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Peelout you lose Those euro chicks are hot... that cowgirl bettybop thing needs to leave the usa nationals asap.. Nobody wants to go see luke bryan after a moto lol

Added reply in a thread Is the Dunlop MX52 a really bad tyre? 6/21/2016 5:18 PM

I have one ride on a pair of mx52's. (At milestone, when its dry and hardpackd).. the rear is fine i did manage to chip a little bit of rubber off the rear knobbies... The rear end tracked really well after i dropped some psi.. was running 15, went down ... more »

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Just a heads up on the semi driver thing. I know one very well, depending on the team there can be problems like with everything but, some semi drivers are expected to do way more than just drive the truck... some of them drive/set-up/cook/step-in mechanic ... more »

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Did GuyB just make a joke?
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They still have a racing pedigree though, i mean they watched their kids race from damn near infants to pros and watched the technique change and tried various stuff throught the years... they didnt just pop up like alot of random trainers who once raced ... more »

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Well, ill tell you this... my trusty 2001 yz250f still turns better than my dads 2004 crf250f lol I know im on a dinosaur but i still love the way it feels... i rode a new yz250f 2015 (not a 16) and it felt bigger and a hell of a lot more stiff than ... more »

Added reply in a thread Cianciarulo taking shots Bieber 6/10/2016 5:53 PM

why the hate on hamilton? 3-time world champ.. literally up there with the greats but you fucking knuckle dragger's hate on him like you caught your daughters diddling to his photo or something. Let me guess, you guys in here love nico crybaby rossberg? ... more »

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lmfao.... i just found out the results today, pumped for him ... more »
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... more »
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1 metric ton

Started new thread Need Feedback (Geomax 52) 6/2/2016 10:22 PM

I just threw on some geomax 52's front and rear and was wondering if anybody else has ran them out here.(Out here as in milestone, comp edge, lake elsinore...some freeriding up at stoddard wells et....I feel like i took a chance in the tire section, ... more »

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Its what happens, when the sport never recieves attention to the otherside (off_track_issues) i.e. lack of journalism, so when there is a tabloid type drama.. its like a pack of starving sharks finding food and feasting.

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Ok, I'll stop but yes..all the videos i posted need to be on some motovideos

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When I ride I like to flow...and thefore i like flowy music Here is the kind of music ill add to my videos when i get a damn gopro

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Somebody buy it for me and ship it to california and ill give you 1k.. plus reinburse the shipping fee... No im not kidding, and i wont stiff you i have the cash on hand

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Can you say fuck no fast enough..... Id rather try to seat bounce a triple than ride an unseen desert section wide open like that made my ass pucker watching it

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js7 I'm putting on the fan goggles.. lets see him up there

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I was gutted for hamilton.. im a big fan of his.. but its nice for verstappen to get a win.. even though i dont necessarily agree with what they did with kyvat. I tired of seeing that little rat rosberg win... anyone but rosberg train for me

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lol I'm More of a live and let live kinda guy. but i really dont like loud talking on the phone in a public place and people who move into a wide open lane only to do 40 fucking mph on a 65mph freeway. i hate those fucks