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Me too... feel the same!! I paid $145.00 to watch the MXGPs so the $50.00 is awesome!!

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Yes... of course! He picked up 26 points in one race. If he can do this every race then it will only take 5 races to be leading the championship. BUT... it's racing and as many have said "anything can happen"!

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This is a great deal!!! MXGP is around $150.00 now.

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Agree completely!! The next thing people will be wanting is race stages! Give me a fucking break!

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I have to pipe in! I raced it in 1986, maybe 1987. I'm from California and was NOT an off-road guy. There is nothing I had ever ridden in my life that prepared me for the Blackwater 100 experience. I was talked into racing it and actually came down with ... more »

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Let's see... He's having fun, he qualifies easily for the mains, when he gets fired up he can still run with the kids. He's faster than most, he's a fan favorite and he just happens to be the fastest Yamaha guy right now on the 450s. Yes, he's getting ... more »

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Not sure I completely understand the question but... if by a rebuild you actually rebuilt everything then yes. You would go back to zero for the engine only. What I mean by this is every wear item was replaced and any non wear item was thoroughly inspected. ... more »

Started new thread Motor Replays - Kodi App 4/24/2017 3:51 PM

Sorry if this is old info but over the weekend I had a chance to play with Motor Replays in Kodi. It has a lot of content for Moto including all of this years Supercross races and also MXGP! ... more »

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This is where the mental aspect of our sport comes into play. The magical aspect of the mind. You know he has the speed, you know he has the talent, you know he has the equipment, it all comes down to overcoming the mental obstacles.

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The interest rate is way out of line! You should be able to find something in the 4.5% range unless your credit score is bad. ... more »

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This is just pathetic! Lets see... 90 days in Jail if I get caught or a $10,000.00 motorcycle... for many the 90 days is worth the risk!

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Great question but it seems to come down to fashion and perception of what the brand means to the individual. For me I use to buy brands that friends used and recommended and of course personal experience with a brand and the quality of the brand. I'm ... more »

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Living in California I'm hoping this will give is "Green Sticker" two strokes!

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FLex Bars are awesome!! First used them riding on a Baja team bike and had to get my own! Now they are an both my Moto bike and Off-Road bikes.

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As a lot of people have mentioned above... Honda CRF450, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The 08's are usually in the high 2K to mid 3K so with your budget you might be looking at the 05', 06' or 07'. All of them are GREAT motorcycles and parts are readily ... more »

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It was by far the worst coverage to date! There is a race on and the announcers are missing all of the action!! Crazy!! I'm not sure what they are actually looking at to report on the racing but maybe they are looking at monitors and only see what the ... more »

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WOW! I love what Jim does on air!! I keep hoping they will replace Ralph Shaheen with Jim!

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#10 and #3 :-)

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