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This has to be worthy of a major award of one of the dumbest posts on Vital, ever. I would agree if it were just a European SX for fun, but this is the fucking Olympics of MX... Might as well just have all of the riders toss their pride and spine out, ... more »

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I am not a KTM guy, but that is a fucking sexy and clean bike.

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His grammar and punctuation are on-point.

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I said on Rupert's Instagram feed yesterday that the photo was fake, apparently I was wrong. For some reason he looks like a cross between Benny Bloss and Weston Peick on it.

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Isn't this Uptite's brat pack?

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Welcome to CA. When I am grumpy, I ride the wife. I feel loads better afterwards

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Dang bro, you need to go back to bed

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I think that is what everyone is doubting. LOL. Says he is fine, but the definition of fine my be a bit gray

Based on the fact that he dislocated it, but says he is fine, I am going to interpret that to say he is going to lay really dang low ... more »
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There is photos of him getting his shoulder popped back in. Anybody know if it is the same problematic shoulder? I hope he stays off of the bike until the start of the SX season.

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That is awesome. Have fun you two!!! Share as much as you feel like

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Congrats to the Vital newlyweds!!

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This guy is either completely blind and delusional, or a complete troll and you are taking the bait. Roczen gets more American love than just about any other rider out there. I have never heard a breeze of (American) dislike towards Kenny until this

... more »
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He's still puking in a ditch drunk at Sturgis. Celebrity fun stuff, role model 101.

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I take all of the damn surveys.. Who do I have to screw to get a damn email too?

... more »
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Ever give the wife grief about how much time she spends on her phone and have her throw how much time you spend on Vital back in your face?

I have had to chew on that one a few times.
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You started off with a somewhat valid counterpoint, and now you are the one sounding like a 12 year old in a thread where you were trying to sound like the mature voice of reason, now making you look like a jackass. Have a beer and relax a bit and have ... more »

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Every single post playing devil's advocate.. Makes you wonder how life is at home huh? Messed up part is, (other than being local to me), is that I believe he has quite a bit of knowledge and thought out opinions. If he just used the energy in a more

... more »
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Probably said by the same people stamping Jeremy Martin to RCH. That one was well stamped, you guys know who you are.