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It's close to Milestone. So.....................

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Eastvale is an upgrade. I am right next to it

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That would be a great place to live. There is also this place: 311 Cessna Cir, Corona, CA 92880

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I live in Jurupa Valley (next to Corona). When going to OC I often don't bother with the 91, I take side streets through Carbon Canyon. Still takes a while but at least I'm moving. Corona is an OK city though.

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That is a great idea

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Reply to RC only the GOAT after May 3/19/2017 2:03 PM

I think you answered your own question. Ralph called RC the GOAT which he is known as. He didn't say GOAT of Supercross. That designation is known as the KING. Different guy. We can have them both.

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Good one

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Look how good this guy is.

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Who did your mixing? In the group or outside?

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This is super original. It's bold. I like that. And the aggressive panning helps sell the quirkyness which it has in spades! I heard Steely Dan too. How great is that? Looking forward to the whole thing. Great job davis.

Reply to James @ daytona... Sigh 3/12/2017 4:47 PM

Maybe he should race the remainder of the Supercross season and then go 24-0 in the outdoors.

Reply to RC - "Where you at Jeff?" 3/12/2017 4:41 PM

So critical.

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I don't think the rift is real. Its banter. How great is it to have two champions calling a race? It's not that long ago when we had zero!

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None of us got to Pearts level.

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It's funny but all those decades playing drums I never payed attention to time signature. As the song went on I would just hear the parts ahead of time and just copy what I heard in my head. Might be the wrong way but always did it that way.

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Exactly, I run a fire sprinkler contracting business and have 2 mil. in liability insurance with Lloyds of London but no medical insurance until the scene gets better and can charge more money. If it doesn't get better I will remain on the work till ... more »

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I really like that. You should hear how good it sounds on my system. So well recorded.

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That is so funny, I was just watching a video on using reacomp in Reaper tonight. And you are right, it seems it never ends. I think will just move on to #3 for a while. One thing I have found is that I keep going backwards, i.e. can't really tell levels ... more »