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I deserve that one

I was shaking my head at myself, just trying to be respectful though. It is easy to remember when someone is an asshole to you, but also easy to remember becoming a 'virtual' bud with the same dude. He sounded like he was ... more »
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Yep, you are right, I was thinking the south, I went too far south. I still can't find an obituary from him, (Leonard Chenault). As of 2014 he was fighting hard but had the cancer spreading. RIP old friend.

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On a sad note, I am pretty sure MrQuick (Florida guy) passed away

He was battling cancer and my last check on him several months ago went unanswered. When closed and I jumped over here, he was the first asshole to treat me like ... more »
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Instead of hearing anger revs, you will actually be able to hear "get the fuck out of my way you jackass!!!!" :D A few have mentioned it would ruin stadium racing and I never thought about it before, but that is a great point! Nobody wants to watch a ... more »

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That is great! I had no idea that all changed. Still go check out The Puck!

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There is a place called the Puck that is worth checking out (also where I met my wife). You have to go to a "club" to get real beers. Clubs aren't like dance clubs, you have a membership, I think you can pay for a pass, but worth it.

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Not to be negative, but he has been given lots of great opportunities. If you follow the two year rule, he has been given a lot more opportunities than other similar riders. I think he has showed his cards well this year, some great starts, moments of ... more »

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Nailed it. I will never understand the desire to go from a dome to an outdoor venue up here. I realize it is "manly" to be freezing your ass off, uncomfortably wet, consuming copious amounts of alcohol to numb the misery, all while saying it is fantastic ... more »

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Not to jinx Eli, but he is riding flawless.. No mistakes, and NO panic. I think mistakes happen when they hit the panic button (ala Zach-O), Eli seems pretty unstoppable at this point. I would love to know what Kawasaki did, a switch was flipped and ... more »

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With how frantic he rides lately, I don't know if that conspiracy theory flies. He wants the wins, he wants them too bad.

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I have mixed feeling about Osbourne this season. It is great to see he has some fire and more speed, not so great that he rides like he is in a major state of panic right from the start, and can't seem to pass without slamming. A perfect example of someone ... more »

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I am no expert here, but I have always thought the KTMs were easier to ride and get comfortable on. He hasn't looked comfortable this year. I was hoping to see improvement from Trey last night, it sucks to see him down again. Heal well Trey, make good ... more »

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Not totally related to the topic, but every time a post about Kyle pops up, I keep meaning to say it.. He has an odd style. Anybody else notice that he looks like he is riding through a 200MPH wind tunnel when he is racing? It gets more exaggerated when ... more »

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I believe Sinisalo was owned by the same company as AXO. I have no idea how that pertains to where they are today, but Sinisalo died about the same time or just before AXO. I do realize AXO is still around, but sadly less popular. I always loved and ... more »

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Where is that "like" button we need on Vital? This one is a winner

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Bitches dig it too!

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I agree with you Justin. The only problem is, once you allow a slight gray area or leave the door open a hair, it will get kicked wide open (especially in today's age). This situation was obviously sincere, but the bigger picture is if you keep everything ... more »

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Is it at all weird that he was just on the Factory KTM team where he was let go, and now on the Factory Husky team?

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Anderson is going to be on fire. If he can work on his starts, look out.

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He has had some good 450 races for sure, I was glad to see him back on a good bike. My concern for Justin is that this definitely seems like his last year on a factory ride to prove himself if he wants to keep the factory rides, hopefully he heals fast ... more »