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Reply to Eli on the defense about arm pump 1/19/2017 4:01 PM

Oh indeed that's no good sign! Maybe this insta post is some good material for a gatedrop article?! I see a headline about Tomac' mental state! About training with fast guys, that is something that the Belgians did back in the days when the sport just ... more »

Reply to Modern SX Tracks Boring 1/19/2017 3:45 PM

FELD & DirtWurx should allow former riders or even fans to send in cool designs. Think about 2009 when Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, ... created tracks that where cool tracks! Jeremy McGrath

Ricky Johnson Ricky Carmichael ... more »
Reply to What happened to 377? 1/15/2017 2:24 PM

I was watching, saw him go down and rage quited watching! TV went off and I went to bed! Damn I hope he gets lucky one of these days.

Reply to Moto Sayings 1/14/2017 3:25 PM

Reply to Why is it so hard to retire?? 1/11/2017 1:55 PM

It is crazy that I gonna say this, but it is true. Because most pro sport stars are doing their sports from very young their career is strangled with their daily live. Also because they spent more time then an average person 'working' they have almost ... more »

Reply to Panic Button for Pourcel? 1/9/2017 3:21 PM

Oh damn, now I see! You're no motocross fan! Otherwise you should've posted these names above! Most of them have great rides and are making decent money. And we will see what the future brings.

Reply to Panic Button for Pourcel? 1/9/2017 2:45 PM

We will see later in the season. He comes back from a broken neck and last season he already showed that he needs some races to get in the groove. Oh bye the way who are those 5 guys who should've have his ride? Ivan Tedesco? Andrew Short or ... more »
New thread Time Schedule Anaheim1 1/5/2017 2:55 PM

I'm looking for a PDF from the Anaheim1 time schedule. Anyone who got this or has a link to it? Because the results website from the AMA gives a error and FELD doesn't have one on their site!?!

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Reply to A1 Press Conference 1/5/2017 11:10 AM

No Pourcel? No Party!

Reply to Ms. Supercross 2017 1/3/2017 2:00 PM

I knew vital was the home of that kind of creeps that watch preggo!

Reply to UFC vs SX promotion 1/3/2017 8:55 AM

That is also why we as journalists are pretty useless this day n age. We are good to write racereports, post the PR on the website and shoot some pictures. Interviews are lame because like you say they rather let their riding do the talking, in fact ... more »

Reply to Kodi users, which add-on for SX? 1/3/2017 8:46 AM

UK Turk - Phoenix - ZEM TV (Sports and their somewhere) - Sportdevil (Low Quality)

New thread JS just inked a deal! 12/30/2016 4:48 PM

James Stewart just inked a deal! James 'Bubba' Stewart will race the Full EMX300 championship for TM Racing. The Italian manufacturer proudly announced this on their yearly New Years drink. Teammanager Marcel said: 'We're honored that a rider like James

... more »

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Reply to RCH with no Fox riders. 12/28/2016 4:08 PM

And after last year where they needed new money, urgent or it was done, they will probably use their money smarter then give it to RCH just because they like the boss.

Reply to Dean Wilson to wear oneal gear? 12/27/2016 7:24 AM

Striptease or burlesque dancing, DJ Boot with Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas, ... That kind of interesting?

Reply to VICIS NFL Helmet 12/23/2016 2:19 PM

Airoh is probably the best example that light weighted helmets are equal on 'hospital time'. Havy Arai helmest are preventing 'hospital time'.

New thread VICIS NFL Helmet 12/23/2016 6:59 AM

Almost a year back someone came to me, a 6D factory rider in Europe, and said this is no hype this is real safety. I said yeah you can say what you want you get money in the bank from it. Then he asked me to follow him and he brought me to a person (dunno ... more »

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Reply to Arenacross Coverage 12/22/2016 5:30 PM

I don't get the fact why brands like clothing, goggles and stuff are pushing more money to AX. They are also on FOX, the arena's are full and mostly with real MX fans because non mx fans wanna see the big names like Reed/Stewie or even Travis. So they ... more »

Reply to Broc tickle hits on ken roczen 12/21/2016 11:34 AM

Oh that great news, that means we vitards have a shot with Jessica! Hahahaha