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WOW what a shit show we have going on here, I'm extremely disappointed its not going to be at Gatorback. Its a proven facility with a history of big races and natural terrain that provides for more interesting viewing. Shame on the owners. Now its moved ... more »

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I don't chime in on here much anymore but I just had to say. Right on, Right on, Right on.

Added reply in a thread Thumpertalk post - "source" says Dungey ain't going outdoors. 5/10/2017 12:59 PM

If Dungey and Roczen are out then that would be a hollow title for Eli or whoever wins it.. Sarcasm off.

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You heard it here first, JS259 back on a Kawasaki to help Eli and salvage a title........ STAMP IT! The fastest man on the planet can take Dungey! I'm sorry I couldn't help

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Cole's point about the payout really hits home when you think about that picture of Ken's arm and his multiple surgeries. Ken makes good money but if that happened to anyone not in the top 5 and they are ruined. The risk vs reward is so out of whack ... more »

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Good interview. I agree with what Cole says about the promoter. Not sure how that could be taken out of context. It would appear that his team didn't back him and now he has to walk back his comments. I guess he has the answer to his question. Don't ... more »

Started new thread Tampa man shot over dirtbike craigslist sale. 2/2/2017 12:37 PM

Be careful when meeting people on craigslist or in general. The more people you can have with you the better, if you feel at all uncomfortable about meeting a certain person or people who have called on your bike then don't meet them. So sad this guy ... more »

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No way Bro, that was gnarly.

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Good shit! That's what its all about.

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Your correct, that did absolutely nothing and will more than likely have the exact opposite effect. The people they confiscated the bikes from stole them in the first place so they could give two shits if you run them over. They have more than likely ... more »

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Yes sx only because that really worked out well for your big brother.......not You can't sit out the mx series while your competition races and gets faster and faster.

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I would agree with your conclusion and if that is the case I don't think we will see the James of old anytime soon unless he gets it the amount increased by a Doctor.

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I was there yesterday watching and you made your practice interesting to say the least. We were all rooting for you because you were wearing jeans. lol Damn good effort, I personally know how hard it is to get into the main. One more thing, thanks for ... more »

Added reply in a thread Js7 in for ATL? 2/27/2016 7:13 PM

Looks like we have a bunch of people who predicted wrong. Glad he finished the race and hope he can improve on his results next weekend in front of the home crowd. Lets hope he is 100% up to speed for the outdoors!

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I give Stewart credit for finishing the race, but he should have got out of the way. There was a race going on he wasn't part of it...... All I can say is Stewart doesn't have much experience with getting lapped and being shown the blue flag.

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Well said and deserves being quoted.

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I put so many laps in at that track over the years that I could have done it blind folded. Tons of great memories from Honda Hills, I think it could re open tomorrow and be just as popular. Shame that won't happen.

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All I can say is they had it right originally, cc to cc and leave it alone. Lets throw in a few new rules here in the states: Only Americans get two practice sessions, everyone else gets one. All non Americans face backward on starting line..... etc, ... more »

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You would be correct, a 250 2 stroke doesn't hold a candle to the power of a 450, its twice the displacement and is going to feel like a hell of a lot more power because it is. I know you know this, but it does illustrate why we need cc to cc. You sound

... more »
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Here is my point: Purse money is supposed to be a driving force to finish better, but with purse money being small its not a driving force for the top ten who make more off of sponsor deals and bonus money. So why not start purse money from top 10 or ... more »