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My bad I see where the info came from. I dont get to come on Vital much anymore or stay updated with the new year coming up so I wanted to ask. I can take the heat. This is where it came from if I would of known that I would of known better. ... more »

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Any truth to this? Sorry if it has already been posted. Just wanted to know if this is for real? JAMES STEWART TO TEAM YAMAHA FOR 2018 OCTOBER 6, 2017 / NVRPERFORMANCEWEAR stewieyeam

A summer-long rumor is now official: James Stewart will be ... more »

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If he knows how to use a clutch I would get his a KX 65 special if you think he is going to be on tracks and possibly race. If he has no idea how to use a clutch then KLX 110 and if he is going to ride around small tracks and fields. I have a 4 year ... more »

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If James makes the decision to race again that would be great and if he doesn't that is awesome too! If James Stewart is going to race again he will race 2018 SX season. I would say A1 but lets be realistic and say 2018 SX season. If he doesn't race ... more »

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I would love to go to Japan!

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You're going to Millville? Can I go?

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Thats an awesome story! GL is defiantly a great guy! Good Luck to you and your son! He is a lucky kid to have a dad like you to get him a new KTM 65 for Loretta's! Tell him to ride it like he stole it!

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Jeff you couldn't of said it any better. The more times you eat a day and the more you eat the faster your metabolism is, unless I would be 6' 500lbs Im 6' 220lbs. Work Work Work! I am addicted to work, and I have a family with 2 kids now. Ive have been ... more »

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That is terrible news. I have really grown to be a Big Broc Tickle fan the last couple of years. He always gives it 100% no matter what, I really like seeing him upfront with the top 5 guys. You can always count on seeing the # 20 battling. I hope he has a speedy recovery and stays with RCH next year and see him do good in SX and next years Great Outdoors!

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Welcome back Jeff. I was wondering where you were!

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Any word on James racing outdoors at all? Aldon would be a huge help if he races.

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I was watch the Gp's and watched AC go 1-1 and said to myself wow he really is back to the old AC and winning!

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How can you forget the any days James was on a Dirt bike at all? Back when he raced 125s that was the most exciting class to watch! Come on man! Are you new to this sport? When James had braces were you in your moms belly? Did you ever see the race when ... more »

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The right way to do it is be ready for the outdoors ad put in a solid ride like the James everyone knows and if he retires cool if not then after SX next year!

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Ive have been waiting along time for someone to comment on Chad's whole CRtutu. Love the picture fits him good. I was a never a Reed fan but still had respect for the guy now Reed who? He needs to hang the boots up for a tutu with a butt patch. Sore ... more »

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I have never owned a KTM so you would probably have a better option than me. But I agree with some of the other guys on here that if you want a straight up race bike KTM all day. But if you want a badass 2 stroke that is a little more reliable YZ is ... more »

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My buddy owns a bike mechanic shop right by my shop and Im always in there and one day I asked him how come you always have so many KTM's in here always. He said because KTM is the fastest 2 stroke out there and everyone wants one, but they always need ... more »

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Mookie looks just as fast as JS I think if he keeps riding the way he does and stays injury free he will be a top contender soon.

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to race?

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Lets just say Mookie should be able to be able to beat Martin.