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If that's the case, I wonder if Mariah still works for Fox?

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STORY OF OUR LOGO Ryder MX developed our logo around motocross riders because motocross is about the riders. If it wasn’t for the riders then the sport wouldn’t exist. That is why our logo consists of half of a motocross rider’s helmet joined with the ... more »

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I was always a fan of Micky Dymond's and Damon Bradshaw's helmet. The Keith Bowen/TUF Moto 4 always caught my interest as well. Back in the early 1990's, I tried my luck and airbrushing helmets and had so-so luck with it. I think the biggest hurdle was ... more »

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I've been watching the docu-series this week and think along the lines of many in this forum. Here are my thoughts/concerns: - I think there is an extremely, extremely, extremely minimal chance that Avery and Dassey actually did any of this. I honestly ... more »

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Amen to that, brotha!

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I know the end of the story wasn't the way you had hoped it would go, but I don't think you realize how many students you probably touched (metaphorically speaking). Good for you. About 25+ years ago when I was in high school, I had a Cycle News magazine ... more »

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With all the 'shenanigans' going on in our country as well as the world, I thought I'd bump this thread for more refreshing topic to see if we could get an update. Did you finish this?

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Spot on Peelout, especially what is happening here in Montana with the wolf population. These animals are nowhere near being the fluffy, little puppies that some people here are making them out to be.

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Well said

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So, does anyone know who the 'sponsor' was that wasn't paying up for Nicoletti? Great read.

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x2 For some reason I thought I heard it wasn't with the supercross promoters, it had to do with the CenturyLink Stadium and them not wanting supercross on their field anymore. Also, I think it was a bitch to get the team haulers into where the stadium ... more »

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If this is the case, what makes this year different than last? Didn't he have them as a sponsor last year, but didn't GoPro have exclusive rights and make him remove the camera?

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Just wanted to say 'Thanks' to everyone who was involved in making this happen. I received mine yesterday and watched it last night after the kids went to bed. I had never seen the movie before, but sure enjoyed it 30+ years after it was made. I thought ... more »

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I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, but hypothetically speaking, when a guy like Grant (pro-riders) say that they 'went out and bought their own bike' do they actually pay a full price on bikes/parts like one of us would've had to or do they get ... more »

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I'm not saying he was a fat ass before, but he looks 'fit'. I don't know if he lost a few pounds or he has just adjusted his technique/style for the 250, but he looks great. I'm hoping for great things from him and Christian this year. I think it was ... more »

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Wow, that was an interesting video. I agree with you completely. In the past, I've tried remaining optimistic about Obama. Getting pissed off at him isn't doing yourself a bit of good. So, instead, I've tried to understand the direction he views things. ... more »

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I am on the mend from Plantar Fasciitis and it SUCKS! Mine was only inflamed on my left foot, but has been a total pain in my ass for about the past 6 weeks. I have no idea how it happened, but one of the things that has helped heal it has been getting ... more »

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Thanks. I didn't know that age 14 was the age allowed.

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X2 I think there are quite a few questionable 'rules'. The one that bugs me the most is ............ m. The AMA may issue a license to any rider who does not meet the above criteria at its sole discretion. I just think that is a bit discriminatory. Also, ... more »

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They sell a Bluetooth speaker, similar to what Bose sells. Pretty cool to get such an outside-the-industry sponsor involved.