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I owned one recently and had some electrical problems as well. I noticed you have pretty much replaced all the electrical parts. I would double and triple check the wiring going into the CDI and check the ground connections. My bike would fire, but the ... more »

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Or you can call JGR. They have a conversion that is similar to PC. It has an Air Assist (I think anywhere from 0-30 PSI) if you want it. Mine came with 10 PSI and its perfect. PC told me the same thing and then they said just send them in. It took around ... more »

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Hey there Dan, I am in a similar place as well, only 34

. We weigh about the same as well. I have a few friends that into fitness and do the competition thing. I never wanted to be like that, but what I used them for was for dieting and workout ... more »
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I have a 2017 KX450 and sent my forks off to Pro Circuit for their Spring Conversion. I absolutely love them. I would recommend PC Spring conversion and hanging on to the forks you have. I think I paid around $800 for the spring conversion and the spring ... more »

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What company is the conversion kit from?

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I have a 03 50sx Pro Senior. the engine is complete rebuilt with OEM parts and a Wiesco Piston. The engine has about 15 min on it total. The bike is all stock besides the Renthal Bars. My oldest boy rides an 05 and this 03 sits as my youngest son wont

... more »

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The "Maze" gear should be relabeled as "Minecraft" I am curious to know how many people will purchase the "dots" gear....Everyone keep your eyes open to find that one guy at the track

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What the make of the carb? Can you post some pictures of what you have Thank you

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Been searching for a used front brake caliper. The bike is a 2003 50 SX PRO SENIOR LC. The previous owner stripped out the threads for the bleeder. I have been searching around for one and trying to avoid spending $150. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ... more »

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well I think I found the problem. I have spent the last week searching for parts and forums on my exact problem with no luck. Everyone has been extremely helpful and I cant thank everyone enough. On common thing I received, start with the smallest thing ... more »

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PM Sent as well

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So I took the cover off and the power valve moves but not that much. the cables are lubricated and tight. It seems when I rev it the valve flutters...I going to assume its the servo motor that needs to be replaced. Any additional things I should look ... more »

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YYYYEEEWWWWWWW One day closer....He is back at home for the weekend.

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I have been searching online for assistance on my 2003 Honda CR250R. I have similar issues with the loss of power in the low to mid range, but none of them seem to be the same as my issue. It seems that the bike bogs down in the low and mid range (loads ... more »

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Can you post pictures? Or can I email you for pictures? thanks

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