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I love my formas. Also superior life to any astars I have owned. Soles hold up to my raptors just fine

Added reply in a thread What is happening at Suzuki? 11/26/2017 11:36 AM

Personally, I don't think you can beat them. I love mine. Got it for low 6's OTD. Put a rocket exhaust on it. And played with the suspension. Haven't replaced a (non crashed damaged) thing in 50 hours.

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That is absolute gold! Also, second the breast signing. That needs to be added in there during pit party somewhere

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Too many dudes here, let's straighten this topic up a bit...

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I don't really think that you could go wrong with either. You will get used to either one. And being comfortable and confident on what you have is key.

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What in the world? There is a toy made of the cannondale????

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Whatever you do, make sure you get it in writing from the company that they will cover you. I have used aig before for a heli skiing trip, but I made sure that I had documentation from the company that they covered it as the policy didn't specifically ... more »

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So by that logic, you think that everybody should get to go to the race for free?

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I can't help but post this...

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Careful with beating the piss out of it too bad. I beat mine and bent the frame so bad I couldn't get the linkage bolt out. Ended up buying a new frame. Recommend getting rid of the mushroom and gently tapping it out if it already moved. Or hacksawing ... more »

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You can cut to fit. I actually did it on mint just for shits. I like the 97-98 shrouds more. Call up k-rae graphics. I KNOW she has the template.

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Call brothers powersports in bremerton. +1 360-479-6943 they run the joint

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Ken da still has his signature tire, the nevegal, in its line up... dude is still a badass. Tomac bicycles used to have a bike called the "eli" about 13 years ago. That is a cool piece of trivia ... more »

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Don't think it's a photoshop. There's no radiator. Could be one of redlines bikes?

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This little nugget contains all you need to know: Tiger semen. Gws jimmy!

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This absolutely needs to be here.... Carson wrote up a paragraph on why they left the steel frame and didn't go aluminum. Kid seems pretty smart, and sounds like his dad is showing him the ropes.

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Have you had an mri done? If that has not been done, you should consider getting that done. I've had quite the saga with my shoulders, and in my opinion, you should see the visual before you make any judgements

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I have an f150 crew cab short bed (it was parked in the dealer lot next to the 6.5 for the same price, accidentally bought the wrong one)... I kick myself everytime load my bike. The extra foot would be so much nicer....

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M tech o ring conditioner. Hands down!

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Built up this antidote lifeline for next dh season. 32 pounds with a coil shock... Should be a rippah

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