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awesome man, i like the site and what i read..looking forward to seeing it through. If you want to, speak to Riesenberg448 on these forums... he know's quite alot about game development and such Good Luck man, I look forward to motoing it oneday

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+1 Alot of people just go off of what they last remember. In the current runnings of moto gaming companies - Nordic - Milestone - mx sim creator (jlv) I think that's it past companies - 989 sports - ea - midway - thq - rainbow - funcom - acclaim sports ... more »

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probably a fanbase issue. Id like to see basically a carbon copy of rampage but moto lol... but have the riders go one at a time, not just all at once if thats what you mean by the ride to the hills contest.

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I just finished watching moto 7 on redbull tv. And ronnie renners part is fucking badass... anyway, it reminds me of redbulls rampage contest.....why isnt their a similar one in moto? Im pretty sure, renner, twitch and bereman and hodges would go off ... more »

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Thats the real race too, you see some crazy pass attempts sometimes lol

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Not too nice at all, and im not wishing him ill at all its just a proven track record, just how james will explode at somepoint. or how you could guarantee ezra lusk would crash in the whoops while leading infront of mcgrath. Have to call a spade a spade ... more »

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+100 I was so hyped about that game.. and it never ever appeared i remember them scanning david bailey and i think jimmy button standing up. thats all i can remember about that clip at the sx.

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guaranteed josh grant will be out at somepoint.. ill be interested in seeing who kawasaki takes in for that fill in ride.

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Riding for 15 years, never raced.. pro practicer at various tracks lol. attending Pro sx races since 1989 i was just 5 months old at my first ever supercross. I just turned 28 last month. so i still plan on riding and attending alot more races. (I might ... more »

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+1 Im currently rocking alias gear, theyre stuff is amazing... Next set, is def going to be fasthouse

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Yeah the bike setup thing is a pain in the ass when youre tinkering and then start changing stuff in crazy directions all willy nilly like lol.... but to get the most out of it you have to mess with advanced stability settings... takes time thats for ... more »

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Ill be there

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not necessarily true, alot of people in their 20s work on saturdays,, atleast where im from down here in im thankful i have the weekends off, but i usually use my time to either a. go ride my mtn bike for a bit or b. go play hockey for a bit. ... more »

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thats a step in the right direction

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I play mxsim nightly -- dboivin-- the tracks are still released, just delayed for free.. and that is only the rf team that charges for tracks, you can still download all the tracks that end up in 802 from i love their site ... more »

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With that, you would turn the 250fs into the premier class and most spectacular because you get way more action in 250f's and more drama.. which would sellout those little arenas asap. you would not sell out a stadium with 450s alone because after the ... more »

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wrong bro, you state the answer. 1. 450 / 250 classes are premier full season.. (you can move up or down, per season) 2. The 250f entry class should be created, and would run the races like the old school morning qualification races that used to be amazing. ... more »

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That shit is funny

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WTF. I was already going to skip A1 and go to san diego, but the issue ive run into with san diego is that i cannot select were i want to sit. i wish more people would vote with their wallet. But alot of people do not care i guess.... I'm going to just ... more »

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Yeah man, i rage moded hard one time when i was younger because of the got damn seattle sx.. that track always bit me in the ass.... david bailey saying "He goes down again" lol Now that i think about it, thats all the motoheads want.. is a motocross ... more »