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Reply to Doctors say late BMX legend Dave Mirra had CTE 10/19/2016 8:55 AM

I saw the movie 'Concussion' and thought imideatly about motocross. What about James Stewart, Travis Pastrana, Ricky Carmichael, Seb Tortelli, Robbie Reynard in this and 10 to 15 years? One big crash is enough to release those toxic proteins.

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You're welcome:

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Yeah it's cool that Red Bull does stuff, but never saw the value of this event.

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Malcolm is racing in Arnhem the European Supercross Championship against Febvre, Gasjer, Bogle, Ramette, Soubeyras, ... No doubt he could make more money there.

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Under what 'item' do you find FS2? Can't find it.

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Reply to How do I teach my boy to.... 10/12/2016 6:17 PM

You're never to young to learn how to scrub. Look at the son of Marcel Vandrunen, former Grand Prix pilot.

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Roger DeCoster (duh!), Stefan Everts & Ricky Carmichael and about that last head I'm not sure...

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Stupid question maybe, but do the ISDE guys think in E1/E2/E3 or do they think in Overall results and do they wanna be the best overall (E1-E2-E3 together)?

Reply to Would you bet on MX/SX if you could? Marketing survey 10/12/2016 9:39 AM

Yeah I would bet! Something like: Will Ryan Dungey finish the season without missing a mean event - YES (NOTPOSSIBLE) - NO +800.00 Will Kyle Chisholm end up in the main event today - Yes -105.26 // No +290.00 And that stuff like: Who will take the official ... more »

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Reply to MEC will be live for international viewers 10/11/2016 2:38 PM

It tells you how big our sport is. And lets be honest NCAA Football is way bigger then motocross. That's also the reason why Youthstream is thinking about racing on Monday at Charlotte! Then they would have less competition from NCAA sports, NFL and ... more »

Reply to Simpson to Yamaha? 10/11/2016 12:25 PM

Yeah those rumors are true, but Wilvo supports Aleksandr from day one. He gave him a place to sleep, he created a place at Jacky Martens team for him, and when Wilvo went from JM Racing to Standing Construct he took Aleksandr with him. So IF Tonkov can ... more »

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I don't get what you're are saying but: Wilvo and Standing are splitting up. Wilvo will continue with a MXGP team on Yamaha. Riders will be: Tonkov, Simpson and Tonus. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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Reply to "It appears that Cooper Webb will not be competing at the Monster Cup" 10/10/2016 4:29 PM

He already raced the 450 in Bercy and Genoa last year not?

New thread Should SX be two days? 10/10/2016 11:53 AM

Just thinking out loud. What if you could reduce race weekend but boost the race days? For example Anaheim 1 and Anaheim 2 on Friday evening and Saturday-afternoon. Like at some European Supercross races. If we hear that the races broadcasted Saturday ... more »

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