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X2 Because watching our riders go directly the the podium and thumb blow their snot on camera is bad enough. Who wants to watch a rider puking, either in real life or the inevitable youtube/instagram/snapchat/ fb video

Started new thread Uproar over Phelps vs shark...... duh 7/24/2017 7:58 AM

These people are upset he wasn't racing besides a real shark in open water. Really? Poor saps "wasted" an hour of their lives....... no much lost if they really believed that is what was going to happen.. ... more »

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Always wondered how much of the Falta fiasco was him or his handlers. Such a different set of circumstances. An honest autobiography would be an interesting read. I wonder if he was ever smiling under his helmet, Farewell to a moto brother from mother ... more »

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You know, before you guys post about it, perhaps you should read the rules and understand them. Kzizok, they are not required to reenter where the went off. That hasn't been the rule since back in the 90's.

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When I saw the title of this thread I thought it would be a discussion that had moved on to proper moto manscaping and which moisturizer works best to keep from moto chaffing and which gear would be best to wear to a LGBT or save-the-baby-seal protest. ... more »

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What is mxgp? When did wonder warthog build a track?

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I think I have a couple engines some where. Are they worth digging out?

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Was it the dirt squirt that was 399 new? Hodaka had cool ads, like the old dude that rode his road toad on a 500 mile trip. Had the best names too Ace 90 Dirt squirt Combat wombat Super wombat Road toad And of coarse..... thunder dog What did I miss? ... more »

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I will go ahead and call bs on the $400k. They weren't open every freaking day, and while.the mini os were a strong event, they wouldn't justify that price annually. Maybe US was paying $100k a year and like has been mentioned several times, they tried ... more »

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It sure seems like this would come up in the discussions about the event way before now. "So Mr unlimited sports person, do you have a lease that runs through the date of this event?"

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Well, if it is a quote, that could be an indication that the person saying it uses poor grammar and it shouldn't reflect on the person using the quote.

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It just looks so backwoods too..... And how is it reasonable that some riders are allowed to have support crew and girlfriends/wives roaming the entire track and others are not ? Exactly what is that status called, and where are the guidelines that define ... more »

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What are you basing that theory on? Not sure a vet class being loaded with ex pros is an indication of that.

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What was the place right at tallahassee that hosted winter ams back late 80's, early 90's and then closed. Remember Jeannie Carmichael dressing rc down for doing no handers on the finish line and john dowd winning a muddy winter am in one of his first ... more »

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Fosnock running the #13......LOL Wonder if he will show up in mismatched gear like he did when he beat some of the same riders, like brown, back in 89. That would be so awesome, but brown has to be the favorite. Gets good starts, and is probably in better ... more »

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How could the insurance company have any claim to any award that is not specifically medical expense reimbursement?

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Moto history? Nope Freestyle mx history..... Yes....

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I believe it has been sold.

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This would most likely happen every time a flagger stepped out into the track and got hit "doing his job" like some of you think they should be expected to do. When someone is looking at mounting medical expenses and/or losing everything they have worked ... more »

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Roger decoster will be walking around lorettas this year in a pair of groucho glasses trying to find the next Ryan dungey