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Bob hannah's awesomeness caused the passing of the "hannah rule" They were so afraid he would race both of the classes running at the nationals and end up winning all 3 national titles that they passed a rule that restricted riders to one class a weekend. ... more »

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So, since I have no idea who the 12 o'clock boys are, but take it that they are somehow related to thugs riding dirt bikes in urban areas and causing all kinds of problems that are absolutely NOT GOOD for our sport. Not all publicity is good publicity ... more »

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Wish I knew how to read greek, then I could verify that it isn't just fluff about some pop star riding on the back of a bike in opening ceremonies at a freestyle show with "12 o'clock boys" Can anybody translate? At least she appears to prefer 2 strokes ... more »

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Um... Racerhead

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How successful was the usgp? What criteria are you using? It seems like in the past, if the usgp track owners were able to eat pork and beans instead of just beans then they were "successful". Do you think that if things are worked out for am events ... more »

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Damn, hillclimb with doubles and scrubbing. That is pretty crazy.

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Pfffft..... Maple trees are for pussies I have had the best luck with taco bell. Helped me really bulk up...... maybe a bit too much....

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A pro what, ...hooker? If that is the case then "supee" probably means something completely different than what we,are all talking about on this forum.

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Screw that. Too complicated. Set the water truck to spray 20' wide.start at one side, one pass, next 20' two passes. Next 20' 3 passes, y the time you get to the other end of the 140' gate you are looking at 14 trips. Now to make it interesting, have ... more »

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Wasn't there, but followed it online while I was working and watched the second moto last night. I liked the signage they use for the gps much better than non stop repeater. It just looks tidied and I think the individual sponsors stand out better. I ... more »

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Notable dentists that raced The king of Carlsbad,Gerrit wolnsink (sp?) And Stevie childers from near Charleston, wv. I believe he won a couple titles at LLs, and was a fast upcoming pro. He actually beat mike brown in a heads up race at muddy creek. ... more »

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Somebody is low enough to use brownies name to start crap?

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First off, this is not meant in anyway to take anything away from jh84, ac222, or any of the other gp racers. They are all moto brothers and should never have their impressive accomplishments diminished in the endless bickering of usa vs them. The big ... more »

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I ran around 450 race events of my own from 1996 to 2014, and have worked at least that many events for other promoters from 1987 through 2017

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If I remember correctly, at one time gatorback was limited to 18 days of riding/racing events in a calendar year.

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Haven't done events on a couple years but a couple years ago the big advantage with ama was the insurance. It was about the same price but you could get it without scaled track drawings and 100 pictures that all had to be approved by the underwritter. ... more »

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I am willing to bet west had it trademarked and it passed to wyn kern when he bought worldsports. I don't think the property owners were ever involved in running or naming the facility. It will be interesting to watch.

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If I remember correctly, wyn bought everything from what was then "worldsports", which was kind of the amateur division of west's promoting empire. They ran 4 or 5 supercross events, the gator back national, and monster truck and arena events under other ... more »

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Interesting that unlimited sports' special use permit was denied. I bet someone is already trying to slide into the old park. Can ww host the olympics? Is it difficult to defend a trademark when someone else has been using the name for 20 years before ... more »

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Do you offer financing options?