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Trirace are you looking for the clamp on the legs? just above the wheel?

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the forks weren't old. In fact many people have said the right side up forks were awesome.....on a moto track. reality was they flexed too much for supercross, they even built a custom brace for them at one point

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i HAD a rod and pins in my femur. NO MORE. i got that crap out a few years ago mucho better

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that one is estreet mx area they have the train bridge behind it. great riverbed dirt there, couldnt tell you who these are those

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considering what a vip ticket would cost, plus your with the team the whole day, If i had 1200 to drop I would totally do this I think Chad has been one of the best guys at running his own team. granted being able to win helps but still, he's created ... more »

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he probably is also making more money as ronnie mac anyways

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he rode it in 2003 outdoors. He placed 3rd? 2nd? overall at southwick of course in front guys like windham and ferry

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if ktm built a factory bike to compete against....i would say the ktm. only issue for the ktm huskys is development. Stankdog ran into issues with the lower end and gear box because the bike isn't really developed for professional racing ie ridden really ... more »

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i wouldnt call it lazy. he worked hard...up till 2009. after his perfect season he had a bigger issue with ego. unlike MC2, he wasnt in the ending stages of life when he tried SX only. plus he never backed down, which is why he and guys like TP199 have ... more »

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I think moto in MX or sx is way more dangerous. there are so many more obstacles and the tracks are changing. on street, the tarmac only changes when it is wet. even then it doesnt deform. turn 3 with always have 1 good line. a sx track can have 5. although ... more »

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ya suzuki was known for these. thats what they did in the 04 up bikes. i think they ran something like a 104 105? but to mod a short crank motor for it you cant just replace and run it. You need to have the crank torn down and balanced/rebuilt. Not many ... more »

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check this article of steve lamsons throwback 2007 cr125. it used a ryan mills 2004 motor which was a composite of engine pieces

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im not an engine builder but i did hang out with some. the issue comes down to not very many people being able to build the crank. a long rod includes pulling it all apart and balancing it and sourcing parts from other bikes. from what I have seen and ... more »

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Nice very 90's

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getting a used bike up to the condition of a new bike can cost almost the same. add in the peace of mind that X motorcycle has zero hours of being trashed, oil changes arent a question, jimbob has "fixed" things etc, moto is pricey but its no more expensive ... more »

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the 250F has a wider spread of torque and power which means easier to be smooth the 250T has a narrow powerband but higher hp which makes it easier to make mistakes there have been multiple magazine tests highlighting these differences. Usually the fastest ... more »

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I personally wouldnt have offered him a 450 deal either. He clearly showed no real effort to do well outdoors, which is half of what a 450 guys needs to be good at. Ive always found it strange that 1/3rd of a 250 season is somehow worth double than the ... more »

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overall the changes look good. I like that they are incorporating amatuer SX events. I like that they have multiple formats

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Mike, for a few years you guys ran the "MCR" bikes. and now you guys clearly run Honda's. Was the move due to a lack of support? Also I see so many 'satelite' teams running fullsize factory rigs despite the rising costs of the sport and cost of running ... more »