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Well you can probably get the bike back if you sign a waiver so you can't sue them if the bike has other issues. Like others have said, getting someone to grind back the weld and fix it was the cheapest solution. But $700 for a fitted new frame is pretty ... more »

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So I'm doing some fairly extensive modifications to my CR125 (2003) including the Air Striker carb and 03 KX125 pipe (already bought and prepped up). Upon taking the engine apart to rebuild, I noticed there is a baffle inside the intake (white plastic)

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Why would Suzuki make a 250? Where is there a professional racing league on the world scale where a 250 can be competitive. I can believe them making a 125 over a 250 as at least you can race a 125 competitively.

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I'm guessing the shock is a 1994 model too. Really want to just get the year/model on the electrics as it would be a shame to throw it away.

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So trying to clean out some parts so I can make space. Might as well sell them or give them away rather then throw 'em away. I got these with a 98 CR125 I bought some years ago. Any help is appreciated! If you want anything let me know too, good deals

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I know people say get insurance but... people like me just want THEIR bike. The best thing is a dog. One that makes noise is perfect, i.e. a small dog will do the job. My family dog was a Chihuahua/Silky Terrier and every house around our one was burgled ... more »

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Keen to see what the 250R is like next year. a 450 is too powerful for my liking, so hopefully they carry through the changes to the 250R. I wish they would update the 450X though. I don't think it even has fuel injection yet...

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There's nothing wrong with a used bike if you go through it and check everything. Obviously the engine is the a big one but for a 2 stroke, for example, you'd be crazy to not just rebuild it right off the bat.

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TP was probably fed up with X Games kind of throwing FMX to the wayside, a sport which he pretty much helped grow. I was disappointed by some of the judging though. The commentators kept throwing around numbers for difficulty and I wasn't sure if I should ... more »

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I still do that when I don't have a spare fork block or can't find mine or we're tying down a pit bike (i.e. not a full size bike). Forks aren't even compressed and the bike is rock solid.

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Where and what were the size? I'm just after a filter to keep debris out of the carb.

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I bought two 2003 CR125s for $900 each. Both were pretty clapped out (one being significantly more clapped out than the other) but one I have cleaned up pretty well. They both ran when I bought them, but both had blown out silencers, terrible tyres,one ... more »

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So I got a little 50 just to muck around on i.e. wheelies. And of course it didn't come with the stock air box nor even a air filter of any kind. So I jumped on eBay to get a foam filter and I can't find any to fit the stock carburetor. What's the deal ... more »

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I have a set of Tyga pipes for my NSR250R. Excellent build quality, almost too good for motocross. Last time I talked to Paul from Tyga I think he mentioned they are more likely to do pipes for KTMs although I did ask for him to maybe do Honda pipes

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The motor alone is worth more than the whole bike. I can ever remember seeing a 500 under $4k, unless it was a pre-water cooled model and clapped out like no other.

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I had a PW80 as a youngling and fast forward to a few years when I could buy my own bike and it was a CR125. Since then I had a CRF450 and two CR125s again. Also had a number of other Honda road bikes and stuff (CBRs, NSRs, CRMs). I did have a couple ... more »

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Downside is you need to then lift a 145kg bike onto the stand. Good and cheap fix if you have the wood as scrap though.

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New tyres are always the best value for money, assuming the rest of your bike is in okay condition. And since I ride 2 strokes, dialing in the carb (JD Jetting, new jets, a few tanks of fuel, whatever you need to do) is the next best thing. I'm pretty ... more »

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My uncle has that same tractor and I did muck around with it on my track a few times. It has a diff lock if you hold the brake halfway, and a hydrostatic transmission (good for going back and forth) but otherwise is a pretty poor tractor for working ... more »

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Anything that comes in a bottle, says "motorcycle oil" on the side. I get Castrol as it was on sale, and half the price of Silkolene. I also will get Castrol premix since Silkolene is causing too much 2 stroke spooge I think.