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Same here. I liked it so much I bought two and lucky I did since I have to rob parts off one to keep the other on the track.

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It's just as bad for motor parts. I had a crash that caused some major damage and half the bike is backordered. Acerbis and UFO have been saying 6 weeks out for the past 3 months lol. Yes, I've been through this with other new models but 6 months is ... more »

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I had mine done by Enzo (along with the shock) and I am extremely happy. I thought the forks worked well before the re-valve but now they are even better. I think they work as good, or possibly better, than the Enzo modified KYB forks on my 2015 YZ450F. ... more »

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You know it, nothing like dropping $1,000 USD on repairs to a 2 week old bike. To add insult to injury the replacement gear was of the same design as the one that failed so there's a chance it can/will happen again. It's someone else's concern now as ... more »

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Agreed. Fifth gear on my 2015 CRF450R failed at less than 10 hours and Honda wouldn't return my calls. I was told that this is a known design issue but Honda won't cover repairs.

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I bought my new KX in August and it's now November with no non-OEM options. Even Kawasaki is backordered on most parts not to mention 3 times the cost. I often wonder if there is some form of agreement between the manufacturers (e.g. Acerbis, UFO, etc.) ... more »

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I have two 2016 KX450Fs, one has an FMF 4.1 and the other has a PC T-6 (both stainless/aluminum). Performance and weight are about the same so for me it comes down to other factors, like appearance, sound, durability, etc. They are both well made and ... more »

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Long-time 403/404 guy, swapped to X30 front/X40 rear and I really like them. I briefly went back to the 403/404 combo when I bought my new KX450 and didn't like them near as much as the X tires. I was stuck on the MX32/MX52 combo for awhile but they ... more »

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SLMX is awesome. Give Sean a call: 850 228 6102

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Enzo without a doubt. While they have your stuff have them install their fork spring tubes and shock compression adjuster. They also do a shock mod that eliminates the need for a lowering link. Good stuff.

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I thought the event was boring after the first round but Milestone installed a "course" (or track or whatever you call it) last year and it was actually a lot of fun to ride. Re: the dangerous comment above, people were crashing their brains out every ... more »

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Use Ontario (ONT). SWA has a number of flights in and out of there everyday.

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I buy FasterUSA wheel sets with MX32/52 tires mounted and delivered for $1100 all the time. You can then sell your stock wheels on CL for $300 or $400 to get the total cost down close to Tusk or DNA prices. I've broken RAD and Dubya wheels but never ... more »

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How long have you been riding it? Are you transitioning from another brand? It took me a few weeks to get used to the first reverse engine Yamaha I owned and even after owning several 10 - 13 and 14/15's I still need a week or so to adjust when transitioning ... more »

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Most likely not related to your squeal but just a heads-up to you and other 2015 CRF450 owners. 5th gear on my new (10 hours) 2015 grenaded a couple days ago. Not sure if there is anything you can do on the preventative side but Honda said they have

... more »
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Sean Lipanovich is outstanding and works Milestone all the time. 850-228-6102. We are riding with him at Milestone Friday morning. Come join us!

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We talked to him at Elsinore on Saturday and he told us he will be racing at Budds Creek.

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Agreed. I am in the process of renewing a permit for a Texas asset and am spending thousands on lawyers and consultants because the agency is now breaking our balls about eagles, mussels and tresses. It sounds, feels and costs just like a CA renewal ... more »

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I've yet to find the perfect "one-stop-shop" retailer either online or in the neighborhood. In my experience, you have to put in a bit of effort to get what you need when you want it. Like most on here, my online shopping is split between Rocky Mountain, ... more »