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Why do people still act like this is a possibility?

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Here's my edit from the weekend!

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More to come later on, and I also filmed out there on Sunday as well!

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I took that photo, in addition to these:

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Not sure if this has been discussed, but I was just thinking about it earlier. Red Bull seems to do a lot of things right and has a great professional image. For example, their media company does some incredible work. How much different do you guys think ... more »

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Steve went OFF! That was great

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Doesn't his dad post on here? I was so shocked to hear about this yesterday.. When I got back into riding around 2010 I would watch all of his videos that they put out. It's such a shame that this happened

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The warehouse is in Rogers. They keep the truck there during the week. Sorry, no conspiracy.

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Yeah.. I gotta say as someone who's dream is to make a living in the industry on the media side of things, when I heard on pulp that the director of the FIM has a full time day job, it was pretty disheartening..

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This thread is useless without pics (of Dungey's titties)

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I'd rather them take the time to go back, review the situation, and THEN make a ruling rather than make an immediate impulsive decision like they've done in the past.

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I missed the Dungey's interview after the heat race. What exactly did he say when he called Reed immature?

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Couldn't agree more! Great post

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Just pulled up the fox sports go app, clicked on supercross, and I'm seeing qualifying sessions for drag racing! C'mon, Fox... Edit: Nevermind, it's on

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To pile on with the band wagon hate on Matthes, I'll just throw in: Eff you dude.

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Hasn't Michael already raced pro?

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I think you're kind of right that he wasn't huge into MX when he was younger. But.... His brother is James mother effing Stewart, man

You know he grew up learning how to ride from and with the best. He might have not been big into competing, ... more »
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C'mon, dude... Unnecessary.

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Was it just me or did he seem unusually underwhelmed on the podium? I'd think for your first win, you'd be a little more pumped.

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Really, you can't figure this out?.. Because we want to see an actual title fight! Not one guy run away with the points lead and make the season boring. Idk about everyone else, but I'm not happy about the points gap being closed up just to see Dungey ... more »