down again. Clearly it had never occurred to them to ride faster before. 16b. If you ... more »

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Will they still be showing them on TV?

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I'd agree too, if you can get Reeds 05 SX bike get it. If you don't like it you can put it on Ebay for $25,000/

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Glad you can offer such insightful commentary on how I'm wrong.

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Since there's a language difference I'll give you guys a pass for seeing something that isn't there. Never did I or anyone else say they stepped it down after RV got hurt. And if they didn't up their game from year to year there's something wrong with ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Nagl out too. 6/20/2015 9:57 PM

Wow, there's some MXGP fantards with some serious fantasies about GP speed based on one guy not getting totally comfortable with some tracks that were better suited for bikes in the 70s in 4 weekends. Enjoy them while they last.

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Last year was the first time we could really watch the whole season with any regularity. So I didn't know that but would you agree that everybody upped their game in preparation for the arrival of RV?

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It's all RVs fault. The threat of him coming over and making them all look slow elevated every ones game. That obviously didn't happen. But there is no way anyone is going to convince me that what I watched last year and what I've been seeing this year ... more »

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I've had a subscription to Chad Reeds social media accounts for probably as long as he has been posting. I'm so upset by these latest cryptic posts. I'm canceling my subscriptions and will be asking for my money back and probably a full apology.

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I can't fight this.........nevermind

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450 Factory riders who didn't win a SX. Justin Barcia James Stewart Weston Peick Andrew Short Wil Hahn Jason Anderson Justin Brayton Blake Bagget Dean Wilson Josh Grant Davy Milsaps

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I love the hell out of HF and probably spend $500-$1000 a year there. It's not Craftsman or Snap On but for things you use a couple of times they are awesome. But that the main selling point is that it's "welded steel" is classic.

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Doesn't matter what happened after the fact, and I didn't make any judgement on intent. Any rider in the world that wants an ADD/ADHD diagnosis/prescription can get one.