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I believe it is stock jetting and the power valve (and top end, brand new head) were cleaned recently when I did a top end rebuild. The bottom end is unknown since I plan to swap the motors and eventually sell one.Everything seemed in decent nick. I ... more »

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So I thought I had my CR125 dialed in but I tuned in on my Uncles farm in Victoria, Australia (dry, hot) and rode it in Queensland, Australia (humid, warm). It ran pretty damn awesome in Victoria. I guess the low humidity was beneficial. It did seem ... more »

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This is my 2003. Mostly stock at this point with a KX125 2003 expansion chamber with a Pro Circuit silencer. I plan to do the reeds and carb, possibly the air boot too and call it a day. I wasn't even planning to do graphics. I have two 2003 CR125s,

... more »
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If you're smart about it you can save money. For example, getting cheaper wheel bearings from a bearing shop. Typically with rebuilding your own bikes though, the first rebuild is expensive (getting tools and stuff) and subsequent rebuilds are cheaper. ... more »

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Factory, bikes, to me are 100% from the factory. Honda is a true factory bike right now because it's basically just them funding it with no title sponsor. I'd be in favour of directing more sponsors to privateers and their teams to increase the competitiveness ... more »

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With those after market levers, at least on my 125s, they never moved correctly and were always very sticky. I'd revert back to a stock lever to make sure it's moving freely, or make sure they is some play in the perch. And there's a reason Brembo is ... more »

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I usually don't heat up anything when removing bearings because you end up heating up the bearing too, thus not solving much. I only heat up things if I need them to move/flex. I normally just place the case half on a perfectly flat surface and give ... more »

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Correct, they are M18 pipes that I have put on my MC21 (Had an MC18, then got an MC21). Just have to make some exhaust hangers and it should be done. More pictures here:

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My steed, just needs some new plastics and graphics now. And tyres. New graphics in question... maybe. And the pipes on my NSR250 MC21. Looks nice eh? ... more »
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There's a reason why I stick to 125s. I feel fast and can at least make myself look fast. And when I'm not fast I can say, well, it's only a 125! But seriously, I'm all for customizing your own bikes but I draw the line at motor and suspension work. ... more »

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James Stewart was offered to ride the CR125 but he ultimately chose the Honda. It was a secret test and I believe Pete Fox from Fox Racing posted these photos to Instagram previously.

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The best trick of all time? The whip. no other trick can have so much personality in it, or be done so many different ways. As for a true FMX era trick, I would say maybe a Hart Attack/Superman/Seat Grab type move. It's probably the most iconic FMX trick. ... more »

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I was a bit more brutal with mine. So with the fender off it looks butchered but the washers hide everything. In the future I would make a template out of paper or card stock first to accurate transfer the spacing instead of trial fitting it numerous ... more »

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It seems we were both right. My fork oil was 10W and the manual says 5W. Nonetheless, I needed more oil anyway and the Honda shop had what I needed in stock. The shock oil is the 'special' fork oil, literally.

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Yeah, I saw videos of people popping them out with no trouble which was why I was so confused. I'm chalking it up to the fact this shock hasn't been touched since it was made 13 years ago and the build up of debris (even after cleaning). Thanks for the ... more »

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I've learnt buying parts on eBay can be tricky. I bought a LHS crank case for my CR125, supposedly in perfect condition. I open the box and the part separating the crank and transmission had been broken at some point and JB Welded back in place. If it ... more »

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It's what the Honda manual recommends though?

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Thanks for the tips. What I ended up doing was drilling a very small hole (about 1mm in diameter) where the snap ring goes and was able to push it out that way. And as suspected this shock has never been rebuilt (in 12/13 years) so it was super difficult ... more »

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Well this shock looks like it has never been rebuilt because there was a lot of debris behind the cap. I'll know for sure when I get the valve stack out. I'll try getting some feel gauges in there.

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So what's the best way to get the snap ring out that keeps the shaft and valve stack inside? I have tried using a handful of screw drivers and a pick. The smaller ones generally bend and the bigger ones can't seem to get behind the ring (ground the blades ... more »

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