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If you watch the slow mo, he dumps clutch grabs it slips it and it loops out. Pretty nuts

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should have called it the- shift: Slevin label Because its that close of a rip-off

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Oh the irony ....tighter fitting using less material than ever before to MAKE the gear, very minimalist with patches, cladding, etc. and did I read that a Pants and jersey set is $365.00???????????????? Thats just insane!!!

Also its such a disgrace that Shift,...more

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Homemade 91 octane.... 50cents on the gallon.. so i guess its a hookup

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... more »
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Holy fucking shit this is amazing

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I sat in upper deck at A1 also, been awhile but i enjoyed just watching the other battles, and seeing so much. as for san diego, i've never been in the upperdeck there and im actually going to be way lower there, in section 131 right field

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I Guess so eh lol

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Idk about anybody else but i'm stoked for SD, hope some fellow vitards are out there..besides gibby and the few industry guys who have to go

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Well I use the app and its helpful. Heyoo.

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No bears, Kenny is seriously about to get close to rc and mcgraths one season record if you ask me

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Peick n reed, will get into before the year is over. Bogle and Wilson will be battling all year.

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well, in the Heat race, he was in a transfer spot and at the 3rd turn he got pushed over the berm.and by the time he got going, he was a long ways back from last. .. lcq he got a bad jump and the race was only 3 laps i think, so he really didnt have ... more »

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What you guys think? I think it made sx a bit tougher, because alot of riders were dropping anchors in the mains. also the event felt very streamlined and it was nice... not alot of wasted downtime at all

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This absolutely this...Roczen pulled a mcgrath and was way way way fucking smooth.. his bike did nothing unpredictable.. BTW, i doubt he would look as good as he did tonight on any other brand... Honda, brought in so many tech's in the honda pits it ... more »

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That bike is stable, that 1st set of wheels that were getting cupped bad, his bike stayed stable the whole night, huck a buck for all other brands in that section

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Guy b, what happened to him, just collapsed after landing from a triple.. was pretty damn sketchy, he was not moving for awhile

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Here live, and roczen is gunna pull a mc

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250. 1. Martin 2. Plessinger 3.forkner 450 1.roczen 2.musquin 3.anderson

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