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Instead of a chase or dash for cash, how about restructuring the points? Pay points for heat race finishes, and then invert the start. (heat race winners get last pick for the main. Lcq winner would get first pick for the main). Paying points in the ... more »

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How long have you been following racing? Yeah, this year has been boring. Hell, there have been some races that were so mundane the announcers spend huge amounts if time yapping about dungeys podium streak. A pretty good race between dunge and mm, one ... more »

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I believe your theory is flawed because charging half the price doesn't mean twice as many people will attend. Even if they did, there would be additional cleanup, security, etc to pay. Those upper levels don't require a bunch of work if nobody accesses ... more »

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3 shots, one hit, the robber was able to run away and is expected to survive. I hope he hit him in the nuts.

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Sorry, but that is a couple of early 80's porn stars just waiting for the new maid to show up to clean the garage Bow-chicka-wow-wow

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Can't get their MySpace page to open

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Parking transponder. It has special sensors that let you know when you are about to be lapped so you can "park" the leaders.

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A combination of intake and exhaust restrictors. Exhaust limits could be designed with limiting noise as a side benefit. Do like some carting events. Everyone gets their fuel from the same tank. No remapping once qualifying starts. Stock based suspension ... more »

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Um..... Never watched NASCAR? They actually fight to not go a lap down

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Man, 52, Bad knees, sit down to take a load off, and when I get back up, plantar fasciitis kills me. Back hurts all the time and in the last year have developed advanced arthritis in the elbow I shattered in a street bike wreck when I was 18. Getting ... more »

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Yep, what our sport really needs is more complicated power plants. Maybe it is an emission friendly two stroke

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that bike is so awesome it can only be ridden at I-40 motocross to handle the traffic of all the drooling fans

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100's of million?????

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Dang, I thought we might make it a week or so before this same old topic popped up. It will never ever, ever happen. The top riders are not going to risk anything to make sure the guy finishing 15th - 21st have life and health insurance. I do think some ... more »

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not sure "only" having 14k seats is that big of an issue. I am sure the will have vip tents and seating all around the perimeter. Not sure some of you realize how much area there is in the infield of a half mile oval. Without doing the math I would feel ... more »

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Can someone please translate. None of my phone aps do gibberish.

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the sad fact is that there is very little racing, and thus, not very entertaining. the "chase" isn't going to fix that. something needs to be done to get it back to where the riders pushed the limits of the machine. putting 450s on a supercross track ... more »

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if it doesn't leak oil how do you find your way home?

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The most important thing is to teach him early how to recognize and avoid fakes and posers. I would suggest considering other sports that are safer and easier. Professional fishing comes to mind. All you have to do is know stinky bait is a waste of time. ... more »

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Holy crap... Where did the tv station intern come up with that picture of a ""? Isn't that some ancient Suzuki? Like early 70's?