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Hmmm... I say Tomac will finish in the top five overall but the MXGP regulars will be schooling us! Gasjer, as everyone knows, is on fire! Fabvre seems to be getting faster as the season winds down, Cairoli is also getting his speed back and I would ... more »

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Top Notch Quality? NOT! I was a Scott Goggle guy for ever!! When the foam started coming off on the first pair I said it must be a fluke... second pair same problem. Third pair the same!! These were goggles with little use!! The dealer told me that Scott ... more »

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I can't believe you posted this! let's see, broken neck or broken collar bone? Hmmmm... let me think about this one for a minute or two. The whole neck brace issue will never die!

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I can wait a few more months... hell, I've been waiting since 2008! (not a joke).

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Yeah!! This is a great year with a lot of excitement! Tracks are just friggin gnarly and great to see the rookies bringing new speed to the class and AC digging in and showing why he's a great champion!

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Great info Press Pass! I have only been using TVAddons.AG for repositories. I will explore the Ares Wizard/Beat Build. I have never heard of this before! I'm sure once I have time to play with this I will have questions! Thanks!!

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I also cut the cord about a year ago. I own Apple TVs, Rokus, Fire TVs and also tried a Matricom Android Box (sold this in a month or two). The best I have found is the Fire TV with Kodi side loaded. I do pay for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Play Station ... more »

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Amen brother! Malcolm just needs to be Malcolm! I love the heck out of this guy and hope he always keeps it real!

Added reply in a thread anyone use firestick to watch race streams? 4/13/2016 12:15 AM

I haven't read all of the posts but yes, as said above, you buy the Amazon Fire Stick, side load Kodi and then install the TV Addons and there is an app that will let you stream FX1 and FX2. If you look on Craigs List there are guys selling them already ... more »

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Nothing better than riding in Baja with your friends!! The stories will last a life time!

Started new thread Craig's List ad of the week :-) 4/5/2016 2:54 PM

Funny... the guy "knows" what it's worth!

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Jason Anderson pretty much did it the whole race. He actually did make up just a tiny amount of time each lap.

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I was watching with a friend who has never seen SX before and I explained the history between Peick and Freise... I told him to pay attention because a pay back was coming... it was a PERFECT pass and the execution was picture perfect! By my score card ... more »

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It is great to see that the support is coming back but all of this depends on what you feel is making money? So let's say a rider isn't a top guy and makes $250,000 to $500,000 a year. Seems like good money but his career is maybe 10 years. So his career ... more »

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This secondary series has been one of the most exciting seasons in years! Yes, riders have been injured that added to the drama, RV proved that the Euro's are fucking fast! and we are all witnessing the new generation emerging! Fabvre is the real deal ... more »

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I'm going just to see Febvre!! :-)

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Right on all counts. Amazingly deep talent in Europe and the RV deal is the BEST thing to happen to Motocross in a long time!! Real Motocross and amazing riders! Bringing all of the best together is what is needed!! PS. Love my subscription to MXGP TV! ... more »

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I have heard this before and I experienced it before myself. It is a shame that there are so many guys out there doing suspension that don't have enough knowledge and experience and they don't have the right test riders to work with to develop the right ... more »