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Great interview, it's always nice to hear from The Dogger. So honest, such great insight, and he still rides/races so he can give input into MX/SX over the past thirty years.

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I could not agree more. He seems to have worked through his burnout issues. He just needs to land on a good team to take off again. A great fill-in ride would do the trick.

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I'm not getting involved in the rest of this but I hope Bisceglia gets a good ride. He is another of those guys who have been bounced around due to injuries / never getting the time to truly get comfortable with a bike/team. A good solid hopefully injury ... more »

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He just signed a new 3-4 year contract with KTM just last year.

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Now I understand Bogers getting the HRC MXGP 450 ride. He has history with HSF and they are now the teams title sponsor... I could not understand those rumors before.

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I've ordered twice from Frank and could not have been more pleased. His whole company is simply outstanding.

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No kidding? So someone has merely licensed the KTM name to use on their bikes?

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Seems moronic to me. Ronnie Mac was riding a public relations high few individuals will ever see. Everybody was cheering for him and laughing along with him. Then he goes and gets rude to the greatest rider this sport has ever seen? Just plain dumb... ... more »

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I noticed one on EBay 6-8 months ago. I had just purchased one from KTM Powerparts so I wasn’t interested but I should have jumped on it. I found and purchased a factory Kawasaki Hinson cover about two years ago off EBay. Indenticle to this one; ... more »

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Doesn’t he have close personal ties to HRC’s new MXGP title sponsor? Hint: this might be why he got a seat on the team..

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Let me know when you can write thousands of words a day w/o a typo of any kind... MXA rules

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Aren't LCQs effectively the same as Sudden Death?

The only problem I see with doing the Triple Crown format more often is that you'll effectively ruin the privateers. Currently they can be seen in the heats and LCQ. In the Triple Crown format, if they don't make it in as one of the fastest 22 qualifiers, they're...more

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Overthinking it Not only is he funny but he proved he can ride as well.

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I never believed they would move up the MXdN simply to accommodate the U.S. team. That would be completely unfair to the GP riders for sure. The fact that it does hurt the U.S. team is just a side bonus for Youthstream. Luongo has stated several times ... more »

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I am sorry Millsaps but I hope this works out for Barcia.

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Cairoli is just so impressive. So many world titles, consistently for so many years, and the come back title this year. This years title is also so impressive because of the outright raw speed he displayed early while he was building a one hundred point ... more »

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Plus De Carli KTM MXGP gets a young rider to build on for the future. After so much success & World Champoinships I doubt they will want to fold up when AC222 retires in a few years.

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Considering the MEC doesn't have a real whoop section I think he will do very well.

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Thats kind of Yamaha apologietic sugar coating though. Yamaha already had an accomplished team of Rinaldi Monster Energy Yamaha. They didn't really want another team even if they had just won the title - DeCarli Yamaha. I am sure Rinaldi didn't want ... more »