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Reply to PC 2017 is this real? 8/28/2016 4:31 PM

Thanks for filling the gaps, anniebertmojo! I will actually be seeing L.B. Mike this week during a trip to Bentonville. Will be stopping by Mike's shop for some bench racing---his photo collection from 'in the day' is amazing. His memory is even better! ... more »

Reply to PC 2017 is this real? 8/28/2016 2:49 PM

Here's the gear story from Laguna Beach Mike (Andy's old wrench and teammate for a bit on 'zuks). I sent him the link and his response is below: "I worked on that bike. Andy started wearing white when we rode for Victorville Suzuki. He carried the look ... more »

Reply to Ponca City 2015 turnout 8/28/2016 2:29 PM

NMA went to hell when Virginia Moorewood was no longer around to save Ron from himself. RIP Ted.

Reply to Did Suzuki make their announcement today? 8/27/2016 9:11 PM

That'll work! Thx for the 411.

Reply to Did Suzuki make their announcement today? 8/27/2016 7:50 PM

Define "limited".

Reply to I did it. Cut the cord. 8/27/2016 7:35 PM

Good man! I have begged the warden to let me do the same. She ain't having it......

Reply to Who wears work boots? 8/27/2016 2:37 PM

Caterpillar brand steel-toes with electrician soles (8") are my foot tool of choice. Buttery. Keen's for hiking. Red Wings are my choice for non-lace boots------you'll love 'em. EDIT: just caught old post update. Your Red Wings still look good.

Reply to 1980 CR125 Mugen swingarm 8/27/2016 2:35 PM

That '79 O'Mara bike....... (wiping drool off chin).

Reply to Fly needs to make an ad 8/27/2016 2:29 PM

I like it. Perhaps "Short says see ya".

Reply to Didn't see this coming for Kenny! Factory Honda/In-N-Out Burger 8/27/2016 2:28 PM

Spring forks! KR be happy....

Reply to That's a wrap for stankdog 8/27/2016 2:24 PM

Wut? Husky gave Emig a 125 with orders to build a beast for an exhibition race. That bike couldn't have gone to a guy that is creating buzz for the brand racing the nationals? How many Husky employees who do not race competitively have been shelled out ... more »

Reply to Fasthouse gear. 8/27/2016 6:05 AM

Same. Military Dad----up early. Best time of day! Have a good one, Slippy.

Reply to First kid off to College. Dealing with Momma. 8/27/2016 5:28 AM

For my wife it was 3 years-----until oldest son shipped off to college. It was bordering on helo-parenting. Then suddenly----daughter was considered 'on her own' and #2 kid became the focus. Got him done, but wait----there's more!

We are now ... more »
Reply to Fasthouse gear. 8/27/2016 5:18 AM

5:13 a.m.?! Damn, son, did you catch the worm this morning?

Reply to May Be Time To Quit Flying.... 8/26/2016 3:34 PM

Oh man, don't get me started....

Reply to May Be Time To Quit Flying.... 8/26/2016 3:13 PM

Smart man. Walking away from a $1k ticket (mid-trip) and renting a suv just to regain some semblance of control over my situation. So, yeah, I believe I'm right behind you... If we accept the status quo, it will continue. It may anyway...

New thread May Be Time To Quit Flying.... 8/26/2016 2:57 PM

.....these muthafuckers. Any other industry and they would be put out of business. They simply do not give a shit about their customers----and they don't have to worry about competitors doing any better... Discuss among yourselves while I clear the phlegm. ... more »

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Reply to Fasthouse gear. 8/26/2016 2:14 PM

I've been traveling cross country in a Fasthouse hat. I have had exactly one comment----and that dude was carrying what was obviously suspension in a hard-case at the airport (man, did I feel sorry for him.).

Still a bit underground---which ... more »
Reply to Stamp it... (With erasable ink) ;-) 8/26/2016 11:01 AM

So, this has turned into a 'clause measuring' contest?

... more »
Reply to 2015 YZ125AF Ironman 8/26/2016 10:57 AM

He just hears music that others don't hear!

I kinda like that spirit in my friends.... ... more »