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They try to make it complicated. A country, like an individual gets out of debt by production. America used to be a production powerhouse. It's how we won WWII.

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It's no joke. As a retired semi-pro drummer (impressive sounding title for a guy that gets paid but has no chance in hell of doing it for a living) and only playing guitar for about a year, I have 6!

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Guns, motorcycles, guitars, pens, elèctric dog polishers, gasoline powered turtlneck sweaters, fur sink covers etc.

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It's all about diet. Been lifting in various gyms since 1988 and whenever I saw a guy that was in really good shape I would pick their brain. Every single one of them said it's all about diet. So if one really want's to get ripped in a hurry just eat ... more »

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Right. This other guy was the brother or boyfriend of a girl I dated a very long time ago, can't remember. I think McGuyver was living on the beach at the time. I was such a McGuyver fan she gave me the pic.

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Remember when James was on a 250 2 stroke and RC was on a 450? And then James got a 450? Night and day difference.

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Had a dream/nightmare once that I was suddenly put in charge of loading one of those without knowing jack. I remember thinking "I'm pretty sure I can't just put shit just anywhere!".

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McGyver before he was famous.

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500 ft lbs.of torque? Really? Didn't know there is a chain that can handle that. Amazing.

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If they get out of hand put on a fedora and "click" away.

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It really depends on who your friends are. If they become too much to bear cut them loose.

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Home schooling is much safer.

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Have spent some time loading 45/70. Great caliber but not user friendly. Have had a few lever guns in 30-30. Kind of expensive to do any real shooting. Have always thought a lever gun in 44 mag would go well with my 3 screw super Blackhawk in 44 mag. ... more »

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I'm learning. You know I was clicked for over a year and during that time I looked at other sites. None are actually as good as this one. Not kissing ass, just stating my opinion. Its not called Vital for nothing.

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Thank you for the correction.

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Disalowing political posts is not listed in the rules but I would think everyone realizes it is a rule as GuyB has said it in other areas.

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"Get my brown pants".

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All true. In front of all that their problem is criminality. Criminals are being raised from birth. If Newman or lostboy had a bazooka and we were neighbors I wouldn't worry. In fact they would if they ever had to use it it would be for good. We shouldn't ... more »