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I've yet to find the perfect "one-stop-shop" retailer either online or in the neighborhood. In my experience, you have to put in a bit of effort to get what you need when you want it. Like most on here, my online shopping is split between Rocky Mountain, ... more »

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BSME/MBA, VP for leading US power plant development/asset management company. Former Navy nuke, spent 6 years on fast attack submarines before entering the civilian power generation world. Over the last 30 years I've worked with just about every type ... more »

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Yamaha won't do anything for you. My 2014 250F ate the shift mechanism at 40 hours and corn-cobbed my motor. $2500 in repairs and Yamaha would not return my calls even though this is a fleet issue and they have a re-designed replacement part. I was surprised ... more »

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Exactly. Ever have a four stroke eat a valve? It's tough paying $2k - $3k to get a bike running again after one of these events and when you're done you still have an old bike worth the same as it was before the meltdown. Resale is another reason. I ... more »

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Probably an apples-to-oranges comparison, but I've had very poor experiences with PC products and services lately, to the point that I will no longer use them. I had them rebuild a motor on a 450 and the wrist pin broke within 15 hours of the overhaul. ... more »

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I run 13/50 for gearing, have an FMF pipe, TwinAir Powerflow filter and some minor intake cam mods by Dan Crower. The engine didn't need much but these few mods made a good engine better. FYI - I had trouble with several aftermarket countershaft sprockets. ... more »

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I have been wearing the EVS SX01 braces for years and, for me, they are a good compromise between full-blown knee braces and knee guards. They are cheaper, not as bulky, won't shred your graphics (as bad) and you don't need a sock.

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The end material appears to be the same as the grip itself but is very durable. I use them on all of my bikes and they have survived numerous crashes and still look great. Honestly I thought these grips were a novelty at first but I am really impressed ... more »

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Never again, not even if it was free. It took them 2 weeks to do their carb mods for my 250SX plus I got a ton of attitude when I called for a status check. "Isn't too friendly" is being quite generous. Hopefully you don't get the father/son tag team ... more »

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Agreed. I would guess some of the folks giving this guy a hard time have never tried to remove/re-install one of these things. Horrible design.

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I have both bikes and everything on top (e.g. cage, filter, etc.) is the same. The air boots are different as the 250F has a velocity stack where the 450 is a straight shot to the TB. I installed the TwinAir Power Flow kit on both bikes. The kit provides ... more »

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This. I bet most of you condemning this commercial are the same ones laughing when Trey Canard (and others) goon ride. I see plenty of beginner riders that ride like goons but I guess it's OK to make fun of them, right?

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Never again. I have a brand new set for a 450 that I will give away for free (if you live by me) or ship (if you pay for shipping).

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So, people are falling all over themselves to help some kid on an 85 drive a couple hundred miles to attend the Mini-O's but smoke an actual racer looking for a hand? After years of reading threads on this board I am still amazed. Raegan, I propose a ... more »

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Go look up the 250 SX shifter fix videos on youtube and make sure you have all the parts and tools ready. I had the clutch side cover off almost as many times as I rode the bike.

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I bought one on Saturday. Awesome bike.

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Very true. I thought there was a typo when I got the invoice for top end parts for my RMZ. Very expensive stuff.

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Also try T-Bolt and Wholesale Cycle/Piranha http://tboltusa.com/ http://wholesale-cycle.com/ http://www.facebook.com/piranhapitbikes

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I've had one for about two months now and love it. Came off a 2013 RMZ450 and feel that the Yamaha turns almost as good and is much more stable. The backwards engine does have a different feel but I owned a 2012 YZF450 and knew what to expect. The suspension ... more »