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Wasn't 20 inches front wheels that experiment from Team Honda? Tell us more about this bike, it's COOL.

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I think you did cut the last answer. She wanted to say: "I speak fluent catalan" !!!!

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I'm happy to say that I once saw K-Roc in his rookie season in Bellpuig!

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I'm glad I bought the whole 2004 and 2005 Bar to Bar DVD's!

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Should we just say: "Pro Career"? Otherwise, we will never find who raced his whole career with the same brand! Well, besides Suzuki - Pastrana...

Started new thread Very cool video KTM vs Husqvarna 8/29/2014 1:39 AM

Sorry if it's been posted before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6I7qHTh8rM#t=166

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I'm glad you like our catalan product!

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Shut up Travis, and take my money!! THAT JUST MADE MY DAY, HELL YEAH!!!

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Yep, true story...!

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uhmmm... Nice rumour...

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If he is racing the Nationals on a 250F means to me that he feels something is missing (the title that he lost twice when he almost had it), so best for him, I believe would be Valli or JGR or even Monster Kawi alongside Millsaps Supercross 450, and ... more »

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I'm in. I want to see him on the JRG Yamaha alongside with Barcia...

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I'm not a fan of burka's, but there are some girls in this video that I would recommend to use one...

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The mapping button. He said the motor went slower... Although I'm a fan of CP377, I believe he is in a big lack of fitness, rather than hitting buttons, which makes him fade and start loosing positions.

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meeeec! I think everybody here were thinking on RC in 2002, but that is completely true, REED 2011!!

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Hi from Iceland, guys! Finally a weekend that I'm able to watch the motos live! Gf on holidays and me surprised by Tomac's final gap! Who is gonna take the 2nd moto in the 450's?

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I don't want to start another thread about beating the creators of any MX videogame. In fact, I do respect them a lot for at least trying it. Putting their time and effort is important and I'm not an unrespectful person myself. It was LONG TIME AGO that ... more »

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Hey man, what's wrong with drums? They make such a very good product! But I ended up buying a Roland set, haha!

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and i'm not even american...