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I decided right after i posted that that the old saying about arguing with idiots is applicable. All you will do Is drag me down to your level of stupidity and then beat me with your experience. You just go on getting sand in your VA Jay Jay over the ... more »

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Nobody here really wants to see you guys do a little pissy slap fest over NOTHING.... This thread actually had some potential.. Hey... if you get in an online puffy chest argument over silly shit, you might make it to the bro brohall of brofame in Philadelphia, ... more »

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Hey guys, I have raced one time in the last 23 years. Still have a 94 yz 250 in storage. It hasn't been ride in 9 years. I am really wanting to get it out and start riding it next year. Not really interested in hitting too many of the jump infested local ... more »

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If you prefer not to have law enforcement officers use an incapacitating electroshock weapon and are not afraid to verbalize that preference

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Considering the current environment in all thing sexual harrasment and how it might affect my future plans for Senate seats/movie stardom/studio ownership/plans for world domination I will hold back on what might be some other's first thought when reading ... more »

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Why in the hell would you need a gated community in a rural area? Get a Damn dog and a pump shotgun..... seriously Oh, and interstates in this part of the country are not referred to as "the".... you would get on i-20, maybe "20" if you are talking to ... more »

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The problem is can see it plain as day in the photo.....Somebody flipped your cab upside down and took the float bowl off.

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Realistically, she might be setting her sights a little high. Js7 probably won't be there because, well, it is a motocross track.

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After 40+ years I find it difficult to get all hyped up about the next big thing. Find it hard to "believe the hype" (you youngsters will miss the meaning of that quote.) So many riders that just never really lived up to the expectations for whatever ... more »

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"Like a dog on a piece of meat!!!!"

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That would be an awesome bike for a fat ass like me in the Evo class. Not as good as the cr480, but a solid ride that is a little more affordable.

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Did I miss where you mentioned where this is going to happen? Some areas having the property "perk" can be pretty important. Wondering why you wouldn't use anything off propane. It is a pretty reasonable way to heat and if you are in a rural area a back ... more »

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Look at the 4th case down. Isn't that rc16 being sued by adventist health system before the accident? Apparantly he was a pos before his adventures in single to tabletop.

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Different riders take pressure different ways. Tomac didn't put in a championship caliber ride until roczen's was out of the picture. Then tomac chocked at ny. Now look at marvin. All the pressure on him in the 3rd moto at Vegas to win the mil, and he ... more »

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You want confusing? Take a look at factory amateur contingency programs. Am riders can not receive money under any circumstances or the lose their amateur status. However, they can receive a debit card for which they can receive cash without any problem. ... more »

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Why would any manafacturer be putting resources into 4 stroke engine development? The bikes are too Damn fast now and are program able with efi. The future in this sport is going to be electric. The future in motorcycle sales is third world markets. ... more »

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Gotta wonder about the logic of the minimum ages. A 9-11 year old can race superman against riders up to 16 that are on up to 150cc 4 strokes, but they are limited to 85cc. Same thing in the 250 and open classes. Minimum age is 12, but you can't ride ... more »

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Haha....... No tatts, no piercings, no iphone, And thinking hard, the only mx pro endorsed purchase I can recall making was a set of dehandlers, about 1981