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I think the second Moto proved he didn't just get lucky with Tomac and Musquins poor starts. Another words, you can't put an asterisk next to this overall victory. Congrats buddy.

Started new thread Woman passes while filming Deadpool 2 motorcycle stunt 8/16/2017 8:27 PM

Very sad to hear this, anyone in the stunt industry understand who this could've been? What went wrong? 2 wheels is 2 wheels, would appreciate having a family to say a prayer for. ... more »

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Racing LL in the mud was an advantage for sure!

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My buddy lol hunter does a great job, I'd imagine he'd hook up our law enforcement pretty good. Xtreme Kolors

Added a comment about product review First Look: 2018 Honda CRF250R 7/30/2017 10:05 PM

As a dealer sales rep, this video is extremely educational and allows me to use this material to better inform my customer. Thanks ML for this! Look forward to seeing the crates roll in soon.

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I'll never say you all. I've saved a lot of time over the years with this simple shortcut.... Y'all have a gooden' ... more »
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Ya, maybe Rossi should sign, that worked well...get outta with that nonsense.

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Bring back RC to fill in for Tickle!

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Started new thread Did y'all hear about what Travis did? 7/21/2017 9:28 PM

Dude broke his fucking co-driver sending it. Don't give a shit if it's Moto related or not that's some gnarly shit. Braaap.

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X2 on Livesay. I learned to not doubt that kid many years ago! Goodness those classes are stacked! Stoked Ramsey is back!

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This is some good stuff. Just when vital hits all time low, y'all bring in the excavator!

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Same here in Texas, retail at least

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Vann's bike looks dope Shaun! Looked to have a good qualifying time too, good luck during the motos sir!

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i was born in '88 and never got to see Bailey ride. However, I think DB would have created this Goat title 30 years ago if he weren't injured. I think the boys in the 80's deserve some love in this topic. However, modern technology will never allow this ... more »

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He looked good! Not really surprised, pretty textbook first back amazing ride he always seems to do!

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Garne. I got chicken legs but a lot of my wider legged customers have found success with the SG-12's

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Watch your mouth.... From Back to back world war champs