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LOL. Yeah, he really knows how to drive a houseboat.

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Honk honk!!

(had to have seen the movie)
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There goes a good sip of hot chocolate all over my desk..

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I hope Forkner has better luck. PC has brought two prodigies in pretty early, I can't say I blame them. AC doesn't call me at home, I don't know him, but from everything I can tell, he is one young man that I have a ton of respect for. He may be fragile, ... more »

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This photo is perfect.. It sure looks like Cairoli has crossed over his peak. KTM would be idiots to push this out another year. KTM fans (and the rest of the world) have been waiting at least 2-3 years for this. If by chance Herlings does move on to ... more »

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X2. I have a suspicion there was a hell of a lot more baiting there than we are reading here. Easy to draw or bait someone in and point them out in today's culture (Lenny is an expert at that on Vital). That has become entertainment for some. Lame.

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Not to mention 4+ hours of a live HD sporting event if they were to air all 4 motos. It makes sense why they do it the way they do it. While the SD broadcast I get on MAVTV isn't great, it could be much worse and I still enjoy the show.

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I wish we still had the damn Kingdome. At least that way you know it wouldn't be a mud-fest. Many awesome races there.. I will never forget Larry Ward winning in I think 1990 in his prime. Anybody know where they are going to put the pits now that the ... more »

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: Look at the tailpipe on that baby.. oh wait..

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If that doesn't make you laugh while reading this thread, nothing will

Regarding Slater Skins, many of us wouldn't know a damn thing about Blue Buffalo without Slater Skins and their billboard marketing. They could be improved on, but the advertising ... more »
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X2. We may be the minority here, but that was cool to watch. Seeing the riders come out of the corner before the triple, and drop the hammer down that hill going through the gears and hitting that big ass jump was rad.

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Two thoughts about this thread. The Rock.. This is none of my business, but how often do you travel from HI to attend races if you don't mind me asking? That just seems like a ton of "seat time" flying. I guess you get used to it, but man that would

... more »
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Nothing screams Chuck Norris kind of badass than showing up to a MX race, on a motorcycle, with your crutches.

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Hopefully that will go better than a sponsorship.

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This gear, not the best gear of all time:

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LOL! I was just thinking they would make great roommates. Better yet, they need to start their own team.. They would save a ton of money on gas for their hauler! Wouldn't need much for mechanics or staff either.

... more »
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When I was younger, I was very convinced this would prevent shoulder / collarbone injuries:

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It is funny that a few weeks ago several people in this thread were all jazzed with the notion of having the Stewart brothers riding red on the same team next year (or sooner), and here in this thread, throwing a fork in him. I agree with another poster, ... more »