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Reply to Wilson to return to husky in 2018? 3/29/2017 10:41 AM

Is a possibility that Prado signs for Bobby and rides Husqvarna?

Reply to Done with Ethika. Need some advice for better Chonies. 3/28/2017 3:26 PM

I used to wear Bjorn Borgs but now switched to Jack & Jones Boxers. They are better and cheaper.

But also a brand that supports moto is Pull-in. That is part of the Kenny Equipment (Clothing). Pull-In Racing ... more »
Reply to why shouldnt kyle chisholm ride at your house? 3/28/2017 3:13 PM

GuyB, you're killing the brainstorm session! That is not cool. Very wild guess: Maybe he run away with the lady of the house. Maybe he didn't pay the rent for the track? Maybe he eats all the left overs from the fridge and this without asking (unacceptable ... more »

Reply to Wilson to return to husky in 2018? 3/28/2017 2:55 PM

He has still some room to improve so if Dixon can keep him, he will be one of the many to keep an eye on in 2018. Tonkov I don't know, we will see how he does in Australia. I don't know how many of the "Lorreta Lynn graduates" are already inked and how ... more »

Reply to Wilson to return to husky in 2018? 3/28/2017 11:04 AM

Dunno, I heard a rumor that teams are already looking at him because he's riding very solid and showing flashes of speed. But to be honest it is more a supposition. I also heard that Lieber is open for USA because the 450 is as big of a jump then learning ... more »

Reply to Wilson to return to husky in 2018? 3/28/2017 10:56 AM

2018 KTM 450: Osborne - Musquin - Canard? 2018 Husqvarna 450: Anderson - Wilson 2018 KTM 250: Smith - Prado - ? 2018 Husqvarna 250: Moiseman - Sanayei?

Reply to Kodi users, which add-on for SX? 3/27/2017 8:36 AM

ZEM TV (Sports > Fast TV > Channels enough) MotorReplay (I watch MotoGP, F1, RoadRacing, ... with it) ProSports (If You're interested in

Project D (On-Demand Replays from Sports) Phoenix (Livesports & On-Demand)
Reply to HRC v KTM 3/26/2017 2:59 PM

4 & 5th mediocre results? OK Weird way of looking at things. PS: Wins from the '80 nor the '90 count really for the marketing teams. Because I don't see Honda use JM Bayle, JMcGrath wins to sell a brand new 450. Honda tries to use their legacy of ... more »

Reply to Riding after Traumatic Brain Injury 3/26/2017 2:45 PM

Watch this: The Crash Reel and be smart.

New thread Big crash from Micha-Boy de Waal! 3/26/2017 2:18 PM

Today the Dutchies were racing at the 'Dutch Masters of Motocross'. The races were won by Max Nagl & Brian Bogers. Also Micha-Boy de Waal was racing in the MX1 class. The 'No Fear Energy Drink' rider showed no fear and was flying!

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Reply to American media vs MXLarge 3/23/2017 3:18 PM

This season you guys are doing indeed great work if we talk about the race weekends! If you follow VitalMX and MXVice as Yank you are up to date. With all respect GateDrop is sometimes to much "fan boys writing about hero's".

Reply to American media vs MXLarge 3/23/2017 9:23 AM

MXVice? Motocrossplanet the english. That are the most unbiased sites you can find I guess who are writing in English.

Reply to American media vs MXLarge 3/23/2017 8:39 AM

No I don't like the guy but I occasionally bump in to him when I do some writing for Belgian and Dutch websites.

Reply to American media vs MXLarge 3/22/2017 2:16 PM

If you both come to V'Waard I will buy you guys a drink. Because the last time I asked Geoff to pour me a drink, he said that a arrogant, big mouthed prick like me could do it himself. He closed the lemonade provided by the organization and putted back ... more »

Reply to American media vs MXLarge 3/21/2017 4:28 PM

With articles like this, he didn't make himself popular towards guys like Jason Thomas and Steve Mathes I guess. Last Chance – AmericaTeam USA – Bad losers? But if he thinks it's his duty to write stuff like that, he shouldn't cry about the tweets and stuff. I mean real journalists ... more »

New thread American media vs MXLarge 3/21/2017 4:15 PM

Not sure what is it with the America media at the moment, but I’ve had one of the RacerXonline guys (Chase Stello) having a go at me on his social media account last week, because I used some information from wikipedia (who I actually contribute to). ... more »

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New thread Austrian Motocross Championship - Mudfest 3/21/2017 2:51 PM

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Reply to The Paris Supercross Back in Paris! 3/17/2017 4:20 PM

In Lille they used 50% of the football field and 50% of the stadium because the stadium is 50.000. Now they can use everything just like it is for 100%. That will be cool to see. Also the stadium will is ready in September if I'm not mistaken so the ... more »

Reply to Ken Roczen - Hopes & Fears 3/13/2017 3:58 PM

He will be ready for 2018 Outdoors. Give him time. Great champions come back for big shit! Stefan Everts his knee was totally ruined after the crash in Beaucaire and the year after his arm was also in a very bad condition. Josh Coppins his foot was shattert ... more »