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I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, but hypothetically speaking, when a guy like Grant (pro-riders) say that they 'went out and bought their own bike' do they actually pay a full price on bikes/parts like one of us would've had to or do they get ... more »

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I'm not saying he was a fat ass before, but he looks 'fit'. I don't know if he lost a few pounds or he has just adjusted his technique/style for the 250, but he looks great. I'm hoping for great things from him and Christian this year. I think it was ... more »

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Wow, that was an interesting video. I agree with you completely. In the past, I've tried remaining optimistic about Obama. Getting pissed off at him isn't doing yourself a bit of good. So, instead, I've tried to understand the direction he views things. ... more »

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I am on the mend from Plantar Fasciitis and it SUCKS! Mine was only inflamed on my left foot, but has been a total pain in my ass for about the past 6 weeks. I have no idea how it happened, but one of the things that has helped heal it has been getting ... more »

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Thanks. I didn't know that age 14 was the age allowed.

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X2 I think there are quite a few questionable 'rules'. The one that bugs me the most is ............ m. The AMA may issue a license to any rider who does not meet the above criteria at its sole discretion. I just think that is a bit discriminatory. Also, ... more »

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They sell a Bluetooth speaker, similar to what Bose sells. Pretty cool to get such an outside-the-industry sponsor involved.

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I don't usually get a chance to listen to Pulp, so Thanks. I can understand why teams can't provide the policy themselves. Group Premiums are through the roof. I know a while back there was an article about Kyle Lewis and he said one reason he had to ... more »

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Kind of Off-the-Subject, but........ In Bogle's situation, if he rides for bonus $$$ or buys his own bikes and races waiting for a 'fill-in' ride, do those racers typically have health insurance? You see guys often, like Weimer and Team Tedder for instance, ... more »

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Ooooohhhh Canada,................(Leading Edge)

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Karma came and bit Hayes after that move and cost him the title. I remember that video last spring. A pipe mount or something on his exhaust broke because of that move and he ended up DNFing.

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What's the Pingree/Lawrence correlation? I know Randy was Dave's mechanic for awhile at Suzuki, but what else?

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Towards the beginning of the video, is that John Van de Berk smoking a cigarette as he's being chauffeured into the

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Hey Jake, Very simple

..............................What would you change with professional SX and MX if it was your choice? For instance, we hear a lot of riders say the season is too long and getting longer. Your thoughts? If a rider ... more »

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I didn't know they were the one's who bought RV's land. Where have I

So, a little off the topic, but was Eric's dad then part of No Fear? I thought one of the No Fear owners started Alias?

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Might want to check your facts, bro. The majority of what you said is no where even remotely correct.

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I had Shorty, Canard, & Dungey sign a ballcap at the MXoN when it was in Lakewood a few years back. Retail value isn't really much, but to me it is priceless.

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Here's the thread I remember from a little over a year ago............. Doug-Dubach-Moto-1-Diamond-Dons-YZ100

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........, Ryan Sipes, Jake Moss, Sean Collier, Michael Hall, Jessica Patterson

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I think RV bought that from Roncada.