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Easier and better are NOT the same thing. I weep for the younger riders that wont get to experience a lot of the really crazy and fun stuff a lot of us that have been around for 30 years got to experience. I sure wish we had go pros back then.

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So let me summarize the new "vital" diet plan. Two can of high protein and nutritious spam to start your day. A bowl or two of dickhead midday to keep you from crashing when the spam wears off, And a steaming hot cup of stfu to relax in the evening (and ... more »

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Shane, I promoted races for 15 years. Not sure where you are getting the whole.bit about waivers only being as strong as the paper they are written on. are diligent, they are far from worthless. Downard, laws.very a great deal from state to state, ... more »

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Aaron Yates was a pretty good MX racer. Made it to A class and switched to road racing and was a total bad ass.

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When was the last time you can remember seeing a knock down drag out, block passing, rubbing-is-racing, go- back-to the-pits-and-ice-your-bruises, Moto long battle for a win? Even the a division like the 250 class has nothing like we used to see in the ... more »

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Most are way out of date after so many gave closed in recent years.

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Wide open MX near rarford. Not sure what their schedule is this time of year.

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Four strokes are the spawn of Satan! They are soulless abominations that are killing the sport. Not roll? Really? Even the displacements and see what rolls! LZ should file an injunction for appropriating there song for such a blasphemous and evil cause. ... more »

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Way to cut to the chase

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I suspect you are somewhat clueless on what is actually involved in running a track. Have you ever helped at an event? Do you have any other experience running.a business? First.step would be to.ask.them.if.they are interested in having events there. ... more »

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Um..... Your posting name can imply you know from first hand experience....

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You know you have been at it a while when you pause a second before pulling a tear off to think if you are pulling it off in the right order..... Or....... If you know how to "center" your front brakes after you have sanded the glaze off of them........ ... more »

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Get about a 18 hp vertical shaft engine and hook it up to your pump. Adjust your throttle to cover the width you need and use your ground speed to adjust the volume. If you want to get fancier you can rig up a hand throttle or a bypass valve if you have ... more »

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If you have a truck that is set up for motocross it isn't a problem. The main thing is not to have a pto driven pump. Use a pump with it's own engine so water pressure and volume is independent of truck speed or rpm.

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Definitely NOT muddy creek. The first thing that proves that is that I have never seen those kind of haybales east of.the Mississippi..... I have been working out at muddy creek for 26 years and have never seen a wooden wall that on the outside of a ... more »

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Will be running equipment today and tomorrow. I will be the one with the orange "cat" hat. All the rain has.missed mc this week. I live 25 miles south near jonesborough and we have had about an.inch this week plus a viscious hail storm Wednesday evening. ... more »

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Whether it is true to reality or not, I believe a will ferrel movie about motocross would be a hoot. He could address psycho 50cc dads, riders with a dirt phobia, goofy god-awful gear design, and perhaps attention to the 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke issue. ... more »

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So did Robbie Reynard and George Holland.

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Neither off season 79 missed all of 80. came back with a bang at saddleback and the famous battle with howerton

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He who lays that on dirt will have piece on earth