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I've always thought Tomac was too smart (IQ-wise) to consistently push himself to ride at the level it takes to be a champion in this sport. With all due respect, a majority of the current and former modern day champions are not what I'd call brilliant, ... more »

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I gave up on waiting for Shoei to update their MX line so I swapped over to 6D. I haven't had the need to contact customer service or (thankfully) helmet repair but I am completely satisfied with the fit, finish and look of the helmets.

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Not sure where you got the impression I am mad at the bike. I have three 2017 KTM dirt bikes in my garage and consider them to be some of the best machines I have ever owned. Perfect? No. Perfect for me? Pretty darn close.

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Perhaps you and I have a different definition of serial defect. I have a 2017 KTM 250SX and rode it for 5 hours before replacing the stock reed cage with a VForce. My reeds had a gap just like all the others I read about on Jeffeo's thread, KTMTalk, ... more »

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A handful of failures out of thousands of units sold does not prove serial defect, at least not to me. With all due respect to the OP, you are naïve to think this will never happen just because you ride one brand or another. These are high performance ... more »

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I make the same mistake every couple years: been consistently riding 450 four stokes for years, doing well and having fun, but start thinking about a two stroke. I read how much better the new models are and how much fun I am missing and before you know ... more »

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Regardless, I'd get the 2016.

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We moved away from Dunlop a year or so ago and really like the X30 front/X40 rear combo. Less expensive, easier to install and last almost twice as long as the Dunlops.

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I thought the same thing until I owned one.

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Please select the correct answer from the following: a. Weight savings over stock system b. Looks/sounds cool c. "Support our Sport" d. Owner finds it fun/relaxing/gratifying to tinker with and modify "toys" (e.g., cars, computers, bikes, etc.) e. Stock ... more »

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Thanks for the lively debate. I tend to agree with the tax hypothesis but find it curious that I was allowed to purchase several other items on the same order with no problem. They specifically called out the pipe and wouldn't allow me proceed to checkout ... more »

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I recently tried to purchase a Yosh full exhaust system for my 2017 KTM 450SXF from Rocky Mountain and they told me they couldn't deliver it to California due to "export restrictions." Anyone know what that's all about? Did California secede last night ... more »

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I use the Twin Air Power Flow Intake on my 2017 SXFs and they work great. It's just the filter cage so no need to remove the air boot/air box to install like other power flow kits. $142 from Rocky Mountain.

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I always trade them in on a new bike and let the dealer handle re-sale. I usually get within $500 to $750 of the lowest price I would have accepted anyway plus I don't have to deal with the CL sale process (e.g., lowball offers, scams, no-shows, etc.). ... more »

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One of the things I did not like about the DRD on the YZF was the shape of the silencer. It's the same diameter front to back and blocks access to the rear fender bolts on the right side, forcing you to remove the silencer when you replace the fender. ... more »

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This. I've negotiated a few CBA's in my time and can tell you the "company" does not have to pony up a bunch of extra cash just because the "employees" decide to organize. My starting point was always the current operating budget; the employees/union ... more »

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I still have a hard time deciding if SX is a real sport or if it is just entertainment. Whichever it is, I think it fails at both: As a sport, the only thing we determine each week is who can get the best start. With the track designs, and as talented ... more »

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It's in our regular rotation. Yeah it dries out and gets rough but the layout on the main and amateur tracks are fun and it's got a great mini/pitbike track. Definitely worth the $25 and the drive.

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Agreed. You're out of luck unless you want to race TWMX (or one of their various other derivatives), old timers or LL/Mammoth qualifiers. It seems like Trans World killed off most of the other series/clubs and it's a shame because that's where we had ... more »

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How about a segment on someone that has busted their ass and got a real education while racing? Or someone that does some meaningful volunteer/community service work in their off time? I'd prefer hearing about that over a story about a "nice guy" who ... more »