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In my son's case, he has autism spectrum disorder (another rampant issue for his generation). It is the only way for him to be successful at school, and that is still below average. I assure you, I put that one off as long as I could, the school is the ... more »

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You might want to add "has anybody been through the T.U.E process successfully". The JS7 stuff was a mess enough, ask Clason how he feels about the process and how it is working out for the people that feel they are doing everything right. Clason's story ... more »

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.. And also kind of the usual crap we see 3 weeks before the start of the SX season. Vital nerds are just about to the point of losing their minds. This place always goes into a state of doldrums about this time. Lots of threads deleted, and many man-cards ... more »

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Two thoughts from this list. #1, Dan Reardon must have only had a one year contract. #2, Davalos looked better on the 450. I realize Husky is full on the 450 side and no doubt he is getting job security on the 250, but it looks like he will end up retiring ... more »

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Clason posted a pic yesterday on a JGR 250F. He was thanking FX-R for their great gear, I was just thrown off by the JGR 250F.

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They seem to put a HUGE effort to supporting privateers too.

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The original statement really reminded me of something Webb said when he first got on 450s. Something like "The French don't want none" (in reference to Marvin). That season didn't go all that well for Webb

It pains me to say that considering ... more »
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Am I the only one that finds Jimmy's post odd? The verbiage almost sounds like something unimportant you would say in passing to a friend, "later dude" kind of deal. No mention of sponsors, no mention of friends along the way, just "see ya". I know virtually ... more »

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That boy's gotta point. It also says something about the Baker Factory

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Hey now, this is the place I come to get all of my moto info!!

More reliable than CNN too! ... more »
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I am sure there is a lot of reasons for what is (or isn't) going on. A big part of me believes he won't announce anything because it will have a negative impact on his riding gear company. The relevance of the 7 brand will be a little less relevant without ... more »

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I have no idea. It looks like that arrest was 1.5 years ago so who knows how he has progressed since then. Drugs sure have aged him though

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You drive them bat-shit crazy with kindness and odd compliments.

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This is great for him! His career definitely has 9 lives, I suspect he has good business and people skills that have got to be helping him along the way.

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Nothing to do with the joker lane, but you mentioned the track being difficult to pass on. I remember watching the race seeing a lot of passing and thinking to myself the opposite, compared to half of the SX tracks, there was plenty of places to pass ... more »

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... And you guys though Barcia's Honda was ugly

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I don't think you were thinking that this was taken at the ORV park he runs now, but that photo definitely wasn't taken at his ORV park.

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Lots of win in this post

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I went to purchase this weekend's races, but the price for this one is notably higher than the rest of the races this season

Streaming this weekend is $30.70 USD. I know I am being a cheap ass, I just wasn't expecting it to cost 3x as much ... more »