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I am familiar with that fiasco. That is why heat race wins would pay points or the heat race winners would not know if they get first or last gate pick until after the heats.

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If you want to steal an idea from NASCAR please let it be something that is similar to restrictor plates. How about instead of intake put some kind of restriction on the exhaust. Quite the damn things while making it a much more level playing field, ... more »

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Way too complicated due to all the moving parts involved.

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Seems like the guy doing the cooking had been doing the cannibalism thing for some time before things went to crap. I think I read somewhere that is the reason he is in prison to begin with.

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Itchy scratchy (echoconnee) would.still be good, but will.never happen. With races having to be scheduled from late.may to.late.august I don't expect.there a national in florida

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That is who I suspected when I clicked on this topic.

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You should have put that engine in the bus you had. Put a water tank on the very back to help just could.have been wheelying down 11.

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If you have to get a decoder look for one on amazon called homework. They work good and have a feature that lets you use it as a DVR recording it to a USB device. I couldn't get the files to play on anything but the box but it is still handy for recording ... more »

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Holy shit..... I never thought it someone young up an ota antenna. Holy crap. It's like.hooking up.jumper.cables.except get the antenna wires hooked up wrong YOU COULD.DIE!

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Comparing rain at a sand track to any other soil type is as perfect example of oranges as you can get

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I have a 1996 new Holland lx865 rubber tire skid steer. Has over 10000 hours on it. Old yzrider has a very good point about sticking with mechanical controls. There are so many sensors and programing issues with new generation equipment, and any one ... more »

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They have both in Bristol tn/va, about 9 miles apart. Bristol, va is freaking out because they made millions in concessions to get cabelas and only have a 3 year commitment. Sounds like they used it as an anchor in a city development. Meanwhile the bass ... more »

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Um, stagnant economy? Election year? Companies realizing top 10 finishes don't pay the bills? Sponsors tired of dealing with some entitled twits that have never had a real job? Sport that is withering? Mxon not coming to USA because usgp attendance sucked? ... more »

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Same boat. I wonder if guys like us could buy two and strap them on like roller blades.

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Simple question, Do you think glen Helen had a contract for the mxon to be held at their facility in 2016?

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Happens at.etsu in Johnson city,.tn.

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I was raised an Adventist. I think his autobiography is required reading. It is a remarkable story. I just wish someone had made this movie before he passed. He lived his entire life as a remarkably humble man.

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The clip I saw he offered them bananas. One of charges, civil rights intimidation. I guess it is because he was carrying a rope. Bail set at $10,000 and on the national news.

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Ys now has a relationship with speedway motorsports which operates 8 NASCAR facilities, including Atlanta. Bristol, charlotte, Kentucky, Las Vegas, new Hampshire, Sonoma, and Texas. The issue with them will be making it worth their while. I don't know ... more »

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Plus the gun was stolen, and they have the burglar.that has admitted to selling it to.him.