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A legend has passed. RIP

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Glad they are OK. The wreck was caused by some 19 year old twit, probably while texting.

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Yeah, he fixed it in favor of all the trailer trash.

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Jeff Stanton. Around 5' 10" and 170 lbs

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Apparently these kids were headed to the Bahamas, about 90 miles or so from where they took off from. Out in the open Atlantic in the kind of boat they were in, I'd say that's a bit much for a couple of 14 year olds.

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I find it sad these days how people will sit back and video tape and watch incidents like this as if it's some sort of entertainment, but will do nothing to try to stop it. This includes all the sexual assaults, beatings, robberies, etc that get videoed ... more »

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I remember reading a while back that Greg Rand did some time in prison on some drug charges, I think. He has a wife and a kid now and is doing construction work.

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Is that an actual cig in Webb's mouth ? What's up with that ?

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Just flipped through the latest Guns & Ammo this morning, they did a test of 10 different single stack 9mm"s. This wasn't necessarily a comparison as to which one is best, but which pistol would fire 1000 rounds without a misfire, jam, etc. Only ... more »

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x2 Just wondering now if the AMA will go the route of the NHRA and bend the rules heavily in favor of the Harleys, therefore making any other brand of bike almost non competitive.

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Holy moly, this POS has tried just about every low down thing in the book to scam a buck or two. They should throw her into a pot of chili for 3 hours at 170 degrees.

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Saw it last night. It was great. I got a kick out of the vehicles they used, especially the 2 old 50's Cadillacs ? welded on top of each other. Also was surprised to find out later that Elvis' granddaughter was one of the "wives".

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Maybe it is the white man's fault for allowing scumbags like these bikers to exist in the first place.

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I watched last night. The final should have been 2 hours, they crammed too much into the 1 hour show. I thought the heart transplant thing was just supposed to be a bad dream. I wanted the French gal to get an ass whoopin, but I guess she redeemed herself ... more »

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Jenny by a mile. Prettier, smarter. classier.

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Classy broad.

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Props to the policeman for having some balls and just running from the goat and trying to defend himself as opposed to our cops here, who empty their magazines into any dog that barks at them.

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This is the way it should be in the first place. The hell with 25 years - it should be life for any gun offense. And do away with bullcrap like "2nd degree murder" and "manslaughter" charges. Use a gun to shoot or kill someone unlawfully and you are ... more »

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He's not making it up. I don't recall the exact words, but it was definitely racist towards Japanese and had something to do with the women's world cup soccer match between Japan and US teams and she included some low class remarks about the tsunami ... more »