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One man's trash is another's treasure I guess.

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Pill form of balls of steel softener so he can do an interview? I will say the glutamine and amino acids have change my training next day soreness woes. Almost non existent soreness and quick recovery. But that would be my guess too, for recovery..

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NFL Play Off Weekend maybe? I think it's all social media now as my news feeds blow up on Saturday morning. I think it time you try to stop relying on VitalMX. Also I think people are getting tired of the blow by blow post formats on here, a lot of us ... more »

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Going through the tight tree were impressive..

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Bummer about Leticia health

Wondered why her online presence dropped. Hope she gets better..
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+1 for Leticia

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You need one thing.. daaaahhh Technique Trainer Intro from Ryno Equipment on Vimeo.

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I think it's the state of California die'ing in general. They all moved to CO and riding here now. I think I have 10 new friends all from CA riding here now.

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Dahhhhh, its a KTM and a 2 stroke, course it will sell right away

And always have plenty of pictures.. I skip right over the post with no pictures first. Adding a girl in a bikini works too. Unless you have a unique bike, skip eBay as well. ... more »
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Is it Throw Back Thursday already?

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Looks like emig huck-a-buck monster reach out and high sided you at the end. Heal up! I'm going to have to come down and race Glen Helen next year. Looks like a lot of fun.

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Guess vitalmx users didn't get the memo.. here is the Nov 9th RacerX interview with Big James and James.. RacerX - What's Next For Stewarts Future

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Looks like some serious fun. Thanks for the photos..

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He is still undecided and has some decisions to make. I know of one offer he has been made from insider. Just watch keep watching supercross reruns and chill.

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Media photohound from another forum got into the motoconcepts pits after practice when they had the valve cover off. Here's the proof, the modification is pretty obvious why they are getting the holeshots. Not sure if it's legal. A lot of discussion

... more »
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No luck with my Xfinity login when I tried live stream for fs2.

I get FS1. Guess I will wait and try when MEC shows up on the live preview boxes.