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I can't be the only one stuck living in the 80s and 90s. I expect our riders to piss excellence and kill for the win. Boy times have changed! I agree with your sentiments, this will be a fun race as it always is. I just don't think our guys have the ... more »

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Congrats! Being a dad will test the heck out of you, but also bring the best memories you will ever have. If I can offer any advice, nothing is more important than your family - girlfriend and kids. It is easy to say at your point in life that you guys ... more »

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Anybody local will say "WOW!" out loud. Holy smokes.. I am trying to put myself in his shoes to understand.

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I know (because I read it here) that he burned a few folks and a few folks wanted to chat with him. With him being back to racing bringing him closer to us again, has anybody had a chance to "talk" to him about his thievery in person and like a man? ... more »

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DCs comment suggesting Phil on a quad definitely wins that one

Those Moose racing comment was icing on that cake, fun stuff... more »
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What I like best about this photo is the dude laughing his ass off. I have a feeling the day after was rough.

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He looked really self conscious about it too, I feel bad for the guy. Sorry to the OP, but if he really is self conscious about it, this thread won't help either.

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^ That boy's gotta point!

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Post of the year

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You and I are probably in the minority, but I agree. Savatgy got cleaned the fuck out... Like a limp noodle. Don't grab your pitch forks yet, I agree the sanctioning body is pathetically inconsistent, but where do you draw the line on acceptable aggressiveness? ... more »

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Although I question this being the place for your post (and I pray they find Angela), Bobby has a habit of doing everything he can to make Vital posters feel 'good' about themselves. Don't let it ruin your day, that kind of negativity usually means other ... more »

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Am I the only one that actually watched the "between race" clip during the SLC SX? There was one segment of Chad Reed saying how he thinks it is awesome raising kids on the road at the races and having his kids learn how hard their dad worked. Considering ... more »

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I deserve that one

I was shaking my head at myself, just trying to be respectful though. It is easy to remember when someone is an asshole to you, but also easy to remember becoming a 'virtual' bud with the same dude. He sounded like he was ... more »
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Yep, you are right, I was thinking the south, I went too far south. I still can't find an obituary from him, (Leonard Chenault). As of 2014 he was fighting hard but had the cancer spreading. RIP old friend.

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On a sad note, I am pretty sure MrQuick (Florida guy) passed away

He was battling cancer and my last check on him several months ago went unanswered. When closed and I jumped over here, he was the first asshole to treat me like ... more »
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Instead of hearing anger revs, you will actually be able to hear "get the fuck out of my way you jackass!!!!" :D A few have mentioned it would ruin stadium racing and I never thought about it before, but that is a great point! Nobody wants to watch a ... more »

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That is great! I had no idea that all changed. Still go check out The Puck!

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There is a place called the Puck that is worth checking out (also where I met my wife). You have to go to a "club" to get real beers. Clubs aren't like dance clubs, you have a membership, I think you can pay for a pass, but worth it.

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Not to be negative, but he has been given lots of great opportunities. If you follow the two year rule, he has been given a lot more opportunities than other similar riders. I think he has showed his cards well this year, some great starts, moments of ... more »

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Nailed it. I will never understand the desire to go from a dome to an outdoor venue up here. I realize it is "manly" to be freezing your ass off, uncomfortably wet, consuming copious amounts of alcohol to numb the misery, all while saying it is fantastic ... more »