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This shouldn't last long at that price

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I should have a '17 Husqvarna FC450 completely built by the time my 2 local rounds come around...Indy and STL...just sayin'

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Anyone have any updates from the Blue Buffalo team over the weekend? Was Sanner in attendance? How was their pit presence? How did the bikes look....was Sanner able to get them "looking" a bit better than years before?

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This could get good.....derailed a bit off topic....but good

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Pegs are SOLD! Axle blocks still available...

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Have a set of Next Components footpegs, brand new in the package. New $140, will sell for $65 Have a set of BLUE colored Apico rear axles blocks, brand new in the package. New was about $35, ... more »

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Sent you PM. Please email me at Thanks!

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PM sent to ya

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Come on Matthes, put your foot down and tell the crew over at Feld that Thursday's at 3EST is the Fly Moto60 Show and NOT Supercross Press is one to listen to both at the same time?!?!

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It's no longer available....

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Can't really answer a question like that, it's all relative. Whether the competition at the time of MC was rated a 1 or a 10 (on a scale of 10) for that era, MC was that much better than all of them. Same goes for RC too.

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MC is the epitome of the word cool! Love how he says it straight forward without arrogance or cockiness. Plain and simple, RC is not/was not the greatest at Supercross. To be considered the GOAT, my opinion is you need to be the Greatest Of All ... more »

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I'd say by the looks of the graphics in Team Factory Yamaha's photo shoots that Monster has increased their support/$ for the team? Might be the biggest "M" on any of the shrouds in the pits..... ... more »

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Talk has seemed pretty quiet on Josh Hansen leading up to A1. Anyone have any predictions on how he'll do on the new Husqvarna ride running his coveted "100" again? I'm going with easy Top-10 all day long and hopefully Top-5...can he be on the podium ... more »

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Curious what everyone is using as far as tire tubes go? Standard tubes? Heavy Duty tubes? Brands? Anyone run/enjoy that Nuetech Tubliss system?

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Check out this awesome piece Donn over at Transworld put together, a great read and some awesome photos:

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Honestly not really

Been busy with family stuff (kids) and trying to get products designed/ready to ship for my small business. Received the front brake system parts back from Trick Engineering after getting coated...they look badass as expected! ... more »
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Appreciate the response but it looks like my forks are pretty good. Anyone else have any info or an exhaust system laying around for these?

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Any updates/comments about the clutch/ignition cover....real carbon fiber or just hydra graphics to look like carbon?

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