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Reply to McGrath KX250AF Service Powersports 10/8/2015 1:07 PM

That thing looks great! Kinda off topic, I didn't know MC was a Maxxis guy, is that a truck racing connection?

Reply to Josh Hansen New Team? 10/7/2015 2:22 PM

I'm not trying to have a "Vs" anything. How many GP riders are there? Aren't only a certain amount of teams and riders "qualified" to race. I didn't watch every single GP this year, but most of them, and I don't recall seeing very many full gates. Do ... more »

Reply to Josh Hansen New Team? 10/7/2015 1:11 PM

We are dealing with a TON more riders over here. GPs have what, 40 maybe 50 guys total between both classes? Some Nationals have probably 100+ guys trying to qualify. How do we distinguish who gets what number? First come first serve? Also, what has ... more »

Reply to Josh Hansen New Team? 10/7/2015 11:33 AM

The REAL ridiculous part is that he even earned points at all riding a REGIONAL championship. What a joke that rule is. As far as them doing Hanny a favor and let him keep the #100? No way. What significant brand has he built? I'm not much into the flat ... more »

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 8:15 PM

You need to try a YZ250 2 smoker...that's more along the lines of the infamous "dat ass" between your legs! Ha

Reply to 2015 Team Green riders....? 10/6/2015 8:00 PM

It'd be cool if Kawi had a "B" team kinda like KTM has the FMF supported team. They have quite a bit invested into supporting a lot of these kids (not just this year but historically) for years as amateurs and a lot of them just get dumped when they ... more »

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 7:52 PM

Milner made that "wide awkward" bike look pretty good at Six Days. If it were me, for the riding he's gonna be doing in Utah, the big stable Yamaha is the bike I pick. Especially one with all the goodies and still a bad ass motor. I'm in on one in a ... more »

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 6:40 PM

Hands down the Yamaha. You can get one of the best forks ever made, or one of the worst. Seems simple to me.

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 2:13 PM

I have a WR that's plated in Idaho, but I did have to put a mirror on it.

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 1:56 PM

The X is probably a "closed course competition" bike and the WR is open to use in more places where they have restrictions like Comie-fornia. I'd also think the X has a lot less of a choked up motor than the WR. The WR is street legal in some states. ... more »

Reply to Put that in your pipe and smoke it 10/6/2015 12:26 PM

I also used these guys before I started doing it myself. One of the pipes in their gallery is actually one of mine. ha! They are legit. Quick turnaround.

Reply to New Yamaha off-road 450 10/6/2015 11:52 AM

100% possible. Hell, I used to make some "moto babies" feel pretty dumb on my KLX 450, used to put the headlight on just for MX days to rub it in a little more.

Reply to Put that in your pipe and smoke it 10/6/2015 11:50 AM

Air pressure and heat. You can fix some pretty mangled pipes with a little know-how and patience.

Reply to Darian Sanayei racing FatCat tomorrow 10/3/2015 7:30 PM

Hope he does well. Anybody think he's gonna get a ride? Canada maybe? Arenacross? Something? Anything? His family has put a lot into getting him this far, it'd be nice to see him get a shot at making a career of it.

Reply to Durham Going Privateer For '16 10/3/2015 8:45 AM

This. DD must like "doing it on his own" more than he likes money.

Reply to Webb was faster than Barcia 9/28/2015 1:47 PM

Yep! I was texting my buddy the play by play and I told him "Webb just went for the kill shot, we were 2 feet from the win!" ha

Reply to One Of The Best MXDN's Ever 9/27/2015 5:24 PM

I agree. There was some GREAT racing today, I yelled at my TV more today than all of SX, MX combined. Cool to see it come down to just straight up racing, no mechanicals, no freak accidents, just good tight racing. Good ride by the French, they earned ... more »

Reply to Cooper Webb vs. Sturt Edmonds! Ding Ding! 9/26/2015 10:47 AM

The drunk Irishman was embarrassed about getting lapped in a 20 minute race.

Reply to 2015 France MXDN Bench Racing - Quali's 9/26/2015 10:42 AM

Sounded like Webb was saying something to the effect of "you were all over the place" Cooper was going so much faster he probably had a hard time judging where Edmonds was gonna go. The Irishman only looks like more of a douche causing a scene with someone ... more »

Reply to Canadian Arenacross Tour round 1 Live! 9/26/2015 8:04 AM

Hello? Were you talking about Kiniry or Hayes?