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The music ruined the video for me, I was looking forward to NOT hearing that thing rip around the track.

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My comments were based on seeing the video from a few weeks ago where he looked slow but super smooth and fluid. In the video above, he looks like a totally different rider. I don't expect him to be going fast based on where he is in his recovery but ... more »

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I don't even think that's Kenny. It's probably some troll dressed like Kenny trying to set the internet on fire. His body position and technique looks more novice than worlds greatest rider. In the vid of him riding a couple of weeks ago he looked an ... more »

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His career path isn't unlike most others who came before him. He'll be fine.

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I have 7 standard Twin Air filters for my 17 and they all go on with no issue.

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It makes sense that the AMA would want it but I just don't know what they offer the local track in return.

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I assumed that was the case but for whom? I don't understand how "sanctioning" works.

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We have a big annual local race around here that used to just fall under the local organizations rules and class structure. This year it is AMA sanctioned so if you aren't an AMA member, you need to become one and the classes are now structured like ... more »

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I'm not 100% sure but I believe it's the pass at the 22:40 mark.

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I've found that FC is great if you know exactly what you want them to address. If you just allow them to give you their generic setting and you assume you're "one and done", you may or may not like it. That's not a knock on them. Their policy is that ... more »

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I put some serious thought into a TH back in 2012. After hearing a few horror stories, I opted to order a 7x16 cargo trailer instead and built my own poor mans TH. My CT came with a lifetime warranty against a leaky roof and a rotted floor, I liked that.

... more »
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Keefer is one of the greatest assets to the moto community. I love his contributions. I've thrown RM some love since his pod came out. I just wish there was a way to note that at checkout so they could see a return on that investment.

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The VM was weak AF and this thread is worse. Peelout sounds like a computer programmer who was stuffed in too many gym lockers as a kid. Making fun of someone's weight? Really? Is that the bar for "funny" around here?

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Most importantly, does anyone know if he's still clean? That would be the most important detail to me. None of this other nonsense really matters. Hopefully he's doing well.

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I have mine at 104 also. More importantly, make sure your free sag is between 25-45mm. Otherwise you'll need a new spring.

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I had a 16 KX 450 and now have a 17 and I went from the stock TAC forks to a very nice pair of Enzo set up KYB SSS forks to a pair of CVs. On a scale where 0 is the baseline of the TAC fork, I would say the KYB were +5 over the baseline and the CVs were ... more »

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There was a bit of a ramp or dip in the road right at the tracks that if you hit fast enough, you could get air. The most prevailing story is that they pulled around traffic that was waiting for an approaching train to pass and accelerated to hit it ... more »

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I have about 50 hours on the 16 and maybe 15 hours on the 17. The 17 had tight valves from factory so I loosened them up and they haven't moved in 10 or so hours. The 16 was in spec from the first time I checked them and have not moved. I last checked ... more »

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Too many tinder references from Ray and ML said "hashtag free Cade" and laughed at his own jokes way too much. I made it about an hour in.

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I have a prescription for it and I can't tell a difference on race day. If anything, I get a little more arm pump so I avoid it on race day. That being said, I've heard that if someone has ADHD, they won't feel the high, they'll just feel normal. So ... more »