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Saw the footage from a other angel, because I always wanna understand what happened and just a little high side that catapulted him into the barriers. The people from Macau made a big mistake, one that there weren't more couchens and two that all his ... more »

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What happened with Jeremy Martin?

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Indeed I think that is one of those tearjerker movies for guys

... more »
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Does this mean that CP377 is racing in 2018?

Reply to Live Macau Street Grand Prix 2017 (Moto-F3-...) 11/16/2017 2:51 PM

That is pretty sad, isn't it? Because, if you ask me, those races such as Michael Dunlop an Ian Hutchinson (both not racing Macau), Glenn Irwin, Peter Hickman, Michael Rutter, Dan Kneen, Derek Sheilds, ... should all be big motosport stars making nice ... more »

New thread Live Macau Street Grand Prix 2017 (Moto-F3-...) 11/15/2017 3:34 PM

FULL TIME SCHEDULE LOCAL TIME RACE TIME EST Saturday 02.40 AM // PST Friday 11.40 PM Suncity Group Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix - 12 laps

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Reply to What time does the ADAC Stuttgart Supercross start today.? 11/10/2017 2:54 PM

Great racing with so much good riders in both classes. The SX1 class is so stacked, damn! This shows you don't need to best racers in the world to have good racing, you just need a field that is on the same level speedwise and the ADAC SX dudes have ... more »

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02.00 est and tomorrow 01.30 est

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Reply to Pourcel plans? 11/9/2017 3:38 PM

Thanks for the update. What French magazines are you reading, because I really need to work on mine French and moto magazines are maybe a way to do it haha.

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Wouldn't he and couldn't he be a good fit to replace Millsaps? Ok he's a long shot but he can work with someone like Yannig Kervela or a other coach to become a bit better at supercross and do OK! Good experience yesterday evening on French supercross race , it was small track but good trainning before Paris . #happy #pleasure #3rd #thankyoubudracing #sx @bud_racing @kawasakimxgp @monsterenergy @6dhelmets @oakleymotorsports @sevenmx_ @alpinestars @ffm @therealbm225 ? @haudik57 Een bericht gedeeld door Benoit Paturel6 (@benoitpaturel6) ... more »

New thread Pourcel plans? 11/9/2017 6:49 AM

Does anyone know what Chris his plans are for the future? Is he racing Canadian Nationals in 2018 or will he be testing bikes for KTM and Husqvarna. Because I heard that Roger really likes his input just like the other people on the KTM/Husqy family. ... more »

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Reply to Racer X: Cade Clason Addresses Positive Test 11/4/2017 8:00 AM

If I'm not mistaken it is pretty easy. You ask a TUE to the WADA/USADA and as long if they don't send you a form that you need to have with you at every race (because you need to show it at every control) you are not allowed to use the medicine why this ... more »

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The fact is that Paturel got a offer to race for Rinaldi back in March, but because he was really confident about himself and the season he was riding he wanted to wait a bit longer and be free for other offers so he said no to Yamaha, and they signed ... more »

Reply to Who will be the next big name in Supercross? 10/25/2017 4:58 PM

Jo Shimoda, he trains with Marvin Musquin' old trainer Yannig Kervella and is signed with Geico. Saw that kid rip his 65cc back in 2014 at Junior World Championship and 4 years later he's already on a 250cc bike racing MEC Amateur Cup!

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The biggest problem is that two diehard fund seekers are also leaving together with Joel Smets. So that won't make things easier. People who normally use their connections to find some funds are leaving and now someone else needs to stand up and to find ... more »

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I was the first one who said Hunter L. signed with Geico, idem about Gariboldi/Lancelot Honda team and other stuff. Don't wanna be cocky but believe me when I say that I have sources that share this intel with me. Bye the way it is also published on ... more »

New thread No team Belgium in 2018 at MXON 10/24/2017 7:56 AM

The title says it all. Sources are telling me that it is very likely that there will be no Team Belgium at the MXON in the USA if there won't be any financial support from Youthstream. The local government body is broke, FMB-BMB and Joel Smets has resigned ... more »

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