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Rich Winkler has been doing the tracks over 25 years. I doubt not knowing where the dirt is thin is the problem.

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I believe it has been a fairly dry winter around Atlanta compared to a lot of them. Wondering if that will change the track conditions a bit from the usual rutfest. With the ax race Friday night I would at least expect that portion of the track to be ... more »

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When you are served with a lawsuit and it proceeds to a point where you are giving them a list of assets of all the leaseholders, be sure and tell them you aren't part of their legal system. I ave seen it posted in many discussions on here " that liability ... more »

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I think some.of you haven't "aledgidley" ever read an ama for pro racing

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Just curious what the rules are for promoters?

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Black rain Ruckus was actually an ok movie that had dirk Benedict who later starred in the a-team. sue fish (first woman pro mxer) and John Hatley (pro flat tracker) did the stunts.

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But you weren't gay, just retarded ....

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When the cycle news east showed up on Friday instead of the usual thursday, life went on..... and I certainly didn't get to bitch at the mailman.

Started new thread wtf with the whining about tape delay? 2/18/2017 9:16 AM

Just go riding, work in the yard, fondle the old lady, or watch freaking TV land until 10 pm est and then watch the racing.... Holy batman I can't believe we used to have to wait 6 months to watch the usgp and somehow survived. You will be ok, now stfu ... more »

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Hoping for a breakout for Jordon smith.

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Watch out, it's, the chief scrutineer

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Doubt bailey's track would be much better since the four stroke revolution. Some of his designs weren't that great when it was two strokes. The whole Daytona event has been very over rated for years.

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He might have increased his points over 2nd place in the series, but tomac gained 5 points.

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I have actually been kind of hoping Ken roczen's dad might share his thoughts. I bet that would be more interesting than anything Stewart could come up with

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If people are going to try to fix the entertainment level of Supercross with stuff that has been tried in other forms of entertainment then we should also look to those forms for examples that didn't work. A prime example would be to look into the statement ... more »

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Why would you want advertise free for companies that throw money at everything else to get it? Haybale covers are not designed to last long and Haybale aren't going to last long either if you are anywhere the they will get wet. If you decide to get some ... more »

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I can tell you most of that is plagarized. They didn't "come up" with anything.

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It is cool that Bernie sanders decided instead of lurking to start posting new topics

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We need all the contenders possible to make for good racing and Anderson definitely adds to the show. I like how loose and effortlessly he rides, But, Holy cow, start using your head for something other than a damn helmet warmer. You can't keep having ... more »

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They heard there wouldn't be any elephants