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You know it, nothing like dropping $1,000 USD on repairs to a 2 week old bike. To add insult to injury the replacement gear was of the same design as the one that failed so there's a chance it can/will happen again. It's someone else's concern now as ... more »

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Agreed. Fifth gear on my 2015 CRF450R failed at less than 10 hours and Honda wouldn't return my calls. I was told that this is a known design issue but Honda won't cover repairs.

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I bought my new KX in August and it's now November with no non-OEM options. Even Kawasaki is backordered on most parts not to mention 3 times the cost. I often wonder if there is some form of agreement between the manufacturers (e.g. Acerbis, UFO, etc.) ... more »

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I have two 2016 KX450Fs, one has an FMF 4.1 and the other has a PC T-6 (both stainless/aluminum). Performance and weight are about the same so for me it comes down to other factors, like appearance, sound, durability, etc. They are both well made and ... more »

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Long-time 403/404 guy, swapped to X30 front/X40 rear and I really like them. I briefly went back to the 403/404 combo when I bought my new KX450 and didn't like them near as much as the X tires. I was stuck on the MX32/MX52 combo for awhile but they ... more »

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SLMX is awesome. Give Sean a call: 850 228 6102

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Enzo without a doubt. While they have your stuff have them install their fork spring tubes and shock compression adjuster. They also do a shock mod that eliminates the need for a lowering link. Good stuff.

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I thought the event was boring after the first round but Milestone installed a "course" (or track or whatever you call it) last year and it was actually a lot of fun to ride. Re: the dangerous comment above, people were crashing their brains out every ... more »

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Use Ontario (ONT). SWA has a number of flights in and out of there everyday.

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I buy FasterUSA wheel sets with MX32/52 tires mounted and delivered for $1100 all the time. You can then sell your stock wheels on CL for $300 or $400 to get the total cost down close to Tusk or DNA prices. I've broken RAD and Dubya wheels but never ... more »

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How long have you been riding it? Are you transitioning from another brand? It took me a few weeks to get used to the first reverse engine Yamaha I owned and even after owning several 10 - 13 and 14/15's I still need a week or so to adjust when transitioning ... more »

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Most likely not related to your squeal but just a heads-up to you and other 2015 CRF450 owners. 5th gear on my new (10 hours) 2015 grenaded a couple days ago. Not sure if there is anything you can do on the preventative side but Honda said they have

... more »

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Sean Lipanovich is outstanding and works Milestone all the time. 850-228-6102. We are riding with him at Milestone Friday morning. Come join us!

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We talked to him at Elsinore on Saturday and he told us he will be racing at Budds Creek.

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Agreed. I am in the process of renewing a permit for a Texas asset and am spending thousands on lawyers and consultants because the agency is now breaking our balls about eagles, mussels and tresses. It sounds, feels and costs just like a CA renewal ... more »

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I've yet to find the perfect "one-stop-shop" retailer either online or in the neighborhood. In my experience, you have to put in a bit of effort to get what you need when you want it. Like most on here, my online shopping is split between Rocky Mountain, ... more »

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BSME/MBA, VP for leading US power plant development/asset management company. Former Navy nuke, spent 6 years on fast attack submarines before entering the civilian power generation world. Over the last 30 years I've worked with just about every type ... more »

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Yamaha won't do anything for you. My 2014 250F ate the shift mechanism at 40 hours and corn-cobbed my motor. $2500 in repairs and Yamaha would not return my calls even though this is a fleet issue and they have a re-designed replacement part. I was surprised ... more »

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Exactly. Ever have a four stroke eat a valve? It's tough paying $2k - $3k to get a bike running again after one of these events and when you're done you still have an old bike worth the same as it was before the meltdown. Resale is another reason. I ... more »