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That definitely sounds like a dream vacation! My first thought was what a beautiful place for a track! My first couple of concerns: 1. If you are limited to 50 memberships, you will only have XX amount of people / guests there at a given time. Does it

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That is fine, I would rather be called dumb than an asshole. I obviously tried to word things in a non-offensive way or I wouldn't be responding to you because that was never my intent. I am not some kid sitting here trying to be a loudmouth idiot for ... more »

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Your response is just as prick-ish as my response which I didn't think was prick-ish at all. I didn't make a statement about CP like I knew anything at all. I said "from what I gather" which is an easy way of saying I don't know squat (I even said I ... more »

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X2, someone is getting a good laugh somewhere.. NY, TX, Australia, wherever - funny stuff. Read the OPs initial rant, then go google cerebral palsy to add humor to the thread (symptom comparisons). Apparently someone with speech problems can't type?

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Haven't we seen Pourcel testing a bike before signing a contract to never end up riding for the team?

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Not sure why the names manufacturers gave their rear ends (for lack of better term) brings back so much memories. Trying to remember them all.. Suzuki was Full Floater, Kawasaki was Uni-Trak, Honda was Pro-Link, I forget what Yamaha called theirs.. I ... more »

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X2. Can you imagine the screw-ups we would make if we were commentating a live race? No pressure right? I like Ralph.. He raises his voice at the appropriate times and adds excitement when things are exciting, just like a lead commentator should. Langston ... more »

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I think Ralph has had his feet in NASCAR commentating for a while now here and there. The races mentioned above are not every weekend like the rest of the NASCAR tour. I don't think anything on the SX side will change.

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I seriously think his butt cheeks went through the grinder too. When he got off of the track, he was using his arms to hold his butt off of the beam or whatever was under his butt.

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I'll take that bait.. Nothing screams douche louder than when someone finds pleasure seeing someone struggle. Your post here added some great value to this thread.

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X2 on all but 1-800 Collect. Jeff Glass was a stud, we definitely switched laundry detergents.

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That was perfect....

Added reply in a thread is Jason Anderson the new Barcia? 4/15/2015 1:12 PM


BTW, I agree that at least Anderson gets rough going forward. I don't think the contact he makes is nearly as obvious as Barcia, it makes it look a heck of a lot more like just racing hard than looking like a spode.

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When was the last time a healthy rider willingly sat out rounds after wrapping up a championship early? The last I remember was Bob Hannah.. And even as a kid then, I thought it was really freaking lame of him to do.

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One for the few members of our dearly departed supercross.com forums... Many good battles over this one... BL and friends... haha!!!!!

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Great.. Now I have the damn ChiPs theme song / jingle stuck in my head.

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I tow a boat often in the summer, so I can KIND OF appreciate what it feels like drive a semi and dealing with pie-hole drivers, but have obviously never driven the real deal. My grandpa was a city bus driver, followed by a local haul semi driver for ... more »

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For those without Fox Sports 2, the "Hola" route mentioned above works quite well. I am using Mozilla with Hola, all you have to do is click the Hola button on your browser, change your location to a European country, and select the Live Stream link ... more »