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The clip I saw he offered them bananas. One of charges, civil rights intimidation. I guess it is because he was carrying a rope. Bail set at $10,000 and on the national news.

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Ys now has a relationship with speedway motorsports which operates 8 NASCAR facilities, including Atlanta. Bristol, charlotte, Kentucky, Las Vegas, new Hampshire, Sonoma, and Texas. The issue with them will be making it worth their while. I don't know ... more »

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Plus the gun was stolen, and they have the burglar.that has admitted to selling it to.him.

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Let's stop with wishing that another American track is going to host the mxon. Even before matterly basin had been announced I don't think any other track is going to deal with youthstream on their terms. Instead take that $500k fee and put it up as ... more »

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Budds creek did not even break even after what was one of the biggest MX events ever held in the USA Some of you guys are clueless when you name all the other places that the mxon should be held. They are all part of the npg. They have talked to Beasley ... more »

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It would be easier to get extremely patriotic about this event if the promoters were to pay event expenses, including a generous fee to the facility, and either divide profits to participants or donate to an international charity. I see that crowd and ... more »

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Decoster is certainly us a legend. That doesn't mean he is always correct. I have to believe that he made that statement in the interview with emig before he had a chance to review the incident.

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I thought of that as well. I don't care who or when other riders have rolled over the finish. Sometimes it takes something like this to see the possibility of something bad happening so it can be addressed. As bad as this was, and as much as it sucks ... more »

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Absolutely awesome effort. Would be proud to have all 3 riders represent us again next year. And have to say that the euros were impressive. France earned it.

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I don't care if you win, it is still a hot track and you have to be careful.and maintain situational awareness. Watch the incident in slowmo. Anderson swerved over into the Japanese rider's line and realized it too late. Hope he is ok. Such a shame after ... more »

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Is having a numb foot going to affect the feel for the brake, and if so is that going to cause problems on a track like this one that might be slicker than what a rider might normally ride? Go team USA!!

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Crap, even your foot hardware is trick. The solution is simple. Put knobbies back on the crf. Than if you puss out about going out on the track, you can compensate by making a run to in-and-out.


Thanks for using all caps, that way EVERYBODY notices.

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Years ago you would have a shop do it as a way to sell extra stuff they would sell sets of gear and the rider would pick it up the following weekend. Those days are gone just like the days when a photographer selling pictures. Now they can't beat the ... more »

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Then you should get a copy of the rule book and show him he is misinformed. There are a lot of things people think are rules that aren't, and a lot of rules that are not enforced. Where in the am rulebook does it say no tools are allowed to prep starting ... more »

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Not allowed to switch bikes after the first Moto (or after qualifier in "stadium style motocross" format. The problem is that officials have no way to confirm that a switch was done unless it is something like a different brand or the rider admits that ... more »

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Worst small town speedtrap I ever found was while riding through upstate new York with a buddy. He got a ticket. The town set the fines and there were surcharges for everything, including not coming to a hearing and being mailed a receipt. The south ... more »

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That's funny, Down here we hear stories about that happening in new jersey. Considering they think their residents are too stupid to pump their own gas, it doesn't sound at all far fetched.

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Would the chase format have changed last year, or the tear before, or the year before? Take any proposed format and plug in the results for the last 20 seasons and most likely nothing would be different. If you want the racing to be better and top players ... more »

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After 2nd round people will be saying "stankdog should have ridden a 4 stroke in west coast sx last year"