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I agree that interest will wane----so ride the piss out of 'em!! The next gen won't care and wouldn't know what to do with them. My step-dad had a barn full of model A's he restored----even an A300 woody wagon. He had the original Ford blueprints for ... more »

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You mean an "improved" attitude. Betting JA21, Bad Bobby, and John Gallagher had a post-race 'visit' that resulted in an 'understanding.' Also betting Gallagher will be doing a pre-race drive-by of the Husky pits as a reminder.

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You're probably right re: outdoors. Still believe SX will be Seely only. Honda isn't likely worried about a cash-burn.

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My guess is: -Seely only in SX -Martin joins Seely for outdoors. This gives HRC an early test drive with JM6.

Reply to Kawasaki Will Cut Ad Ties With ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Citing Trump 1/23/2017 7:56 AM

So its okay with the mods to crucify Friese (3 separate threads filled with vitriol) but one is forbidden from criticizing an oem....?

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You can bet your sweet deriere that FELD will milk this on every "MON$TER SX by FELD" highlight reel for the rest of the season. Punish Anderson and make bank from it...just like Peick last year.

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This is gonna sound crazy, but the local Cycle Gear (Huntington Beach) had one on the sale rack before Christmas. It was an XL. Doubt it is still there, but you might call 'em up and ask. I'd go check for you, but I am 1,500 miles away for the next week.

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There is no "time limit" on calling out a thief-----ever.

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You guys are worse than wimmins when it come to shakes and squeaks! Just loosen up on the wheel and turn the stereo up!

That's a sweet new red rig, King! Congrats! ... more »
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Hate to see it go away. Never heard a rider call them out for misquoting comments simply to generate clicks.....

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Don't sell yourself short. You have a damn important job. Be safe, brother.

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All good on my S6, bossman. And, hat tip to the techies for the fix!

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Don't be shortin' Shorty!!

He did it in a VAN, man!! (said in best "The Dude" voice). ... more »
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Oh pious one, how is the view from your throne?

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CR is sitting in the lounge swilling coffee with a Swift hurry, no worry.