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Reply to I won $10,000.00... 12/9/2016 11:43 AM

I won a Swiffer gift box via email. All I had to do was give them my bank account info. Pics to follow.

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Reply to Biggest news of 2017!!! 12/9/2016 11:40 AM

Somebody be creepin.... I see you creepin.

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Reply to Stewarts: Matthes rumor mill 12/9/2016 8:08 AM

Can't stand the ex------but keeps the name anyway...

Reply to Any crazy mini parents on here? 12/8/2016 7:05 PM

Priorities, my man! How big is your Toter-Home?

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Reply to No 12 days of VitalMx this year 12/8/2016 11:48 AM

Didn't you hear? The libtards cancelled Christmas this year in protest of the election.....

Reply to friese 12/7/2016 1:37 PM

Dude is all up in your head.... Let it go---she wasn't worth it.

Reply to Broc Tickle Signs with Vexea MX 12/7/2016 8:00 AM

Tickle never sounds jazzed about anything. Seems to be a 'level' type of guy with no real emotional highs/lows. Probably serves him well when things are not going well, and keeps him in check when he's clicking. As for "gear is gear"---that's a bit of ... more »

Reply to Tickle, Rodgers, Weege & more on Pulpmx Show Tonight 12/5/2016 4:40 PM

Hey man, Rome wasn't built in a year....and neither was the PulpMX App....

Reply to Reed Monster Tweet 12/5/2016 12:38 PM

Those two Afrikaners running MNST are like crazy-ass cajuns----they stop and sleep, but the party never ends. Betting they teach the "Cola Boys" a thing or two about marketing to the targeted demographic....

Reply to Is Reed changing gear brand 12/5/2016 12:29 PM

Well, that certainly went down differently from the divorce from Thor a few years know, when he made a public event out of throwing out all his Thor shit. Reed has matured---- a lot.

Reply to Anyone have a new SS Camaro? 12/3/2016 9:11 PM

Apples and oranges comparison. I still advise the OP to scratch that new-gen muscle car itch and enjoy the SS for what it is----a metric shit ton of fun for "romping around." Track cars have their place, canyon carvers have their place, family wagons ... more »

Reply to Matthes on 250 class 12/3/2016 8:01 AM

It's like an industry country club. Same old faces. No one else is allowed to enter the hollowed halls of "The Industry"---ask Genova, and even Hewitt. Chris Crossland is finding out, as well. Sure, you can spend your dough and park your semi at the ... more »

Reply to Anyone have a new SS Camaro? 12/2/2016 4:07 PM

I had a 2011 SS with the LS3 and Hurst 6-speed. Mine WAS a daily driver. I say scratch that itch, brother!! They are a lot of fun to romp around!

Reply to Matthes on 250 class 12/1/2016 9:06 AM

NASCAR's business model is under stress with a percipitous attrition of the corporate bottom line. I'm not sure this is the organization that should be used as a 'model,' but I sense the SX insiders are salivating at the thought of a chartered (or team

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Reply to Anybody else see this? 11/30/2016 12:52 PM

Deano is stalking McCarty!! Dude is, like, posted up in the parking lot and sh!t.

Reply to Matthes on 250 class 11/30/2016 11:40 AM

Hmmmm...ride what fits? 125 Class 250 Class 500 Class And, I was the number you earn. NAH, what kinda crazy shit is that?! Man, I gotta stay outta Billy Hill's homebrew so early in the morning! I'll be outside polishing the gran torino...and

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Reply to Teams Number Font 11/29/2016 5:06 PM

Yeah, man---------------------but it looks like NASCAR, bro!! You know, like that's a GOOD thing....

Reply to RCH/N-Fab?? 11/28/2016 7:49 AM

I have never heard a bad word about Carey Hart. How many guys can you say this about who has earned $20M? It isn't easy to reach that level of wealth without creating a few enemies---but the guy seems to have achieved just that.

Reply to Need a favor from someone who is going to Day in the Dirt this weekend 11/25/2016 3:26 PM

Find anyone from Fasthouse----they will point you in the right direction.