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Shock was one of the first things to go with local sales unfortunately. Other parts shown here for the other guys. ... more »
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Yep, I have pictures of everything. Just let me know what you're after and I can see what I can do for you.

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It might not the the correct term, but I've always called the part that houses the power valve mechanism as the right hand side engine cover. And then you have the clutch cover that bolts to that. It's a stock part - I can find the part number if required. ... more »

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Located on the Gold Coast. The outer (gold) tubes are worn and would need to be replated but are entirely functional. There is a leak on one of the seals but it could be minor - I swapped the forks on the bike they're from. I can send you pictures, just ... more »

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Interested in the 125 cyclinder,and some 450 parts,live in nsw,got any photos

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Posting from Australia so keep that in mind. Keen to sell! Year Model Part Description CBR250RR 1991 CBR250RR Starter Motor 1991 CBR250RR Crankshaft 1991 CBR250RR Head Cover 1991 CBR250RR Front sprocket Cover 1991 CBR250RR Clutch Cable 1991 CBR250RR ... more »

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I bought two 03 CR125s (from two different people, at different ends of Australia) for 900 AUD each. Probably about 600-700 USD. Parted one out on eBay and completely rebuilt the other (like, literally everything except the head bearings). Recently bought ... more »

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I've installed a front end of an 09 CRF450 on my 03 CR250 and want to install the steering damper. obviously the CDI box is in the way and I understand the CRF CDI is significantly smaller than the CR's one. I was thinking of places to put the CDI box ... more »

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I haven't read anywhere that can confidently say that there is significantly better power gains (or any gain for that matter) from running a shorter silencer. From a logic standpoint, given that there is no back pressure created by the silencer itself, ... more »

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I'd much rather wash my bike at home than haul extra supplies. I just throw in my gear in the back seat, a small socket set and an adjustable wrench, get some ramps and load the bike up. Way too much effort to bring a drum and pressure washer since I ... more »

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At the 01 X Games Pastrana rode his RM125 and had to start outside the course to make one of the jumps (I think it was 100ft or so). Given the small stadiums they ride in, a 450 or 250T is the way to go. I doubt the weight difference is enough to compensate ... more »

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You can still buy crankcase sets for an RM125 though? I doubt Suzuki destroyed any molds. I know Honda must keep the originals because they recently started making parts that were previously discontinued for my NSR250. Additionally, doesn't Suzuki support ... more »

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I bought a new cylinder and was tempted to use the studs from the old cylinder, however I'd rather just get new ones. The microfiche says 4 long ones and 2 short ones although I was wondering if I can just get 6 short ones as it looks nicer. My CR125 ... more »

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I didn't have too many bikes growing up but my cousins 93 Polaris Trailboss 350 is one of my favourites in my youth. I know it's a quad bike but when it came to riding a PW80 or a 350L, the quad bike was way more fun. So all up... definitely 2 stroke ... more »

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That's only partly true. Honda will reproduce certain parts given enough demand. There's no way to determine how many parts to manufacture or how long a bike's "life" will be. For example, certain bikes might be more likely to be scrapped (i.e. farm ... more »

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Wow, that's a neat idea. I'm keen to get a set given the fork tubes (gold parts) on the CR250 budget bike I got are completely knackered. I was going to use this carbon wrap but I hate the adhesive. I looked around and you can get 50mm heat shrink wrap ... more »

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Sounds like this dude needs to get his priorities in order. No one forced him to do anything... a local track having financial issues I can understand, but a track which is routinely used for professional racing? Something isn't adding up here.

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Wouldn't it be easier / cheaper to just part out the bike and buy another one? Or just buy a second-hand head or something like that. And it seems like there may be some other components inside the head you maybe could reuse? For the price of that engine, ... more »

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Gumtree (Australia's Craigslist... we have Craigslist but no one uses it) is the cheapest way to sell anything. Just set your price and wait. Putting up with the poor offers is annoying but eventually you'll get a good bite. I sold a 1999 CRM250 for ... more »